Be A Blessing To Ann Hogan

Ann Hogan: Help Ann Recover From Losing Her Leg

Please consider showing some love and support for Robert & Ann Hogan.  They are salt of the earth people who have worked hard their whole life without asking for help.  They didn’t ask for this financial help but they really appreciate the donations they have received so far and desperately need money to help buy Ann a new leg and pay off the large medical bills they have incurred.

Ann’s story begins in mid 2019 when she started having such severe leg cramps she could not walk.  Tests determined that it was due to very poor circulation.  She had to stop work and has yet to be able to return.  Two years without her income has alone been enough to cripple them financially.   Further tests over the fall of 2019 determined that the poor circulation had caused severe nerve damage.  A few months later in December the doctors determined that she was having ongoing strokes and she was rushed to the hospital for additional tests.  Ann was in tremendous pain with no known cause nor way to control it.   By February of 2020 the nerve damage and pain had spread from the left leg to the right leg.  They decided she had quite a lot of leg vein blockage which they thought could be cleared with stents.  Inserting the stents did not make much difference.  Ann was in and out of surgery over the next few months and by June of 2020 they began to amputate parts of her left leg a little at a time until it reached mid thigh.

May God bless you for taking the time to read this lengthy plea and for opening your heart to Godly servants of our Risen Lord And Savior Jesus Christ.

Welcome to this FaithByTheWord Fundraising Manager for Ann Hogan. This service is provided free of charge to individuals and organizations with worthy humanitarian causes like this one for Ann. DISCLOSURE: We receive no compensation in any form other than God’s blessings for our charitable labors of love.

To share the link to this page with all of your Facebook Friends please post “” (without the quotes) in Facebook where it says “What’s on your mind? If everyone will please share this page we can be assured that our efforts to get Ann fully rehabilitated and walking on a new leg will be successful. You and you prayers make a difference!!!

The cost of a good leg is $35,000 and it only lasts 5-10 years. Loss of work and cost of rehab make Ann’s expenses exceed $100,000. Ann and her husband Robert have given unselfishly of themselves and their money to many others over the years and now is our opportunity to give something back to them!!!

God will surely bless you for unselfishly helping Ann & Robert during this time of urgent need!

Thank you,
Dave Winstead
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