Devotions For Today

This Daily Devotion Plan may be a bit overwhelming at first glance due to the large amount of content and activity. It is not intended that you do the entire plan every day but that you have enough material to select from that you can vary your plan a little day by day so you do not feel like you are in a rut with the same old routine every day. Some folks, that have more time on their hands than others, may enjoy taking advantage of every resource in the plan but others may only have limited time each day. What is important is that you spend time in The Word every day in order to promote your fellowship with God.

Praise & Worship
Your time of daily devotions should be peaceful and quiet. Soothing background music is a pleasant way to blank out distracting sounds while you read, study, and pray. Devotions should also make you think and ponder and we have a little bit of it all right here.
Selection Of Peaceful Christian Music For Devotions & Meditation
Library of Praise & Worship Songs With Lyrics & Music
A Thought To Consider
A Point To Ponder
A Word Of Encouragement
A Word Of Wisdom
A Prayer With God
Devotion Messages By Ministry
Each of these ministries were chosen because they each focus on a different area of interest such as Jimmy DeYoung on Prophecy, John Hagee on Scripture, Charles Stanley on Daily Living, etc. Take a look at each one before you make a choice.
Billy Graham
Charles Stanley
John Hagee
David Jeremiah
Jimmy DeYoung
Chuck Swindol
Adrian Rogers
Our Daily Bread
Creation Moments
Guidelines For Living
Scripture & Images For Devotion & Meditation
To promote good and peaceful times of Prayer, Devotions, and Meditation FaithByTheWord has developed a few sets of scriptures and images to help you draw nearer to God. Select from these to help you meditate at the beginning of each day, in the middle of each day at noon, and during the evening at the close of your day. You can print these from your browser and have them by your bedside to start your day off with a good attitude and bring it to a peaceful close before you go to sleep.
Meditation For Peace And Hope With God
Meditation For Peace In Your Heart & Soul
Meditation For Preparing To Pray
Meditation For The Anxious Heart
Meditation For The Depressed
Meditation For The Disturbed
Meditation For The Grieving
Meditation For The Worried & Anxious
Meditation For Those Who Are Afraid
Meditation On God’s Love
Meditation On God’s Sacrifice For Me
Meditation On The Power Of God
Meditation On The Word
Meditation On Why I Am Here
Meditation Throughout The Day
Meditation To End The Day
Meditation To Seek God’s Wisdom
Meditation To Start The Day
Meditation When A Loved One Dies
Listen To The Message Of The Day
Dr. Adrian Rogers
Dr. Charles Stanley
Dr. David Jeremiah
Dr. J. Vernon MaGee
Additional Material For Bible Study
Question Of The Day
Frequently Asked Bible Questions
The Questions & Answers Archive
Thematic Question & Answers Index
Questions & Answers About Salvation
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