Please Prayerfully Consider A Gift To Partner With This Ministry As We Share The Word Around The World

FaithByTheWord Ministries is a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit Corporation which qualifies all contributions to be tax-deductible and which are documented by a detailed Statement Of Giving prepared for the donor at the close of each year.

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What difference can your donation make? Much too often people with good intentions are hesitant to give if they only have $5 – $50 to spare for a worthy cause such as ours. There is much too much concern that a small gift will not make enough of an impact to matter. Please take a few moments and review these differences your contribution can make.

$25 will provide the training materials for a new pastor in training for a newly planted church in a remote village.

$50 will provide Bibles for every home in a remote village of 75. A case of 24 Bibles only costs $49.

$100 will provide monthly rent and utilities for a rural village pastor. Living expenses are very low.

$100 will provide food for a month for a rural village pastor. This will provide a nourishing diet to which they are not accustomed.

$350 will construct and furnish a basic church for a typical rural village. They feel they are dishonoring God if they cannot at least worship in a simple structure. They do not have electricity or running water in any of their buildings.

$450 will purchase a used motorbike for a rural village pastor. They typically walk 20 miles 5-7 days each week preaching and visiting the sick.

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