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Prayer & Care - Oak Hills Church
Prayer Request Guidelines:

Prayer requests are available for everyone visiting our site to view and pray over. To maintain privacy and avoid the antics of nonbelievers who would try to denigrate our efforts to invoke God’s love, mercy, and grace for these needing prayer, it is very important to be careful exactly how you define your prayer requests.

Please follow these guidelines along with your own sense of morals and judgement:

  • Never use last names. Feel free to even make up an alias for the first name. God knows what is in your heart without you having to give him every minute detail.
  • Never disclose personal addresses or phone numbers.
  • Do not use this site for fundraising.

When you submit your request please bear in mind that it does not immediately appear on the Prayer Request Page. It is first reviewed and, if clarification is needed, you will be contacted. Once your request has been approved it will be posted immediately. Your name will not appear on the Prayer Request Page. Only staff here in this ministry will know who submitted a Prayer Request.

Receipt of your prayer request will follow with 24 hours of submission. If you do not receive a confirmation, please either submit it again or feel free to call (336)260-2474.

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