A Prayer For Holy Saturday

My Lord, silence surrounds my whole being now as You have given your life to save the unworthy me. Your immense love took all the sufferings and pain that were meant for me and cleansed me to set me free. You died a painful but triumphant death, mercy flowed from your wounded Heart, and now You are resting peacefully in the tomb as we await your resurrection.

My Lord, despite all the pain of seeing Your wounds and the guilt for what You had to endure for all my sins, I keep my faith that this is a victorious death that showed Your love and obedience to the Father and His great love for His people. I sit quietly mourning Your death which saved the world.

Help me, dear Lord, to stay in silence as I mourn Your death this Holy Saturday. Today, no sacraments will be celebrated until You will come to life again, my God. Help me to use this time to reflect, change my heart, and live this life with a heart of faith always.

Fill me with hope, Lord Jesus Christ, as I await Your resurrection. I am looking forward to Your coming to life again as I entrust the whole of me to You, Lord. My weaknesses, my strength, my pain, and joy – all of them are lifted to You, Lord. I put my trust in You and in Your great Power all the days of my life.

For its in Christ’s Holy Name I pray, Amen.

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