Be A Blessing To Alex Kitakufe

Restore Health To A Fallen Soldier For Christ

FaithByTheWord Ministries is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Alex Kitakufe, FaithByTheWord’s Executor Pastor for Uganda and Senior Pastor for Life For Christ Ministries Uganda. Please take a moment to learn more about Life For Christ Ministries Uganda by visiting their profile on Facebook.  You can also view recent videos of Pastor Alex on YouTube.

Pastor Alex is a volunteer for FaithByTheWord Ministries and serves as our Executive Pastor in charge of Pastoral Training for Uganda.

Pastor Alex is in need of help with medical bills, food, and housing because he has suffered from numerous and frequent diseases over the past few years and is now sufferring with typhoid, malaria, and most likely his 3rd case of Covid.  Without insurance and normal health benefits like we enjoy in the USA, Alex is in desperate need of financial aid to cover medical, surgical, and hospitalization charges as well as help with his rent, utilities, and food expenses for an undetermined number of months while he recovers.

The Bible teaches that we are blessed in order that we can bless others.  This is our opportunity to receive God’s blessings while we help raise up one of His fallen warriors.

Welcome to this FaithByTheWord Fundraising Manager for Pastor Alex Kitakufe. This service is provided free of charge to individuals and organizations with worthy humanitarian causes like this one for Pastor Alex. DISCLOSURE: We receive no compensation in any form other than God’s blessings for our charitable labors of love.

To share the link to this page with all of your Facebook Friends please post “” (without the quotes) in Facebook where it says “What’s on your mind? If everyone will please share this page we can be assured that our efforts to get Pastor Alex fully rehabilitated and able to carry on his ministry will be successful. You and you prayers make a difference!!!

FaithByTheWord Ministries is working to help those that need a hand up so they can continue in their service to The Lord as they seek His mercy, love, and grace in times of sickness, sadness, or sorrow.

God will surely bless you for unselfishly helping Pastor Alex during this time of urgent need!

Thank you,
Dave Winstead
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