An Urgent And Special Request For Assistance For Seniors Who Have Lost Their Teeth

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Urgent: Did you know there are many seniors who have lost their dentures and are malnourished and secluded because they can’t afford to replace them?
Recent statistics show that 60% of seniors over the age of 60 require some form of denture or partial. It is also a fact that many seniors are on Medicaid and have no other form of insurance.

Normally Medicaid will cover the cost of dentures but only once every 5 years should they become broken or lost. Many seniors have either lost or broken their teeth and have to do without them for almost 5 years! Without teeth, malnutrition sets in and modesty takes over causing the senior to stay in their room because they are unable to eat and because they are ashamed of how they look without teeth.

As part of our ministry to seniors, FaithByTheWord is seeking donations to provide teeth for those in need who have become despondent and undernourished and have lost hope.
If you will bathe this project in prayer and share this with your Facebook Friends and the members of your church it will mean all the world to improve the quality of life for many dear seniors.

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