Are you feeling angry, bitter, a little righteous indignation perhaps?

Billy Graham

Doest thou well to be angry?
Jonah 4:4

You have a temper. There is nothing unique about that. Most people have tempers, in varying degrees, of course. God does not ask that you get rid of that temper. But He does say that if you are to be happy, it must be brought under control and rechanneled to proper use. God cannot use a man without a temper as well as one with a controlled temper. Too many professed Christians never get “wrought up” about anything; they never get indignant with injustice, with corruption in high places, or with the godless traffics which barter away the souls and bodies of men.

Consider the following questions Dr. Billy Graham addressed many times during his lifelong ministry and you’ll have a better understanding of what anger is, how you can use it effectively, and how to control it without it controlling you.

1. We had a big debate the other day in our Bible study class about which is the more damaging emotion — anger or hatred. We couldn’t decide, but wondered what you’d say? Billy Graham’s Answer

2. Usually I’m fairly even-tempered, but sometimes I get upset and before I know it I’ve let my anger get the best of me. Afterward, I get very upset at myself, but by then it’s too late. How can I get this under control? Billy Graham’s Answer

3. I admit that not seeing my three children after I divorced and moved away didn’t bother me much. But over 20 years have passed and now they’re married and having children, and suddenly I’d love to reconnect with them. But they’re still angry and don’t want anything to do with me. Is this a hopeless situation? Billy Graham’s Answer

4. My mother was always an angry, critical person who never got along with anyone, and while I was growing up I vowed I’d never be like her. But now I find that sometimes I’m just like she was, and it alarms me because I don’t want to be that way. What’s wrong with me? Billy Graham’s Answer

5. How can someone who’s very nice one minute explode in anger the next? I have a cousin like this. He’s very active in his church and I have no reason to doubt his faith, but it’s like walking on thin ice to be around him because you never know what will set him off. Billy Graham’s Answer

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