Pastor Alex Kitakufe

FaithByTheWord Ministries is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Alex Kitakufe, Senior Pastor for Life In Christ Ministries Uganda. Please take a moment to learn more about Life In Christ Ministries Uganda by visiting their profile on Facebook .  You can also view recent videos of Pastor Alex on YouTube .

Pastor Alex is a full-time evangelist and Pastor of Life In Christ Church.  He travels many miles a day sharing the gospel.  Regardless of weather he may travel 20 miles by foot each weekday and his typical day will involve leading several souls to Christ and baptizing them in the nearest stream before heading back home late in the evening.

Pastor Alex Kitakufe is fighting for his life!!!

Pastor Alex is in dire need of help with medical bills, food, and housing because he has suffered from an acute kidney disease that required recent surgery and necessitates at least several months of recovery.  Without insurance and normal health benefits like we enjoy in the USA, Alex is in desperate need of financial aid to cover medical, surgical, and hospitalization charges as well as help with his rent, utilities, and food expenses for an undetermined number of months while he recovers.

Pastor Alex is now very sick with the Coronavirus and fighting for his life because he cannot afford the hospital, medicine, doctors, or oxygen. His doctor is refusing to take care of him anymore due to nonpayment of his fees. Pastor Alex is at home alone without food for days at a time. He is going to die if we don’t help.

The covid virus is out of control in Uganda and the people are dying in large numbers because they cannot afford hospitalization, medication, and oxygen.  Oxygen alone is $800 per day!  Hospital Admission is now $2,000 per day!  The Covidex anti-viral medication is $1,290 per small bottle!  Doctors will not treat anyone unless they get paid at the time of treatment. These African countries are using this disaster to make enormous profit on the backs of their own people!

The Bible teaches that we are blessed in order that we can bless others.  This is our opportunity to receive God’s blessings while we help raise up one of His soldiers.

About The Coronavirus Outbreak In Uganda

Uganda, officially the Republic of Uganda, is a landlocked country in East-Central Africa in the African Great Lakes region.

Uganda’s president Yowreri Museveni on Friday, June 18, introduced sweeping new anti-coronavirus measures including a ban on all vehicular movement except for essential workers to help curb a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic gripping the nation.

The east African country, like most other African peers had been left relatively unscathed by the first wave. It suddenly started experiencing a steep surge in COVID-19 infections in May 2021 after authorities confirmed they had detected presence of the Indian coronavirus variant.

“The country has seen a more aggressive and sustained growth of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Museveni said in a televised address.  He said the daily number of people testing positive has jumped to over 1,700 from less than 100 just three weeks prior.  “We are experiencing very high hospitalization rates and deaths for COVID-19 patients among all age categories.”

In new measures to curb the pandemic, he banned movement of both public and private vehicles except those transporting patients and those used by essential workers like health workers.

An existing curfew that began at 9 p.m. was brought forward to 7 p.m. while venues like busy shopping centers, churches and sports arenas were closed.

The new restrictions, Museveni said, will last 42 days.

To date, Uganda has registered a total of 68,778 COVID-19 cases and 542 deaths.

Over the last two weeks local media has extensively reported most health facilities, both public and private, getting full and turning away patients while others have had oxygen supplies taxed.

The new restrictions could undermine a fragile economic recovery from the blow inflicted by last year’s lockdown.  Those restrictions contributed to a 1.1% economic contraction in 2020, but the finance ministry had projected before Friday’s new measures that growth would climb to 4.3% in the fiscal year starting July.

About FaithByTheWord Ministries

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How We Can Help Pastor Alex

We are trying to raise money to aid Pastor Alex via monetary donations and by the sale of his African Art Collection.

If you would like to make a monetary donation please go to his GoFundMe Page and click on “Donate”.

If you would like to own one or more of his paintings or purchase the entire collection of 8, please read on.

For a printed presentation of this offer please download and/or print The African Artistry Of Pastor Alex Kitakufe.

Painting # 1
14″ x 28″
Pastor Alex is a prolific painter who specializes in African art. All of the signed paintings you see here are for sale individually or as a collection. Each painting can be purchased separately for $1,500 plus tax and shipping or as a collection for $10,000 plus tax and shipping, for a savings of $2,000.

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Painting # 2
30″ x 15″

Painting # 3
30″ x 15″

Painting # 4
30″ x 15″

Painting # 5
30″ x 15″

Painting # 6
30″ x 15″

Painting # 7
30″ x 15″

Painting # 8
30″ x 15″
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