Prayer Requests For Today

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition,
with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.
James 5:16

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Current Prayer Requests

12/6/2022The mother of a sister in Christ has just gone home to see Jesus.
12/5/2022A brother in Christ may need to have rotator cuff surgery.
12/4/2022The son of a sister in Christ needs to trust in Jesus to heal his body, heart, soul, spirit, and mind from addictions, aids, and heart issues as well as numbness in his left leg due to a recent hip replacement.
12/3/2022A sister in Christ is beginning chemotherapy treatments after cancer surgery.
12/2/2022A sister in Christ is recovering from a heart valve replacement.
12/1/2022A brother in Christ is having rotator cuff surgery and a bicep tendon reattached.
11/30/2022The daughter of a pastor and her family need to make time in their lives for worshiping The Lord.
11/29/2022The cousin of a sister in Christ is in the hospital with a severe case of fluid on his lungs.
11/28/2022The baby niece of a sister in Christ seems to be possessed and the family needs guidance.
11/27/2022A sister in Christ is very hurt because her grown children did not call or even wish her a happy Thanksgiving.
11/26/2022The father of a sister in Christ has a blood clot behind his heart.
11/25/2022The disadvantaged children in Africa need clothes and school fees so they can go to school.
11/24/2022The husband of a sister in Christ has left her and his two children after 15 years of marriage.
11/23/2022A brother in Christ has been rushed to the hospital by ambulance fearing a heart attack or stroke.
11/22/2022A Pastor’s wife is suffering multiple joint pains and is having a knee replacement.
11/21/2022The 17 month old great nephew of a brother and sister in Christ was having shaking fits and had to be rushed to the hospital.
11/20/2022A family in Christ is preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving in their own home after years of being homeless.
11/19/2022A sister in Christ has lost her husband.
11/18/2022A sister in Christ is on medication for bronchitis and should be better soon.
11/17/2022The mother of a sister in Christ is declining in health and the end of life symptoms the mother is experiencing are very emotionally and mentally upsetting for the daughter.
11/16/2022Three brothers in Christ have been shot and killed.
11/15/2022A sister in Christ is dealing with cancer.
11/14/2022A sister in Christ has a cyst on her pancreas and starting kidney failure.
11/13/2022A homeless unwed mother is in need of shelter.
11/12/2022A sister in Christ is in the hospital emergency room with severe stomach pain.
11/11/2022The mother of a sister in Christ is about to see Jesus.
11/10/2022The father of a brother in Christ has had a stroke and is in the hospital.
11/9/2022A sister in Christ has Carpal Tunnel in her right hand.
11/8/2022A pastor and brother in Christ is recovering from covid.
11/7/2022A sister in Christ has torn a hamstring in her left leg.
11/6/2022A sister in Christ has been transferred to a hospice home and will see Jesus soon.
11/5/2022A brother in Christ suffers recurring shoulder dislocation that started 5 years ago when his stepdad was physically abusive to him. He also suffers from depression and insomnia and needs peace and rest in his heart, mind and spirit.
11/4/2022A sister in Christ is having abdominal pain and no one can find a reason. She will be seeing a surgeon in a few days.
11/3/2022The adopted grandson of a sister in Christ is in respiratory failure as a result of complications from Dravets Syndrome.
11/2/2022The brother of a brother in Christ has gone to heaven unexpectedly.
11/1/2022A brother in Christ is suffering a lot of pain as the bone cancer and prostate cancer in his body advances.
10/31/2022A sister in Christ has a sister and brother-in-love who are in a turbulent storm of physical ailments. Their Faith is strong, but their bodies are weak. They are fighters and spiritual warriors.
10/30/2022A pastor will be having an evangelical crusade in Eldoret, Kenya from Friday to Sunday evening and longs to lead as many souls to Christ as possible and needs prayers.
10/29/2022The mother of a sister in Christ has gone to Heaven.
10/28/2022A brother in Christ is having a major heart procedure today and is praying that God’s Will be done.
10/27/2022A brother in Christ has been diagnosed with kidney cancer and will have the kidney removed in a few days.
10/26/2022The cousin of a sister in Christ had a diabetic foot infection and they had to remove his big toe. Now he has a staph infection, is on antibiotics, and is very discouraged.
10/25/2022A sister in Christ continues to suffer intensive pain from being born without a hip.
10/24/2022A sister in Christ has a sister who has developed a mass in her lung.
10/23/2022An elderly sister in Christ has broken a tooth and has no money to get it fixed.
10/22/2022The great nephew of a sister in Christ has non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
10/21/2022A brother in Christ who has dedicated his life to sharing God’s Word is declining in health due to diabetes and does not know how much longer he can serve.
10/20/2022A brother in Christ is having kidney failure and severe foot pain due to the complications of diabetes.
10/19/2022The grandson of a sister in Christ is having an unhappy time with his school and wants to change schools. The family needs help to find out why he is so discontented.
10/18/2022The baby brother of a brother in Christ was in a bad car accident and has several bad injuries.
10/17/2022A brother in Christ is being denied the blessing of taking his grandsons to church.
10/16/2022A brother in Christ is having a laser surgical procedure on his prostate tomorrow.
10/15/2022A sister in Christ continues to battle ongoing heart issues and needs encouragement.
10/14/2022A sister in Christ has gone to Heaven due to an act of domestic violence.
10/13/2022The mother of a brother in Christ has broken her hip and needs a replacement.
10/12/2022The mother of a sister in Christ has gone to be with Jesus.
10/11/2022A sister in Christ was saved from cutting her wrists by a friend’s call at just the right moment.
10/10/2022A sister in Christ has had a miscarriage due to a very large tumor.
10/9/2022A sister in Christ and a brother in Christ have both been divorced but want to get married and are seeking The Lord’s approval.
10/8/2022A brother in Christ is celebrating the life and times of his wife and laying her earthly body to rest today.
10/7/2022A brother in Christ is having stents inserted today.
10/6/2022The sister in Christ who was moved to a hospice home and expected to go to Heaven very soon is now with Jesus.
10/5/2022A sister in Christ is having her home, which is located in a very dangerous flood plain, purchased by the government and is worried she will not get enough to buy another home.
10/4/2022A sister in Christ has been moved to a hospice home and expected to go to Heaven very soon.
10/3/2022A sister in Christ suffers from severe arthritis in her head and must endure very painful shots behind her ear.
10/2/2022The cousin of a sister in Christ who has been living in a hospice home has gone to Heaven.
10/1/2022Many families have lost their homes due to a recent hurricane.
9/30/2022A sister in Christ is transitioning from a retirement home to a skilled nursing facility.
9/29/2022A brother in Christ is worried about his mother who has become withdrawn and uncommunicative.
9/28/2022The child of a brother in Christ is recovering from dental surgery.
9/27/2022A brother in Christ’s brother was hit head-on by a careless driver and is in critical condition.
9/26/2022The cousin of a sister in Christ just found out she has cancer in her lymph nodes and possibly in her bone.
9/25/2022A sister in Christ is lonely and grieving over the suicide death of her husband 5 years ago.
9/24/2022A pastor in Christ has repented of a sin and is praying God will continue to use him in the ministry to which he was called.
9/23/2022A sister in Christ has an uncle who has been diagnosed with throat cancer. They did surgery last week. He lives in Spain.
9/22/2022A sister in Christ needs surgery to remove a mass from her colon.
9/21/2022A brother in Christ has a neighbor who suffers from an excruciatingly painful condition called Trigrminal neuralgia a very rare & very painful disease with no known permanent cure…only temporary pain relief through various procedures.
9/20/2022A sister in Christ’s longtime friend and Pastor’s wife has cancer. It manifested itself on the back of her neck, paralyzed her vocal chord, and made her very weak.
9/19/2022They have found a mass in the left lung of a sister in Christ’s sister and she is supposed to see a lung surgeon. The surgeon is very concerned.
9/18/2022The daughter-in-law of a brother & sister in Christ is in the hospital with a blood disorder.
9/17/2022A brother in Christ with Covid, Pneumonia, and heart issues is in critical condition.
9/16/2022The child that the sister of a sister in Christ is keeping has diabetes and it is causing severe health and emotional problems.
9/15/2022A sister in Christ has recurring cases of very painful gout.
9/14/2022A brother in Christ and pastor has gone to Heaven and is now in the arms of Jesus. He had bone cancer and was only 54.
9/13/2022A sister in Christ and the 3 other residents in the boarding house where she lives have tested positive for COVID.
9/12/2022A sister in Christ has gone home to Jesus.
9/11/2022The daughter-in-law of a brother and sister in Christ who is in the hospital with a blood disorder.
9/10/2022A sister in Christ has been in and out of the hospital multiple times during the past few weeks with chronic breathing issues.
9/9/2022The cousin of a sister in Christ has had a major stroke.
9/8/2022A brother in Christ has a son who has recently had emergency surgery and whose wife left him.
9/7/2022A brother in Christ has had a major stroke and is facing a month in the hospital and several months of rehab and therapy after that.
9/6/2022A brother in Christ has been sick with malaria and typhoid.
9/5/2022A husband and wife brother and sister in Christ are finally recovering from Covid.
9/4/2022A brother in Christ continues chemo treatments for prostate and bone cancer.
9/3/2022A sister in Christ is in the hospital with a lot of fluid in her legs and around her heart and they don’t know why yet.
9/2/2022Two sisters in Christ – a mother and daughter – both have covid.
9/1/2022A sister in Christ just had her mother-in-law go home to Jesus.
8/31/2022A sister in Christ who just after getting married learned she had cancer but had gone into remission twice has now been diagnosed with some questionable cells in her stomach and is awaiting the pathology report.
8/30/2022A sister in Christ has a great nephew who has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
8/29/2022A brother in Christ who is a pastor has developed Parkinson’s Disease as did his father before him.
8/28/2022A sister in Christ has a longtime friend and pastors wife who has cancer that has manifested itself on the back of her neck, paralyzing her vocal chord, and making her very weak.
8/27/2022A sister in Christ has a niece who is homeless and addicted to drugs.
8/26/2022An elderly sister in Christ is deaf and cannot speak and is seeking to move to an apartment to live independently on her own by herself.
8/25/2022The daughter of a sister in Christ has prematurely delivered a 1.5 lb baby.
8/24/2022A brother in Christ is suffering severe foot pain.
8/23/2022A brother in Christ must have a repeat shoulder surgery to rid the previous shoulder surgery site of infection.
8/22/2022A brother in Christ is beginning to suffer kidney failure.
8/21/2022A sister in Christ who is a pastor’s wife and who is very sick and needs an accurate diagnosis.
8/20/2022A sister in Christ has been having severe back pain and has just received a pain injection and is hopeful it will stop her long time suffering.
8/19/2022A young sister in Christ is having some health problems and is 21 weeks pregnant and her mother has started having seizures again .
8/18/2022A Food Pantry needs more food donations to feed the families who come every week in need of food.
8/17/2022A sister in Christ who suffers greatly from ongoing physical issues.
8/16/2022The daughter of a sister in Christ who suffers from heart afib and needs to come to know Jesus.
8/15/2022A sister in Christ has stage 4 bone cancer.
8/14/2022A brother in Christ needs heart surgery soon.
8/13/2022A brother in Christ who fell and broke his hip and was in recovery developed pneumonia a few days after being discharged from the hospital and had to be readmitted only to discover he also has covid.
8/12/2022A sister in Christ has a cyst on her pancreas and kidney failure.
8/11/2022A sister in Christ has a lot going on in her life. She has shoulder issues that possibly will require surgery as well as trying to complete the sale of her home and find a new place to live.
8/10/2022A sister in Christ has just had back surgery and is recovering at home.
8/9/2022A church is conducting Vacation Bible School and there are hundreds of spiritually hungry young minds to be fed The Word.
8/8/2022A brother in Christ is in a lot of excruciating pain from his back to his feet. He is going to the pain clinic in hopes of some relief.
8/7/2022A sister in Christ has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.
8/6/2022The daughter of a sister in Christ is suffering with heart issues and needs to come to know Jesus.
8/5/2022A brother in Christ had a routine colonoscopy and it detected potential cancerous polyps.
8/4/2022A sister in Christ who is waiting for heart surgery just fell and broke her ribs.
8/3/2022A sister in Christ is losing her hearing.
8/2/2022A sister in Christ and her son have both tested positive for covid and had to spend time in the local emergency room. The son is due to have surgery soon and must not test positive. His mother must not test positive so she can be with her son at the hospital during surgery.
8/1/2022A sister in Christ has dementia and it is progressing quickly. She may not be able to live at home much longer.
7/31/2022A brother and sister in Christ are having marital difficulties and are separated.
7/30/2022A sister in Christ is awaiting results of an MRI to determine if she will need major back surgery.
7/29/2022A brother in Christ has fought the fight, kept the faith, and finished his course. He has gone home to Jesus.
7/28/2022A sister in Christ is having serious heart issues and is needing to have surgery.
7/27/2022A brother in Christ is having a pacemaker implanted in his heart.
7/26/2022The son of a sister in Christ is very sick and in the hospital.
7/25/2022A brother in Christ had to have emergency surgery to correct a bowel blockage.
7/24/2022A pastor and brother in Christ is preparing to retire.
7/23/2022A sister in Christ is the caregiver for her mother and needs God’s financial blessings.
7/22/2022A retirement center has developed a major outbreak of Covid.
7/21/2022A sister in Christ fell and broke both of her legs.
7/20/2022The friend of a sister in Christ has MS and is wheelchair bound. Her husband has now left her.
7/19/2022A sister in Christ is suffering from chronic infection and colitis.
7/18/2022The brother of a sister in christ is in prison for death-by-a-vehicle and is not safe.
7/17/2022A sister in Christ is moving away to another state and leaving many friends behind who will miss her.
7/16/2022A sister in Christ is recovering from surgery to repair a torn retina.
7/15/2022A courageous sister in Christ has battled cancer bravely for the past few years and has become an inspiration to many.
7/14/2022A sister in Christ has developed heart issues and is undergoing tests to determine why.
7/13/2022A brother in Christ longs for the day when he can go to heaven to see his cherished wife who went before him a few years ago.
7/12/2022The son of a sister in Christ was bitten by a spider and his arm was so infected he had to be taken to the hospital emergency room for treatment.
7/11/2022The mother of a brother in Christ may be going to heaven any day and the family has been called in.
7/10/2022A sister in Christ has been having a headache for three days and bad allergies all year long.
7/9/2022A brother in Christ whose prostate cancer has re-appeared and is to have radioactive seeds implanted soon.
7/8/2022The daughter of a sister in Christ and her husband are expecting their first child and ready to deliver but is very uncomfortable.
7/7/2022A sister in Christ has a 73 year old sister who has a mass in her stomach.
7/6/2022A sister in Christ is asking for prayer for her very sick niece that God might send a miracle to heal her.
7/5/2022A young man suffered a skiing accident and is bleeding internally and has been taken to the hospital.
7/4/2022A close friend of a sister in Christ has tested positive for Covid.
7/3/2022A sister in Christ has another virus and now has fallen out of the bed and injured her arm.
7/2/2022A sister in Christ has tested positive for Covid.
7/1/2022The mother of a sister in Christ is in the ICU at the hospital and may have had a mild heart attack and congestive heart failure.
6/30/2022A sister in Christ has tested positive for Covid.
6/29/2022A brother in Christ fell and broke his hip and just had surgery to repair the hip but faces months of painful recovery.
6/28/2022A sister in Christ has a nephew suffering with covid and a friend with bladder issues who will be undergoing tests.
6/27/2022A sister in Christ has a failing heart valve that is to be replaced.
6/26/2022The three year old granddaughter of two good and faithful servants of Christ is having brain surgery in a few days.
6/25/2022A sister in Christ is suffering a lot of pain after a recent shoulder surgery.
6/24/2022FaithByTheWord’s Outreach to East Africa has an opportunity to plant a large regional church and needs donations as soon as possible so that the opportunity to rent a church building capable of holding 400 is not missed.
6/23/2022A sister and faithful servant in Christ has multiple needs.
– A brother in law has metastatic carcinoma cancer and starts treatment today.
– Her sister’s friend who has had bladder cancer surgery and is experiencing other major complications and has also been exposed to covid at her sister’s home.
– Her mother’s multiple needs.
– Several members of her family with covid.
– A friend who goes to the wound center tomorrow to see if they can save the top part of the leg from which they amputated her foot. Things aren’t looking good and prayer is her best medicine.
6/22/2022A 3 year old child has just been rushed to the emergency room and has been diagnosed with a fever of 105 and Covid.
6/21/2022A sister in Christ is about to start 3 weeks of intensive physical therapy after major back surgery.
6/20/2022A sister in Christ has tested positive for Covid.
6/19/2022The sister of a brother in Christ has a brain tumor that is growing.
6/18/2022A sister in Christ has had an abnormal brain scan revealing irregular tissue.
6/17/2022The son of a sister in Christ has stage 3 pancreatic cancer and follicular lymphoma cancer.
6/16/2022A brother in Christ has developed a cancerous nodule in his lung.
6/15/2022A brother in Christ is suffering from bone and prostate cancer and is being treated with chemotherapy.
6/14/2022A brother in Christ is suffering from a broken hip. His daughter, a sister in Christ, is working tirelessly to take care of him in her home.
6/13/2022A brother in Christ is suffering from the affects of Agent Orange during his service in Vietnam.
6/12/2022A sister in Christ is suffering severe abdominal pain and is in the hospital for diagnostic tests.
6/11/2022A sister in Christ has severe back and spine disorders and is undergoing intensive surgery and therapy.
6/10/2022A sister in Christ has had to have all of her teeth pulled and is suffering extreme pain.
6/9/2022A sister in Christ is suffering from arterial blockage and is due to have multiple stents inserted to clear the blockage.
6/8/2022A brother in Christ has prostate cancer and bone cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.
6/7/2022A church in Uganda that is growing and needs additional seating and administrative office space.
6/6/2022FaithByTheWord’s Executive Pastor in Uganda is severely ill and may need surgery.
6/5/2022The father of a sister in Christ is recovering from a broken hip and has moved in with her for long term care.
6/4/2022A sister in Christ has multiple myeloma and is receiving chemotherapy.
6/3/2022A sister in Christ has stage 4 bone cancer.
6/2/2022A sister in Christ is suffering from Congestive Heart Failure and Diverticulitis.
6/1/2022A sister in Christ has Parkinson’s disease.
5/31/2022A sister in Christ is worried she has breast cancer.
5/30/2022A brother in Christ has severe heart blockage and will undergo surgery.
5/29/2022A sister in Christ just had surgery and is recovering at home.
5/28/2022A brother in Christ has upcoming surgery to remove skin cancer.
5/27/2022The cousin of a brother in Christ has had a stroke.
5/26/2022A sister in Christ is about to have surgery for breast cancer.
5/25/2022The sister of a brother in Christ has a brain tumor that is growing.
5/24/2022Many prayers are needed for critical illnesses. Please pray for a sister in Christ who is recovering from a sudden brain bleed.
5/23/2022Many high school graduates are headed for college this fall and need to stay strong in their faith and not be misled by “The World”.
5/22/2022A missionary is seeking support for his calling.
5/21/2022A sister in Christ’s brother-in-law has a tumor in his kidney and is scheduled for a biopsy in a few weeks.
5/20/2022A sister in Christ has been in terrible pain for several months and the doctors do not know why.
5/19/2022A family is grieving the suicidal death of their adult son.
5/18/2022A brother in Christ has a tumor in his right lung that requires surgery within the week.
5/17/2022A dear sister in Christ has been diagnosed with Covid.
5/16/2022A lady in a retirement center has been ugly to her two best friends and the two friends are wanting to forgive her and stay friends.
5/15/2022A brother in Christ has skin cancer to be removed.
5/14/2022A sister in Christ has caught her husband in adultry and does not know how to forgive him or what to do.
5/13/2022The mother of a sister in Christ has been diagnosed with Covid.
5/12/2022A brother in Christ has possible colon cancer and is awaiting final test results.
5/11/2022A sister in Christ is being physically and emotionally abused and does not know how to get help from her church.
5/10/2022A sister in Christ’s father has been diagnosed with throat cancer.
5/9/2022A sister in Christ has Lupus and other serious health complications and now has been diagnosed with irregular brain scans. Prognosis is not yet determined.
5/8/2022A sister in Christ needs to have a complete shoulder replacement soon.
5/7/2022A sister in Christ has had a recent mammogram that shows questionable irregularities.
5/6/2022A sister in Christ became unconscious due to the reaction of a prescription drug with her AFIB heart condition and was in the hospital briefly.
5/5/2022A brother in Christ has been diagnosed with possible colon cancer.
5/4/2022A brother in Christ has received the diagnosis that his prostate cancer has returned and is scheduled to begin radiation treatments.
5/3/2022A husband and wife are unable to continue living together due to the wife needing to live in a memory care facility and the husband still living at home.
5/2/2022A seven year old grandson passed out in school this morning and they do not know why yet.
5/1/2022A sister in Christ has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is going to have a PET Scan to verify it.

A mother needs prayer for the strength to pass through a hard time. She has lost her job recently and has a family to provide for.
4/30/2022A wrongfully convicted pastor has been in prison for 32 years and has been granted a parole board hearing.
4/29/2022A pastor’s son had a terrible auto accident that could have been fatal but was not.
4/28/2022A sister in Christ has had an MRI for headaches that showed small blood vessels in top of her head and back of her neck are either blocked or dried up. She has white matter disease that causes loss of cognitive abilities. Surgery is not an option. She is very weak and can hardly get out of a chair and may lose the ability to make good sentences.
4/27/2022A pastor is have a scan performed to determine if his cancer is growing or shrinking.
4/26/2022A mother’s son, was diagnosed on 8/6/2021 with Follicular Lymphoma Cancer which is under control for the present. He now has stage 3 pancreatic cancer and has finished chemo and radiation and recently had surgery to remove the pancreatic tumor.
4/25/2022A sister in Christ has had her son deployed to somewhere in the middle east and not allowed to know where.
4/24/2022A young sister in Christ is graduating from 12 years of Christian School and planning a life as a missionary.
4/23/2022A pastor’s father, who is also a pastor, had shoulder surgery this week and is recovering at home.
4/22/2022A church is planning summer youth camps where many young souls will come to Christ.
4/21/2022A mother discovered her 18 year old high school senior lifeless in her bed.
4/20/2022A sister in Christ had knee surgery yesterday and is in much pain.
4/19/2022Many hearts were touched this past week in many people who don’t attend church but on major Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter. Pray that those touched this past Easter Week will heed the call and join the family of God!
4/18/2022A church is expecting their founding pastor to retire at the end of the year. Please pray that the transition to the new pastor will be smooth and well accepted throughout the church body.
4/17/2022A family needs spiritual healing to mend divisions that have formed among the family.
4/16/2022A grieving family who says “we’ll see you in Heaven soon” today to their loving sister who went to heaven this past week.
4/15/2022A faithful servant and pastor is having severe heart issues.

A sister in Christ’s brother needs prayer. He has a history of drugs and over 40 years in prison.
4/14/2022A fellow brother in Christ and good friend is having issues with his prostate that require a PET Scan in the near future to determine if his prostate cancer has returned.
4/13/2022A faithful servant of The Lord and dear friend of this ministry has a special and unspoken prayer request for his family.
4/12/2022A sister in Christ’s brother is in hospice in Virginia. His lungs are failing and it looks like he won’t make it much longer. She has asked us to keep them in our prayers.

A sister in Christ twisted her knee and can’t walk.
4/11/2022A Pastor’s friend is in total kidney failure and needs a kidney transplant to survive.

A good friend and brother in Christ has a special unspoken request.
4/10/2022A brother in Christ continues to struggle to recover from a severe case of Covid after almost a year.
4/9/2022FaithByTheWord is growing at an enormous rate and is now spreading The Word in 126 countries every day. We constantly fight off satan’s attacks and need prayer every day to continue to “Share The Whole Word With The Whole World” as Dr. J. Vernon McGee always said.
4/8/2022A church musician’s father had a heart attack and will have a triple bypass operation in a few days.
4/7/2022A church administrator has been receiving chemotherapy and will have a scan performed today to determine if it is helping arrest her stomach cancer.
4/6/2022A lady asks for prayer for her sister’s family who all just came down with covid.
4/5/2022A faithful servant of The Lord has prostate and bone cancer and is receiving chemotherapy.
4/4/2022A pastor suffers from 45 years of Type 1 Diabetes.
4/3/2022A faithful sister and servant of Christ is suffering from degenerative disc disease in her spine.
4/2/2022A daughter, whose dad was very sick and on his way to Heaven, is rejoicing as she was able to bring her dad home from the hospital yesterday!
4/1/2022A long-time Christian brother and best friend is in the twilight years of his life and will see Jesus soon.
3/31/2022A Christian brother who has a tumor in his right lung and is pending surgery and chemotherapy.
3/30/2022A widow has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing radiation treatments.
3/29/2022A Vietnam veteran is suffering the effects of agent orange.
3/28/2022An adopted son has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and has experienced multiple life threatening medical emergencies.
3/27/2022A sister in Christ has degenerative disc disease in her spine.
3/26/2022A brother in Christ is recovering from surgery to remove a dangerously large kidney stone.
3/25/2022Two faithful servants and dear sisters in Christ have fallen and broken their knees. They are both unable to work and need God’s blessings on their health and finances.
3/24/2022A Godly family of sisters and cousins are doing better but still dealing with multiple issues. One was moved to a Nursing Center for rehab for a few weeks. Another fell in her yard and hurt her shoulder and is in much pain but will not go to the doctor. Another has their last radiation treatment this week. Another is having back problems and will be going to a chiropractor.
3/23/2022A Godly saint and her child are facing a major crisis in their lives.
3/22/2022A brother in Christ is preparing for major upcoming surgery this week.
3/21/2022A 90 year old lady has lost her dentures and Medicaid will only replace lost teeth once every 5 years. She is unable to eat enough to stay nourished.
3/20/2022A pastor is feeling called to leave his church and join the foreign mission field.
3/19/2022A pair of Christ servants are at odds with each other over a business agreement gone bad.
3/18/2022A loyal servant to the church and Christ has multiple myeloma and is receiving long-term chemotherapy.
3/17/2022A faithful sister in Christ has been in the hospital for 3 days undergoing tests to determine if she has had a heart attack.
3/16/2022A Godly sister in Christ is having back surgery today.
3/15/2022A 15 year old grandson is growing rebellious and does not want to go to school anymore.

A Godly sister in Christ is having back esophagus surgery today.
3/14/2022A missionary called to East Africa needs to raise funds to cover the costs of assignment.
3/13/2022A loving wife who is taking care of her husband with dementia is having health issues and has an upcoming operation.
3/12/2022A man who is recovering from Covid continues to suffer from “Brain Fog”.
3/11/2022A man is being evaluated to determine if he has cancer and to develop a treatment plan for it.
3/10/2022Over 2 million refugees have been forced to flee Ukraine after many inhuman attacks on civilians in their homes, churches, and schools.
3/9/2022A good Godly servant has cancer and is being treated with chemo therapy. The particular version of chemo she is getting is becoming less and less effective and now a new version must be found.
3/8/2022A sweet lady in Christ just met Jesus in Heaven.
3/7/2022A child broke her leg just above her ankle very badly and may have to have surgery.
3/6/2022Pray for Food Pantries everywhere. Times are hard and food is more desperately needed now more than ever.
3/5/2022The Executive Director of FaithByTheWord, Pastor Dave Winstead, has been called to go to East Africa the end of May 2022. Please pray for safety and that everything involving this journey will be in the center of God’s Will.

Pray for Katelyn who broke her leg right above her ankle. It broke very badly and they are hoping they can put on a cast but may have to have surgery.
3/4/20222 of FaithByTheWord’s pastors in East Africa need medical attention. They suffer from Malaria. With malnutrition as a common contributor, the five biggest infectious killers in Africa are acute respiratory infections, HIV/AIDS, diarrhea, malaria and tuberculosis, responsible for nearly 80% of the total infectious disease burden and claiming more than 6 million people per year.
3/3/2022A pastor’s brother-in-law has gone thru the Gates Of Heaven.
3/2/2022A family grieves the passing of a son/brother/nephew but rejoices because he will never suffer again.
3/1/2022A wrongfully convicted inmate has served 32 years in prison for manslaughter and is up for a hearing to be released.

A foreign missionary requests prayer that their fundraiser for church planting will be successful.
2/28/2022Pray for our churches around this world that The Word would be shared and spread to every remote corner.
2/27/2022A faithful servant to many others who themselves have many health problems is now suffering with lack of energy and strength as she recovers from a severe case of Covid-19.

A missionary in Poland on the Ukraine border is afraid for her life.

A Bible Study leader at church needs another surgery to clear artery blockage in her brain.
2/26/2022Pray for God’s Will to be done in the conflict between Russia and The Ukraine.

A family grieves the passing of a loving sister but rejoices because they will all be together again in eternity.
2/25/2022A faithful ministry worker who has been diagnosed with kidney failure and needs a kidney transplant.
2/24/2022A faithful servant of The Lord has multiple myeloma and is receiving treatment.
2/23/2022Pray for the many churches that have had to close their doors permanently due to the huge drop in attendance because of the covid virus.
2/22/2022A family is grieving the loss of their son and future daughter-in-law in a tragic auto accident.

A church member has been diagnosed with diverticulitis.
2/21/2022A son is in a comma and needs a miracle.
2/20/2022A family buried a godly spiritual leader who will be missed until the great reunion to come!
2/19/2022Pray for a lady who has served The Lord faithfully for many years and is forced to make a career change. Pray for her to follow God’s Will and rebuild some security for her family that dissolved when her previous career ended due to an unfortunate change in management.
2/18/2022Pray for FaithByTheWord to find an Executive Pastor to lead ministry efforts in Tanzania. Pray for the Executive Pastors that currently lead efforts in Uganda and Kenya.
2/17/2022A man has kidney disease and needs a kidney transplant.
2/16/2022A servant of Our Risen Savior at Harvest Baptist Church has cancer and is receiving chemo treatments.
2/15/2022The father of a pastor’s wife needs special rehabilitation services before he can be allowed to leave the hospital after recovering from covid.
2/14/2022A lady’s 101 year old sister has been called home to be with her Lord & Savior.
2/13/2022A lady has been in the hospital twice in recent weeks and has been diagnosed with AFIB, Congestive Heart Failure, and a gastrointestinal bleed. And now her brother is in the hospital where he is hemorrhaging and soon to see Jesus.
2/12/2022A lady has fallen and hit her face and head and has a concussion. She has just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. She has been diagnosed with early onset dementia and has been restricted from driving any more. She is really down and feels like the world is caving in on her and really needs our prayers. All of this has happened within the past few weeks.
2/9/2022A son is being deployed for 8 months and the mother does not know where.
2/8/2022Pray for the families of Harvest Baptist Church that are recovering from Covid.
2/7/2022A lady is going to have major back surgery in March and is dreading being put to sleep and worried.
2/6/2022Pray for a couple that have been homeless most of the past few years that now have a job and will have a place of their own soon.
2/5/2022Please pray for my husband Steve, to be healed in his lungs and heart. For no more COPD. He needs to be set free from smoking (he only smokes about 8 per day) and to be able to sleep without drinking whiskey. No more depression or panic attacks. And for our marriage to be healed.
1/26/2022Please pray for a homeless young man, for salvation, protection and deliverance from drug addiction. His desire is to be free from addiction, but he was very afraid of the withdrawals. Pray for God’s will for him, and for him to know that God is with him.
10/30/2021Donna’s friend Donna lost her husband to cancer last year. Now the other day her son died.
9/19/2021Pat needs healing for motion sickness.
4/30/2021Moses Christian Hope Group – Venezuelan Ministry needing support and peace.
4/18/2021Pastor Peter Elvin from Shalom Church, India.

Linc Church Mbiko – Ugandan evangelists needing travel funds for revival tour.
4/17/2021Prayers for a man whose wife died just a few months ago and now whose sister just died suddenly.
4/17/2021A lady whose heart is giving out and needs a pacemaker.
4/16/2021Thanks for a friend who is incarcerated who has been unexpectedly blessed with honor-grade status and moved to a much nicer facility. Prayers needed for possibility of parole soon.
4/16/2021Collins Craig needs funds to finish constructing their church building. They often worship with no protection from the weather.
4/15/2021A pastor needs prayer to be more compassionate and not so condescending.
4/15/2021Isaac Kiberu needs funds to help build an orphanage in Uganda.
4/11/2021A family who came home from vacation and a day later all had covid.
4/4/2021A lady and her mother who need many repairs done to their home and are being taken advantage of by the contractor who keeps demanding more and more money.
3/19/2021A son needs prayer for his mother Lorraine’s salvation, healing, and finances. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and blood pressure issues.
3/6/2021A lady suffering with great pain due to an intestinal infection and diverticulitis. Now on antibiotics & liquid diet but pain has not lessened.
3/5/2021A young man who broke two bones in his legs. May God miraculously heal him and meet his every need.
3/4/2021A lady whose sister suffered a scary house fire last evening. They are people of faith and live for the LORD, but are still reeling from the sudden catastrophic event.
2/28/2021A lady asks for God’s favor, faith, and joy.
2/27/2021A man in Keijo Sweden thanks The Lord who gave His life for his salvation and sent him the Holy Spirit for comfort and safety and to help him in the fight against false doctrine. He requests prayer for his grandson’s healing of diabetes and blessings for his family.
2/26/2021A man to find a new place to settle his family. He is persecuted and chased away from his home in Uganda because of his faith in Christianity. He is a converted Muslim.
2/25/2021Pray for a man in Keijo Sweden in his fight against false doctrine and for healing for his eyes.
2/24/2021Pray and give thanks for an inmate serving Life without Parole who just unexpectedly received honorgrade status. This could mean by late this year that he could be given day leave to attend church. He is a strong Christian and has been sharing The Word inside the prison for several years. It has become his ministry for life.
2/24/2021A family has lost their son and brother unexpectedly. They need comforting assurance he is in heaven.
2/23/2021Pray for a wife who left her husband and would be welcomed back but her heart has become hardened.
2/22/2021Pray for a man who needs The Lord’s blessings to help find a suitable staff member for his project. The current staff member does not seem to be performing well. He needs help to retrain and change him or find a new person. He needs help very soon. It has been hard to find a trustworthy and capable person.
2/17/2021Pray for a man who is suffering from COPD, losing weight, getting sicker and sicker.
2/16/2021Pray for a pastor whose wife walked out after 28 years and does not appear to be coming back.
2/15/2021Pray for a mother whose son has been estranged for years that he would come to love his mother once more and want to be part of her life. She has remarried and found sweet love once again after her husband went to heaven a few years back. She is having rotator cuff surgery 2/19/2021.
2/13/2021Pray for a man who must make new living arrangements and adjust his lifestyle due to developing cancer and the treatment of it.
2/11/2021Pray for Honduras – Honduras is the second poorest nation in Central America and one of the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. More than two in five rural families live in extreme poverty and don’t know where their next meal will come from. Many children experience a limited childhood because they have to go to work, often in exploitative conditions. More than half of the population are children, and the streets are full of orphans and unwanted children who get pulled into gangs or the sex trade out of desperation.
2/10/2021A church who has one or two additional families infected by the covid virus every few days.
2/5/2021A niece who is suffering from severe depression and contemplating suicide.
2/4/2021A man whose place was destroyed by humidity. Everything is very damp including furniture, all clothing and all fabric in the house. It is impossible to live there until everything is dried out and repaired. The landlord doesn’t want to take responsibility for the building issues. There are steps in place to dry the place out but progress is really slow. Please pray for a miraculously quick turnaround and that they will use the best methods possible for correcting the problems and that the landlord will take responsibility for resolving all building issues.
1/31/2021A couple who is about to become homeless again because they are being asked to leave the home in which they have been staying with friends but they don’t know why.
1/25/2021A struggling couple who is going to VA in pursuit of a job opportunity and a fresh start.
1/23/2021A Christian who needs God’s mercy and grace to deliverance them from a dark hole they can’t get out of by themselves. Long seasons of dire circumstances has left them helpless and hopeless. They are asking God to bring them new support people and friends who are willing to help carry their burdens. Their physical, financial and emotional health needs serious restoration.
1/20/2021A church whose membership is becoming consumed with the Covid Virus.
1/19/2021A lady whose husband has severe heart issues and is declining more and more every month.
1/18/2021A lady whose brother-in-law suffers from Parkinson’s Disease and has now developed pneumonia.
1/17/2021A lady who is harassed and maltreated and threatened constantly by a person. It is making her very sick and in trauma & shock and needs tight security and protection from this person. Pray that the offender is immediately suspended in office and brought to justice.
1/16/2021A lady whose brother went to heaven after a long battle with cancer and other health issues.
1/16/2021A Pastor whose wife has left him.
1/13/2021A lady is in the hospital with pneumonia as a result of COVID-19. She has developed blood clots in her lung and is in serious condition.
1/13/2021A lady is in the hospital with pneumonia as a result of COVID-19. She has developed blood clots in her lung and is in serious condition.
1/11/2021A man’s mother’s salvation and healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and blood pressure issues. Pray for excellent health, a long life, and removal of debt for her as well. Also, pray for salvation and excellent health and long life for the man’s uncle and aunt.
1/7/2021A lady’s mother died unexpectantly after her husband died 6 months before.
1/6/2021A Pastor’s marriage is in jeopardy of ending due to a breakdown of love for each other.
1/5/2021A young mother who is overwhelmed with depression tried to take her own life.
A ministry couple tested positive for COVID-19.

– The husband and son of an expectant mother in her final 2 weeks of pregnancy have just tested positive for COVID-19.

– A son’s mother went to heaven unexpectedly.
– A mother’s son went to heaven unexpectedly.

– Pray for families celebrating their first Christmas without their loved ones who went to heaven this year.

– A friend who passed away who was not sure of his salvation.

– A pastor’s wife who is in dire need of a knee replacement.
– A lady in a nursing home who has just tested positive for the covid virus.
– A lady with a new leg prosthesis who needs strength and safety to do the theraphy needed to become proficient using it.

– A man and his son who has just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

– A lady and her son who has just been hospitalized with terminal cancer.
– Prison ministry that is being newly organized.
– A ministry to the homeless that is being organized.

– A man is having cataract surgery. He had it in the other eye previously and it did not go well.

– A planning group is establishing a need for and a business plan for a new Christian radio station.

– A lady in a nursing home who is losing her eyesight.

– A young assistant pastor who is transitioning to senior pastor.

– A man whose family has been infected by the corona virus including him, his wife, his brother, his nephew, and his nephew’s wife.

– A lady whose elderly brother’s wife has just been diagnosed with an aggressive and advanced form of cancer.

– A lady asks prayer for her friend whose husband is suffering from advanced Alzheimer disease, whose son is falling away from The Lord, and who has fallen and broken her hand so badly she may never be able to teach piano again.
– A lady whose mother went to heaven this past September and is grieving really hard.

– A lady who has suddenly been terminated from her job due to her Christian beliefs and the way she performs her job so as to be faithful to The Lord.
– A lady who has tested positive for covid-19 and is in the hospital.

– A ministry whose outreach is spanning the globe and needs funding to provide written material for trainingg new believers.

– A widow who is disabled and has meager disability income and cannot afford to make basic repairs and upkeep to her home-place of 35 years. Without help she will lose her home within a few months.

-A man suffering from late stage type 1 diabetes and losing use of his legs and feet to the extent he may be unable to walk within a year.

– A man who is grieving the loss of his wife and needs encouragement and peace to believe she is in Heaven waiting for him.

– A Pastor who has multiple serious things going on including a fall, infections, head injury, and diabetes.

– A disabled lady on a low fixed income needs many home repairs that would use up her entire income for almost 2 years. Pray that her GoFundMe page helps.

– A lady who is seeing her doctor to see if surgery is needed for bleeding and is worried because she can’t afford to miss any work.

-A widow asks prayer for God to make a way for her to pay her utility bills and get her hot water heater repaired. She has had no hot water for a year. She also needs a way to get her car repaired so she will not miss any more work and lose her job.

-A newly married wife asks for God’s guidance whose drug addicted husband just left her for another woman who lured him away with her supply of drugs.

-A mother asks for prayer for her son’s girlfriend and her mother that were in a bad wreck yesterday and are in serious condition in the hospital. The mother is also going to need back surgery and is awaiting the results from a biopsy for suspected breast cancer. She is really feeling over-whelmed.

-A mother asks for prayers for her son who is in Navy boot camp. He has had a setback and needs Gods touch. The mother also asks for prayers for her brother who is struggling with health issues.

-A lady asks for prayer for her niece who has severe back issues and is having a CT scan tomorrow.

-A pastor is requesting prayer for the church he leads that God will lead the church to transition to a “Disciple-Making Church”.

-Tonya needs prayer because she is hurting in her back and legs really bad.

-Dad died suddenly from a stroke.

-78 Yr. old homeless lady has been sleeping in car for 52 days. May have a place to stay 7/20. Pray she gets it. Her car won’t run so she is sleeping in the dangerous summer heat.

-My husband and I are going to be sleeping in the car after 11 o’clock today. Pray we find help to get us a room again. My husband does have a job interview on Monday just trying to make it til then. Pray we also find food.

-Unspoken prayer request for Sherry.

-Young boy accidentally drowned at beach.

-Wife fell, broke hip, surgery today.
-Pastor’s daughter having lots of pain for long time, having surgery to fix today.

-Husband died suddenly in the middle of a sentence.

-Father went to heaven unexpectly.

-97 year old Mother went to heaven after a long tiring struggle following a stroke.

-Widower finally got his prayers answered to go to Heaven to be with his wife.

-Family has lost apartment, No food, No jobs, No family who cares.

-Husband & Father died suddenly.

-Loving husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather went to heaven after failing heart for several years.

-Widowed mother w/ 6 children needs help getting grave marker for husband who died suddenly.

-Step-father was just shot and murdered a few hours ago by his own cousin over a family dispute.

-Wife went to Heaven very suddenly.

-Dad went to Heaven.

-Nephew was at home waiting for The Lord’s angels to take him home and they did.

-Husband & Father who has end stage heart disease and is moving from the hospital to Rehab today. Moved back to home 5/14/2020 but back in ICU.

-Special unspoken request that is troubling her heart and hurting it very badly.
-Dad had a stroke 4/23 and is in the hospital.
-Leg wound is now infected with mercer.

-Niece was in a very bad auto accident and is in serious condition in the hospital.
-Husband was admitted to ICU this past Saturday in very critical shape – too critical to move to Duke where he needs to be. He has a blood clot in his lung and pneumonia plus severe heart and kidney damage. He has regained consciousness but is still in critical condition.
-Dad was in the hospital this past week. His blood pressure had been low. He had some fluid around his heart.
-Husband took a bad fall in the bathroom last Wednesday, cut his face, and banged himself up. EMS took him to the ER to dress his wounds and then sent him home. The excitement of falling and hurting himself triggered heart spasms.
-Mother Betty went to heaven yesterday.
-Son is flying to California where his Dad is in hospice care and is at the end of his life.

Sweet mother, grandmother, great grandmother went to heaven after several years of progressing dementia.
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