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Mankind was created to have a relationship with God, but that connection was broken when sin entered the world through Adam and Eve. Now every human being is alienated from the Lord. And yet hope is not lost, because He had a plan of salvation in place even before creation: When the time was right, the Son of God would pay the penalty for mankind’s sin with His substitutionary death, opening the door for our forgiveness and reconciliation.

Because He is gracious, God saves us on the basis of faith in His Son. Then He gives us a new nature empowered by the Holy Spirit who comes to live within each Christian. The Spirit transforms our character into the image of Christ and enables us to live godly, obedient lives. And one day we will stand before our Father and be welcomed into our heavenly inheritance.

We need these truths firmly planted in our mind so we can grasp not only our desperate situation but also the goodness and love in God’s amazing rescue plan. He has proven His care for us in our greatest need. Will He not then provide for every other need in our life?

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