The Theological Bible Studies Institute

A Ministry Of
FaithByTheWord Ministries

The main purpose of the institute is to train pastors who will be able to train other pastors who will be able to train others. If we train 10 who train 10 who train 10 we will have trained 1000 pastors! Our plan is to have a trained pastor in all 2500 remote villages in East Africa by 2026.

The Institute is currently developing and instructing curriculum for Sound Doctrine & Ministry Skills and Basic Christian Evangelism.

Our mission also includes making sure everyone has access to The Word Of God anytime and anywhere they desire regardless of whether they can read or not. To meet this objective we partner with Project Bible Runners and Faith Comes By Hearing – two Godly blessed ministries that specialize in delivering The Word Of God in unique and powerful ways.

However, just having access to The Word is not enough – we want to make sure everyone understands The Word! Towards fulfillment of that mission goal, FaithByTheWord Ministries has always focused on planting churches and training pastors especially in the 2,500 rural villages of East Africa.

FaithByTheWord Ministries, in its efforts to to share The Gospel throughout the world, has created the Theological Bible Studies Institute. At FaithByTheWord we have been focused on training pastors in the rural villages of East Africa. This ministry has been so well received that we can hardly keep up with the requests for more and more classes and seminars. Please pray for this ministry and prayerfully consider a small gift to share The Word around the world.

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