Be A Blessing To Vernon Garner

Free Vernon Garner: God’s Chosen Servant

Update On The Progress Of This Fundraiser
There is good news and bad news to report. First The bad news is we are short of the necessary $5,000 by $1,800. The good news is we raised $3,200 pretty quickly and the additional good news is that we have been granted an extension of time to raise the balance. So, if you have been considering a gift to Vernon to help us get his freedom after almost 33 years, now is the time to act. God bless everyone for the love and concern you have shown Vernon.

Our lead pastor, Vernon Garner, graduated from Global University in Springview Missouri with a diploma in Biblical Studies & Discipleship.  He now leads our prison ministry and has been in prison himself for over 32 years serving a life sentence.  Vernon was wrongfully convicted of killing his girlfriend during a struggle over a gun.  Vernon and his girlfriend were having marital problems and when he went to see her he took a gun because he was afraid of her friends who had been threatening to hurt him. When his girlfriend saw the gun she grabbed for it and a struggle ensued and it accidentally went off and fatally shot her.  Before she died she was able to talk to the police who arrived on the scene.  She told the police that the shooting was an accident and not Vernon’s fault but that information was not allowed during the trial.  To this day we do not understand why.

Vernon is now scheduled for a parole hearing in June but we first must pay his attorney $5,000 before he will even open Vernon’s case.  If we miss this opportunity to get Vernon freed the next parole hearing will not come around for another 3 years.   The deadline for raising the money is April 30th.  

The attorney feels we have a good chance to get Vernon freed.  He has been an outstanding prisoner for 32 years and was the prison librarian at the last facility where he was incarcerated before being transferred to Wilmington, NC a few months ago.  Since being at Wilmington he was recently considered for the position of assistant prison chaplain.  

I have known Vernon since March 2019 when I preached his mother’s funeral.  Vernon has been leading our ministry efforts at each prison and when we obtain his freedom he will join our ministry as Executive Pastor for our Prison Ministry.  He will be visiting various churches to preach and discuss how they can start a FaithByTheWord Prison Ministry Chapter.

Please prayerfully consider how much you can sacrificially give to raise up one of God’s chosen warriors to heed God’s calling in his life.   Please share this fundraising page with all of your Facebook friends and urge them to share it with all of theirs too.  Every dollar and every minute matters.  

May God bless you for taking the time to read this lengthy plea and for opening your heart to a Godly servant of our Risen Lord And Savior Jesus Christ.

I can personally assure you that Pastor Vernon is not a threat to anyone except the devil himself.

Welcome to this FaithByTheWord Fundraising Manager for Vernon Garner. This service is provided free of charge to individuals and organizations with worthy humanitarian causes like this one for Vernon. DISCLOSURE: We receive no compensation in any form other than God’s blessings for our charitable labors of love.

To share the link to this page with all of your Facebook Friends please post “” (without the quotes) in Facebook where it says “What’s on your mind? If everyone will please share this page we can be assured that our efforts to get Vernon released on parole will be successful. You and you prayers make a difference!!!

Vernon has been in prison for 32 years and wasn’t even permitted to attend his mother’s funeral. Let’s help a good man taste freedom once more!!!

God will surely bless you for unselfishly helping during this time of urgent need!

Thank you,
Dave Winstead
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