7/26/2022 What Was God Doing Before He Created The Universe?

By Got Questions Our finite minds find it hard to comprehend that before the universe was created, God existed alone. We know from John 1:1 that Jesus also existed: “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” The preincarnate Christ was intimately united with the Father, so asContinue reading “7/26/2022 What Was God Doing Before He Created The Universe?”

7/25/2022 When Was Before The Foundation Of The World?

By Got Questions The Bible refers to the “foundation” of the world in various passages. To found something is to establish a thing or lay the groundwork or secure the underpinnings for it. The “foundation of the world” is a reference to God’s act of creation. When Scripture refers to something that has been trueContinue reading “7/25/2022 When Was Before The Foundation Of The World?”

7/24/2022 What Happened On Each Of The Days Of Creation?

By Got Questions The creation account is found in Genesis 1—2. Most of God’s creative work is done by speaking, another indication of the power and authority of His Word. Let us look at each day of God’s creative work: Creation Day 1 (Genesis 1:1–5) God created the heavens and the earth. “The heavens” refers to everythingContinue reading “7/24/2022 What Happened On Each Of The Days Of Creation?”

July 24, 2022 Call To Worship

If you cannot attend your usual home church this coming Sunday, please use this Worship Service Plan to conduct and enjoy a service on your own. This Worship Service Plan is useful for anyone anywhere, whether individuals, shut-ins, your family gathered in the den, a nursing facility of sick & elderly, you and your neighbors sitting in the backyard, or any group of believers who share a need to gather and praise and worship The Lord God.

7/23/2022 What Is The Biblical Creation Story?

By Got Questions The basic creation story is found in Genesis 1 and 2, with the account of what happened in the Garden of Eden in chapter 3. Genesis 1 begins before the existence of anything except God Himself. God’s revelation of Himself and His will for mankind is the beginning of the creation story. In this beginning, God createdContinue reading “7/23/2022 What Is The Biblical Creation Story?”

7/22/2022 Why Should I Believe In Organized Religion?

By Got Questions A dictionary definition of “religion” would be something similar to “belief in God or gods to be worshiped, usually expressed in conduct and ritual; any specific system of belief, worship, etc., often involving a code of ethics.” In light of this definition, the Bible does speak of organized religion, but in manyContinue reading “7/22/2022 Why Should I Believe In Organized Religion?”

7/21/2022 What Is Excommunication In The Bible?

By Got Questions First, we should note that the Bible never uses the word excommunication. It’s a word that has been adopted by some religious groups, especially by the Catholic Church, to denote the formal process of removing someone from membership and participation in the church, from relationship with the church community, or, in the CatholicContinue reading “7/21/2022 What Is Excommunication In The Bible?”

7/20/2022 Why Are There So Many Different Christian Interpretations?

By Got Questions Scripture says there is “one Lord, one faith, one baptism” (Ephesians 4:5). This passage emphasizes the unity that should exist in the body of Christ as we are indwelt by “one Spirit” (verse 4). In verse 3, Paul makes an appeal to humility, meekness, patience, and love—all of which are necessary toContinue reading “7/20/2022 Why Are There So Many Different Christian Interpretations?”

7/19/2022 What Does The Bible Say About Church Growth?

By Got Questions Although the Bible does not specifically address church growth, the principle of church growth is the understanding that Jesus said, “I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it” (Matthew 16:18). Paul confirmed that the church has its foundation in Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 3:11). Jesus ChristContinue reading “7/19/2022 What Does The Bible Say About Church Growth?”