9/13/2021 What Is The Biblical Solution To The Problem Of Evil?

By Got Questions Broadly stated, the “problem of evil” is the seeming contradiction between an all-powerful, all-loving God and the human experience of suffering and evil in the world. Critics claim that the existence of evil is proof that the omnipotent, omnibenevolent God of the Bible cannot exist. Since “bad things happen to good people,” critics say, GodContinue reading “9/13/2021 What Is The Biblical Solution To The Problem Of Evil?”

9/12/2021 What Exactly Is An Unbeliever?

By Got Questions A “believer” is a child of God, born again by faith in Jesus Christ (see Acts 2:44); and an “unbeliever” is someone who does not believe in Jesus. In the New Testament, the Greek word apistou is translated “unbeliever.” Its adjective form literally means “not faithful,” and it describes someone lacking in Christian faith. There is aContinue reading “9/12/2021 What Exactly Is An Unbeliever?”

9/11/2021 What Evidence Is There Of A Spiritual Realm?

By Got Questions The Bible teaches the existence of an immaterial, spiritual reality, unseen by human eyes. The physical reality is evident for all to see—although some doubt the existence of a material universe, too! The Bible says that the spiritual realm consists of both good—God and the holy angels—and evil—the devil and his demons. Demons areContinue reading “9/11/2021 What Evidence Is There Of A Spiritual Realm?”

9/10/2021 Is there misogyny in the Bible?

By Got Questions A misogynist is a person who hates or looks down on women. The term misogyny generally refers to attitudes and behaviors that degrade, insult, or abuse women on the basis of their gender. Examples of misogyny would be treating women as morally or intellectually inferior to men, allowing for female abuse, or referring toContinue reading “9/10/2021 Is there misogyny in the Bible?”

9/9/2021 What does the Bible say about suffering?

By Got Questions Of all the challenges thrown at Christianity in modern times, perhaps the most difficult is explaining the problem of suffering. How can a loving God allow suffering to continue in the world which He created? For those who have endured massive suffering themselves, this is much more than a philosophical issue, butContinue reading “9/9/2021 What does the Bible say about suffering?”

September 12, 2021 Call To Worship

If you cannot attend your usual home church this coming Sunday, please use this Worship Service Plan to conduct and enjoy a service on your own. This Worship Service Plan is useful for anyone anywhere, whether individuals, shut-ins, your family gathered in the den, a nursing facility of sick & elderly, you and your neighbors sitting in the backyard, or any group of believers who share a need to gather and praise and worship The Lord God.