Spiritual Thought Of The Day

10/16/2021 Psalm 139:14 “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.” From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, God created the amazingly unique you. You are His workmanship, created by God and for God. How easyContinue reading “Spiritual Thought Of The Day”

October 17, 2021 Call To Worship

If you cannot attend your usual home church this coming Sunday, please use this Worship Service Plan to conduct and enjoy a service on your own. This Worship Service Plan is useful for anyone anywhere, whether individuals, shut-ins, your family gathered in the den, a nursing facility of sick & elderly, you and your neighbors sitting in the backyard, or any group of believers who share a need to gather and praise and worship The Lord God.

10/16/2021 What Is Constructivism?

By Got Questions The term constructivism has more than one meaning, depending on the topic at hand. As it relates to the Bible, relevant uses of constructivism involve either educational methods or epistemology, which is the subject of how we know what is true. Other uses of the term are either less relevant to Scripture or have less far-reaching implications.Continue reading “10/16/2021 What Is Constructivism?”

10/15/2021 What Is Evolutionism?

By Got Questions The term evolutionism is an example of how discussions of science, religion, and faith are often corrupted by misunderstanding and bias. According to common popular opinion, topics such as evolution are inherently scientific, neutral, and objective. This same opinion would describe topics such as the Bible, religion, or faith as inherently irrational, biased, andContinue reading “10/15/2021 What Is Evolutionism?”

God’s Masterpiece Of Creation For Today

10/16/2021 The closest star to Earth is Alpha Centauri 26 trillion miles away.  That is 26 with 12 zeros after it. 26,000,000,000,000.  When God in His magnificence creates something, distance is of no concern. 10/15/2021 Many people know that, despite its appearance, coral is actually a tiny animal. Even a small coral growth may beContinue reading “God’s Masterpiece Of Creation For Today”

Bible Matters Of Interest For Today

10/16/2021 What is the history and significance of the church at Jerusalem? 10/15/2021 What is the meaning of the Parable of the Wedding Feast? Why did Jesus often speak using parables instead of teaching more clearly? 10/14/2021 What does it mean that all things are possible to him who believes (Mark 9:23)? 10/13/2021 How doContinue reading “Bible Matters Of Interest For Today”

What The Bible Says For Today

What The Bible Says About Addiction What The Bible Says About Affliction What The Bible Says About Aging What The Bible Says About Angels What The Bible Says About Anger What The Bible Says About Anointing What The Bible Says About Baby Dedication What The Bible Says About Baptism What The Bible Says About BlessingsContinue reading “What The Bible Says For Today”

Bible Explanation For Today

10/17/2021 Why do people die? 10/16/2021 Why is it so hard to understand the Bible? 10/15/2021 Why are there times when God seems silent / absent in a believer’s life? 10/14/2021 Why was Jesus crucified? 10/13/2021 Why does God hate divorce? 10/12/2021 Why was David so loyal to Saul after everything Saul had done toContinue reading “Bible Explanation For Today”

Spiritual Guidance For Today

10/16/2021 How can I receive the protection of God? 10/15/2021 How can I gain an eternal perspective on life? 10/14/2021 How can I experience true intimacy with God? 10/13/2021 How can I increase my spiritual discernment? 10/12/2021 How can I learn to trust in God? 10/11/2021 How can I have assurance of my salvation? 10/10/2021Continue reading “Spiritual Guidance For Today”