We regret that we cannot fulfill your request for financial aid at this time. We are temporarily not accepting requests from orphanages outside of the United States.

Unfortunately, FaithByTheWord Ministries must decline your request for financial aid for your orphanage ministry at this time. Our funds are limited and we are unable to make commitments to any orphanages outside of the United States due to the high percentage of fraudulent requests by imposters. We simply do not have the resources to validate every claim. We receive hundreds of requests from non-U.S. orphanages every week and are limited in how much time we can invest to assure our funds are well spent. As our resources increase we hope to resume considering non-domestic orphanages but for now we will continue to follow you on facebook and will contact you in the future as our resources and abilities to validate increase.

May God richly bless you and your ministry my friend and lead you and guide you by the power of The Holy Spirit.

You may continue to stay in touch with us as follows:

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