Worship Service Plans

The Lord said “Wherever two or three are gathered in my name” that He would be with them so gather together this Sunday and worship. If you do not have a home church to attend this coming Sunday please use this Worship Service Plan and enjoy a service of your own. You can use this worship service plan in your homes, prisons, and hospitals. The church is a collection of all Christians and has nothing to do with the building.

9/17/2023Answers To Questions About Heaven – What Will I Be Like In Heaven?
9/10/2023Answers To Questions About Heaven – What Is Heaven Like?
9/3/2023Answers To Questions About Heaven – Who Will Go To Heaven
8/27/2023Answers To Questions About Heaven – An Introduction
8/20/2023Why? – Why Should I Get Baptized?
8/13/2023Why? – Why Are Christians Hated?
8/6/2023Why? – Why Is Church So Important?
7/30/2023Why? – Why Does God Allow Evil & War?
7/23/2023Why? – Why Did God Create Us And Why Am I Still Here?
7/16/2023Why? – Why Is God So Hard To Understand?
7/9/2023Why? – Why Did God Create Satan?
7/2/2023Why? – Why Does God Allow Trials & Suffering?
6/25/2023Why? – Why Aren’t My Prayers Answered?
6/18/2023Why? – An Introduction
6/11/2023Our Magnificent Creator God – Creation vs Evolution
6/4/2023Our Magnificent Creator God – We Are All Created Different
5/28/2023Our Magnificent Creator God – We Are All Created Equal
5/21/2023Our Magnificent Creator God – All Creation Praises The Creator
5/14/2023Our Magnificent Creator God – The Glory Of His Creation
5/7/2023Our Magnificent Creator God – Historical Creationism
4/30/2023Our Magnificent Creator God – An Introduction
4/23/2023God’s Greatest Promises – End Time Promises To Give Us Hope
4/16/2023God’s Greatest Promises – How Do I Know Which Of God’s Promises Are For Me?
4/9/2023God’s Greatest Promises – Specific Promises You Can Claim
4/2/2023God’s Greatest Promises – An Introduction
3/26/2023Servanthood – Obedience Is Necessary For Serving Others
3/19/2023Servanthood – There Is Strength In Serving Others
3/12/2023Servanthood – Why Should I Want To Serve God?
3/5/2023Servanthood – What It Means To Be A Servant Of Jesus Christ
2/26/2023Servanthood – Why Serve?
2/19/2023Servanthood – An Introduction
2/12/2023The Bible – The Best Defense Against Satan
2/5/2023The Bible – Meditate On It
1/29/2023The Bible – Where It Came From And Who Decided What To Publish
1/22/2023The Bible – Different Translations
1/15/2023The Bible – Reading Suggestions
1/8/2023The Bible – The Book, The Belief, The Bounty
1/1/2023Christmas – What Joseph & Mary Knew
12/25/2022Christmas – Myths About The Wise Men
12/18/2022Christmas – Why Celebrate It?
12/11/2022Evangelism – Pass It On
12/4/2022Evangelism – Defend The Faith: The Assurance
11/27/2022Evangelism – Defend The Faith: Your Comforter
11/20/2022Evangelism – Defend The Faith: Your Savior
11/13/2022Evangelism – Defend The Faith: Your Creator
11/6/2022Evangelism – Share Your Witness
10/30/2022Evangelism – Find An Opportunity
10/23/2022Evangelism – Be Prepared
10/16/2022Evangelism – It’s Biblical
10/9/2022Evangelism – What The Bible Says
10/2/2022Evangelism – Getting Started
9/25/2022Evangelism – An Introduction
9/18/2022The Trinity And The Truth: His Names
9/11/2022The Trinity And The Truth: His Attributes
9/4/2022The Trinity And The Truth: Is It Taught In The New Testament?
8/28/2022The Trinity And The Truth – An Introduction
8/21/2022The Devil Himself – Him And God
8/14/2022The Devil Himself – His Fall
8/7/2022The Devil Himself – His Identity
7/31/2022The Devil Himself – His Nature
7/24/2022The Devil Himself – Introduction
7/17/2022The Holy Spirit – Future Of The Holy Spirit
7/10/2022The Holy Spirit – Purposes Of The Holy Spirit
7/3/2022The Holy Spirit – Characteristics Of The Holy Spirit
6/25/2022The Holy Spirit – When The Holy Spirit Arrives
6/19/2022The Holy Spirit – Our Relationship
6/12/2022The Holy Spirit – Spiritual Gifts For Me (Part 2)
6/5/2022The Holy Spirit – Spiritual Gifts For Me (Part 1)
5/29/2022The Holy Spirit – Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
5/22/2022The Holy Spirit – Who & Where Is He?
5/15/2022The Holy Spirit – Names & Functions
5/8/2022The Holy Spirit – Introduction
5/1/2022Easter – From Resurrection To Ascension
4/24/2022Easter – Why is the resurrection of Jesus Christ important?
4/17/2022Easter – Where was Jesus for the three days between His death and resurrection?
4/10/2022Easter – How was Jesus’ death a real sacrifice if He knew He would be resurrected?
4/3/2022Easter – The History Of Crucifixion
3/27/2022Easter – The Last Supper
3/20/2022Easter – The Days Of Passion Week
3/13/2022Easter – What Is Passion Week?
3/6/2022Easter – Series Introduction
2/27/2022The Garden Of Eden – Myths & Truths – Is the Adam and Eve story to be understood literally?
2/20/2022The Garden Of Eden – Myths & Truths – Did Adam and Eve know what death was when God commanded them not to eat from the tree of knowledge?
2/13/2022The Garden Of Eden – Myths & Truths – Why did God have the cherubim guard just the east side of Eden
2/6/2022The Garden Of Eden – Myths & Truths – Did God literally and visibly walk in the garden and how long were they there?
1/30/2022The Garden Of Eden – Myths & Truths – What Was The Garden Of Eden Like And Where Was It?
1/23/2022The Garden Of Eden – Myths & Truths – What Was The Garden Of Eden Like And Where Was It?
1/16/2022The Garden Of Eden – Myths & Truths – What Was The Garden Of Eden Like And Where Was It?
1/9/2021The Garden Of Eden – Myths & Truths – Introduction
1/2/2021Happy New Year!!! – Communion Sunday
12/26/2021Christmas Questions & Answers – What Is The True Meaning Of Christmas?
12/19/2021Christmas Questions & Answers – What Was The Star Of Bethelehem?
12/12/2021Christmas Questions & Answers – The Annunciation
12/5/2021Christmas Questions & Answers – Introduction
11/28/2021Beyond The Great White Throne – More Things You Should Know About The New Heavens And The New Earth
11/21/2021Beyond The Great White Throne – Things You Should Know About The New Heavens And The New Earth
11/14/2021Beyond The Great White Throne – Where Will The New Heaven Be and What Will It Be like?
11/7/2021Beyond The Great White Throne – What are the New Heavens and the New Earth
10/31/2021Beyond The Great White Throne – End Time Promises To Give You Hope Not Fear
10/24/2021Beyond The Great White Throne – Overcoming Fear Of The End Of Days
10/17/2021Beyond The Great White Throne – People, Places, And Things
10/10/2021Beyond The Great White Throne – Timeline Of Events For The End Times
10/3/2021Beyond The Great White Throne – The End Of The World Is Coming
9/26/2021Beyond The Great White Throne – Introduction
9/19/2021Back To Church Sunday – Church Is For All Kinds Of People
9/12/2021Back To Church Sunday – Why 2021 Is Our Opportunity For Outreach
9/5/2021Back To Church Sunday – Pray For The Church
8/29/2021Back To Church Sunday – Introduction
8/22/2021Prayer – Beautiful Prayers For The World We Live In
8/15/2021Prayer – 10 Desires God Always Says ‘Yes’ To
8/8/2021Prayer – Who Should We Pray To?
8/1/2021Prayer – Introduction To Series On Prayer And How To Pray
7/25/2021Forgiveness – Forgiven Once And For All
7/18/2021Forgiveness – What It Really Means To Forgive
7/11/2021Forgiveness – Complete Forgiveness
7/4/2021Forgiveness – David: Forgiveness for the Things God Hates
6/27/2021Forgiveness – David: Failure and Forgiveness
6/20/2021Forgiveness – Revenge, Repression, or Forgiveness
6/13/2021Forgiveness – Will God Forgive Anything?
6/6/2021Forgiveness – Introduction
5/30/2021Signs Of The End Times – Part 16 – Closing Summation
5/23/2021Signs Of The End Times – Part 15
5/16/2021Signs Of The End Times – Part 14
5/9/2021Signs Of The End Times – Part 13
5/2/2021Signs Of The End Times – Part 12
4/25/2021Signs Of The End Times – Part 11
4/18/2021Signs Of The End Times – Part 10
4/11/2021Signs Of The End Times – Part 9
4/4/2021Easter: The Reason For The Blood Of Jesus
3/28/2021Signs Of The End Times – Part 8
3/21/2021Signs Of The End Times – Part 7
3/14/2021Signs Of The End Times – Part 6
3/7/2021Why Does God Allow Trials & Suffering?
2/28/2021Signs Of The End Times – Part 5
2/21/2021Signs Of The End Times – Part 4
2/14/2021Signs Of The End Times – Part 3
2/7/2021Signs Of The End Times – Part 2
1/31/2021Signs Of The End Times – Part 1
1/24/2021The Second Coming Of Christ
1/17/2021Introduction To Heaven – Part 3
1/10/2021Introduction To Heaven – Part 2
1/3/2021Introduction To Heaven – Part 1
12/27/2020Myths About The Wise Men
12/20/2020Why Celebrate Christmas?
12/13/2020How To Find Inner Peace
12/6/2020How To Find Peace With God
11/29/2020Introduction To Series On Finding Peace With God
11/22/2020Quiet Time And Why We Need it
11/15/2020When Fellowship Actually Begins
11/8/2020The Myths, The Truths, The Method
11/1/2020Introduction To Series On Biblical Meditation
10/25/2020Quiet Time With God And Why We Need It
10/18/2020When Fellowship With God Actually Begins
10/11/2020The Myths, The Truths, The Method of Fellowshipping With God
10/4/2020Introduction To Series on Fellowshipping With God
9/27/2020Why Are Christians Hated?
9/20/2020Why Does God Allow Evil & War?
9/13/2020Why Does God Allow Trials & Suffering?
9/6/2020Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?
8/30/2020Why Is God So Hard To Understand?
8/23/2020Why Aren’t My Prayers Answered?
8/16/2020Why Did God Create Us & Why Am I Still Here?
8/9/2020Why Did God Create Satan?
8/2/2020Introduction To Series That Answers Why?
7/26/2020Can coronavirus change your life for the better?
7/19/2020Why Does God Allow Us To Go Through Trials And Tribulations?
7/12/2020Why Would God Allow Covid-19?
7/5/2020Introduction To Series On Pestilence
6/28/2020Heaven – What You Can Expect
6/14/2020How The Lord Prepares You For The Best Sunset Of Your Life
6/7/2020Introduction To Series When The Sun Goes Down
5/31/2020What Is The Final Judgement And The New Heaven & New Earth
5/24/2020What Is The Second Coming Of Jesus & The Millennial Kingdom
5/17/2020What Is The Tribulation & Great Tribulation?
5/10/2020What Are The Rapture & Resurrections
5/3/2020The End Of The World Is Coming
4/26/2020Introduction To Series from Here To Eternity

As I worked to create FaithByTheWord’s website and facebook pages, it occurred to me that with all of the resources available to anyone who accesses them, that it would be a great idea if anyone that so desired, could lead their own Worship Services.

Please know that this is not to replace your own home church’s services but a supplement to weekly worship that you can provide for those not as fortunate to have a home church or for those who do but are now restricted from gathering due to the coronavirus restrictions on groups gathering larger than 10.

I know so many shut-ins in my ministry as a family care pastor (374 in nursing homes alone) that are unable to get to church at all any more. So why not take the worship service to them in the nursing home, hospital, hospice home, or wherever they are. We are the church, not the building.

Therefore, every week, starting with Sunday, April 26, 2020, there will be a new Worship Service Plan posted, complete with Prayers, Praise Music, Inspiring Scripture, Sunday School Lesson, and Sermon.

There will come a day when your loved one is in Heaven and you will treasure these small, intimate, worship services you conducted with them.

These services will remain on the website permanently so if you miss a week and want to go back and catch up it won’t be a problem at all.

These services and many other resources to assist you in both public and private worship can be found on the FaithByTheWord Menubar under “Worship”.

Please let us know how this works for you and if you have any suggestions for improvement and please share the link to this service with as many as you can. We never know who might come to know The Lord for such a time as this.

Published by Dave Winstead

I am the Chairman Of FaithByTheWord Ministries in Burlington, NC.

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