Discussion & Answers To today’s Issues & Concerns.

For the Lord giveth wisdom:
out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.
Proverbs 2:6
10/23/2020Did God Really Create Everything In Just 6 24 Hour Days
As We Know Them Today?
10/22/2020What Happened At The Tower Of Babel?
What Was That Really All About?
10/21/2020Two Reasons Why Religion and Politics Cannot Be Separated
10/20/2020Why Can’t All Christians Agree On One Bible?
10/19/2020Why Does The Creation vs. Evolution Debate Even Exist?
10/18/2020What Does The Bible Say About Cavemen,
Prehistoric Men, Neanderthals?
10/17/2020Can A Christian Lose Salvation?
10/16/2020What Does It Mean That The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God?
Why Does That Matter?
10/15/2020What Does It Mean That God Is The Creator?
10/14/2020Did God Violate The First Law Of Science?
What Does Creation Ex Nihilo Mean?
10/13/2020What Is A True Friend? Are You One? Do You Have One?
10/12/2020What Does The Bible Say About Dinosaurs?
Did Dinosaurs Ever Exist? Where Did They Go?
10/11/2020Does God Hear My Prayers?
10/10/2020What Do The laws of Thermodynamics Have To Do
With God And His Creation?
10/9/2020The Resurrection: Myth Or History?
10/8/2020What Does The Bible Say About Overcoming Grief?
10/7/2020Were There Dinosaurs On Noah’s Ark?
10/6/2020Were Fish And Sea Creatures Also Destroyed
During The Flood (Genesis 6–8)?
10/5/2020Was The Forbidden Fruit Really An Apple?
10/4/2020Was Noah’s Flood Really A Global Flood Or Just Local?
10/3/2020Why Should I Observe The Sabbath?
10/2/2020Was Adam And Eve’s Sin Really About Eating A Piece Of Forbidden Fruit?
10/1/2020The Missing Link—Has It Been Found?
Is There Much Chance It Will Ever Be Found?
9/30/2020Adam & Eve: Fact or Fiction?
9/29/2020Will The Holy Spirit Ever Leave A Believer?
Can I Lose My Salvation?
9/28/2020Is There Any Evidence For The Bible’s View Of A Young Earth?
9/27/2020Is The Universe Expanding?
9/26/2020Is The Universe Eternal?
9/25/2020Were The Continents Of The Earth
All Connected Before The Great Flood?
9/24/2020Just Who Is God And What Is He Like?
9/23/2020What Is Lucifer’s Flood And Is It Biblical?
9/22/2020Is The Story Of Adam And Eve To Be Taken Literally?
9/21/2020Is Jesus The Creator?
9/20/2020Is Göbekli Tepe where the Garden of Eden was located?
9/19/2020Is Creationism Scientific?
9/18/2020Is There A Difference Between The Book Of Life
And The Lamb’s Book Of Life?
9/17/2020How Do I Know When To Take The Bible Literally?
9/16/2020Why Does The Bible Refer To Believers As Peculiar People?
9/15/2020If Adam And Eve Hadn’t Sinned, Introducing Death Into Creation,
Wouldn’t The World Have Gotten Overpopulated?
9/14/2020How Was The Woman A Helper Suitable For The Man (Genesis 2:18)?
9/13/2020How Was The Flood In The Time Of Noah Just?
9/12/2020How Does The Fact That Human Beings Possess
Some Neanderthal DNA Impact Creationism?
9/11/2020What Does The Bible Say About Creation vs. Evolution?
9/10/2020How Does Radiometric Dating Fit With The View Of A Young Earth?
9/9/2020Is There Any Conclusive Proof Of God?
9/8/20205 Ways Jesus Proved He’s the Messiah
9/7/2020How Can I Know If I Am Hearing God,
Hearing Satan, Or Hearing My Own Thoughts?
9/6/2020How Do Beliefs About Creation Impact The Rest Of Theology?
9/5/2020How Did The Fall Of Adam & Eve Affect Humanity?
9/4/2020How Did Noah Fit All The Animals On The Ark?
9/3/2020How Could There Be Light On The First Day Of Creation
If The Sun Was Not Created Until The Fourth Day?
9/2/2020Why Is It Important To Spend Time Alone With God?
9/1/2020How Can God Be Good If He Drowned Babies In Noah’s Flood?
8/31/2020Had It Ever Rained Before The Flood In Noah’s Day?
8/30/2020Standing Tall in High Places…No Guts No Glory…
8/29/2020Does The Bible Teach That The Earth Is Flat?
8/28/2020Does the Bible Teach Geocentrism?
That The Earth Is The Center Of The Universe?
8/27/2020How Can I Become A Christian?
8/26/2020How Do I Know I Am Saved?
8/25/2020Does Genesis Chapter 1 Mean Literal 24-hour Days?
8/24/2020What Does It Mean To Be A Woman Of God?
8/23/2020What Does It Mean To Be A Man Of God?
8/22/2020If I Am Already A Believer, Why Do I Need A Church?
8/21/2020Did God Use The “Big Bang” To Create The Universe?
8/20/2020Did God Literally And Visibly Walk In The Garden (Genesis 3:8)?
8/19/2020Does Prayer Change God’s Mind?
8/18/2020Can The Flood Mentioned In Genesis Be Proven?
8/17/2020What Is The Difference Between Praise And Worship?
8/16/2020How Many Ways Are Thought To Exist About On
How To Get To Heaven?
8/15/2020Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?
8/14/2020Why Should I Not Leave Christianity?
8/13/2020Why Should I Believe In God?
8/12/2020Why Should I Believe In Christ’s Resurrection?
8/11/20204 Ways To Learn From Failure
8/10/2020Why Does Unbelief Appear To Be Increasing In The World Today?
8/9/2020Do All Religions Lead To God?
8/8/2020Why Are There So Many Fake Christians?
8/7/2020Why Are Christians So Mean?
8/6/2020Jesus: Four Reasons To Believe
8/5/2020Love One Another
8/4/2020The Case For A Master Creator And The Argument For
The Existence Of God
8/2/2020Bless The Lord…Oh, My Soul!!!
8/1/2020My Christian friends are constantly telling me I need to depend on God.
This offends me, because I think we have the ability to run our own lives.
It’s insulting to imply that we’re stupid and weak, so we need to depend
on God instead of ourselves.
7/31/2020What Does God’s Sovereignty Mean To Me?
7/28/2020What Is The Importance Of The Empty Tomb?
7/27/2020Things Will Get Better
7/26/2020Pray Over Your Children
7/25/2020How to Appreciate an Imperfect Spouse.
7/24/2020Give the Gift Of Undeserved Kindness.
7/23/2020What is The Blasphemy Challenge?
7/21/2020Depressed? You are not alone.
7/20/20203 Things to do when your mate needs to change.
7/19/2020Is God’s promise to never leave us nor forsake us really true?
7/18/2020If God wants us to love everyone,
what am I to do about people and family
I can’t even stand to be around?
7/17/2020Oh, For the days of Walter Cronkite & Billy Graham once more…
7/16/2020What Drives Your Life?
7/13/2020Who Will You Blame Then?
7/11/2020When Is A Fool Not A Fool?
7/8/2020Did God Tell Us To Stay Out Of Politics?
7/7/2020Guidelines For Running The Race Of Life
7/4/2020Blessed Is The Nation Whose God Is The Lord
7/3/2020How Do I Know Which Promises God Made In The Bible
Apply To Me And Not Exclusively To Someone Else?
7/2/2020Is God’s Grace Sufficient For You?
7/1/2020Is There Misogyny In The Bible? What Is A Misogynist?
6/30/2020When A Thorn In The Flesh Is A Blessing In Disguise
6/29/2020Guidelines To Win At Parenting
6/26/2020The Only Path To Real Healing
6/22/2020Are You A Barnabas?
6/21/2020Is Jesus A Myth?
6/20/2020Slow Down!
6/17/2020Is God a Moral Monster?
6/15/2020Is faith in God a Crutch?
6/14/2020Staying Young
6/13/2020Is Creationism Scientific?
6/12/2020Can The Bible Actually Change A Person?
6/11/2020Who Is the Antichrist and What Will His Rise Look Like?
6/10/2020How should a Christian view misandry?
6/9/2020Where Is Your Road To Damascus?
6/8/2020Is it possible for a person to get the mark of the beast today?
6/7/2020How should a Christian view vaccinations/vaccines?
6/6/2020How can we prevent our young people from losing faith?
6/5/2020What does the Bible say about racism?
6/4/2020What does the Bible say about rioting?

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I am the Family Care Pastor at Harvest Baptist Church in Burlington, NC.

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