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5/24/2022What Does The Bible Say About Ordination?
5/23/2022What Does The Bible Say About The Role Of Associate/Assistant Pastor?
5/22/2022Does The Bible Teach The Office Of Pastor?
5/21/2022Is A Backsliding Christian Still Saved?
5/20/2022Is There Such A Thing As An Ex-Christian?
5/19/2022What Does It Mean To Glorify God?
5/18/2022How Can I Keep The Faith?
5/17/2022What Is The Meaning Of Living For Jesus?
5/16/2022What Does It Mean That Christ Is In Us?
5/15/2022What Does It Mean To Be In Christ?
5/14/2022How Should We Live Our Lives In Light Of Our Identity In Christ?
5/13/2022I Am A New Christian. What Is The Next Step?
5/12/2022In What Ways Is Becoming A Christian Becoming An Entirely New Man/Woman?
5/11/2022What Does The Bible Mean When It Says That We Will Receive A New Heart?
5/10/2022What Does It Mean That A Christian Is A New Creation?
5/9/2022What Is A True Christian?
5/8/2022What Is The Christian Life Supposed To Be Like?
5/7/2022What Is The History Of Christianity?
5/6/2022What Is The Origin Of Christianity?
5/5/2022Why Is The Real Presence Of Christ In The Lord’s Supper Such A Controversial Issue?
5/4/2022What Is The Spiritual Presence View Of The Lord’s Supper?
5/3/2022Should Wine Or Grape Juice Be Used For Communion?
5/2/2022Should Communion Be Open Or Closed?
5/1/2022Why Is There So Much Disagreement About Holy Communion?
4/30/2022Who Is Authorized To Oversee The Lord’s Supper?
4/29/2022Is Baptism Required Before A Person Can Receive Communion?
4/28/2022How Often Should The Lord’s Supper / Communion Be Observed?
4/27/2022What Is The Importance Of The Lord’s Supper / Christian Communion?
4/26/2022Who Is Permitted To Baptize / Perform Baptisms?
4/25/2022When Should Children Be Baptized And/Or Allowed To Take The Lord’s Supper?
4/24/2022What Is The Symbolism Of Water Baptism?
4/23/2022What Is The Proper Mode Of Baptism?
4/22/2022What Is The Origin Of Baptism?
4/21/2022Is Baptism Necessary For Salvation?
4/20/2022What Is The Importance Of Christian Baptism?
4/19/2022What Is An Easter Vigil?
4/18/2022What Is Holy Monday?
4/17/2022What Is Easter Sunday?
4/16/2022What Is Holy Saturday?
4/15/2022What Is The Recapitulation Theory Of The Atonement?
4/14/2022Can The Various Resurrection Accounts From The Four Gospels Be Harmonized?
4/13/2022Why Should I Believe In Christ’s Resurrection?
4/12/2022How Do We Know The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ Is True?
4/11/2022Why Is The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Important?
4/10/2022What Is The Importance Of The Empty Tomb?
4/9/2022What Is Easter Sunday?
4/8/2022What Was The Significance Of The Temple Veil Being Torn In Two When Jesus Died?
4/7/2022Why Did Blood And Water Come Out Of Jesus’ Side When He Was Pierced?
4/6/2022What Did Jesus Mean When He Said, “It is finished”?
4/5/2022Why Did Jesus Say “Father, forgive them” On The Cross?
4/4/2022Why Did Jesus Say, “I thirst,” From The Cross?
4/3/2022Why Did Jesus Say, “Into your hands I commit my spirit,” On The Cross?
4/2/2022What Is The Difference Between Sheol, Hades, Hell, The Lake Of Fire, Paradise, And Abraham’s Bosom?
4/1/2022Did Jesus Go To Hell Between His Death And Resurrection?
3/31/2022What Was The Significance Of Jesus Being Dead For Three Days?
3/30/2022Where Was Jesus For The Three Days Between His Death And Resurrection?
3/29/2022What Is Holy Saturday?
3/28/2022How Was Jesus’ Death A Real Sacrifice If He Knew He Would Be Resurrected?
3/27/2022What Were The Seven Last Words Of Jesus Christ On The Cross And What Do They Mean?
3/26/2022What Is The History Of Crucifixion?
3/25/2022What Does INRI Stand For?
3/24/2022Was Jesus Crucified On A Cross, Pole, Or Stake?
3/23/2022What Is The Via Dolorosa?
3/22/2022On What Day Was Jesus Crucified?
3/21/2022What Is Tenebrae?
3/20/2022What Is Holy Friday / Good Friday?
3/19/2022What Is Holy Thursday / Maundy Thursday?
3/18/2022What Is The Meaning Of Lent?
3/17/2022What is Ash Wednesday?
3/16/2022What is Holy Wednesday / Spy Wednesday?
3/15/2022What Is Shrove Tuesday?
3/14/2022What Is Holy Tuesday?
3/13/2022What Is Holy Monday?
3/12/2022What Is Palm Sunday?
3/11/2022What Is Passion Week / Holy Week?
3/10/2022What Is The Significance Of The Triumphal Entry?
3/9/2022What Are Holy Days?
3/8/2022How Is The Date For Easter Determined?
3/7/2022Should Christians Celebrate Easter?
3/6/2022Why Do We Celebrate Easter?
3/5/2022What Is The Meaning Of Easter?
3/4/2022What Are The Origins Of Easter?
3/3/2022Is Easter A Pagan Holiday?
3/2/2022What Does The Bible Say About Ingratitude/Unthankfulness?
3/1/2022What Does The Bible Say About Being Nosey?
2/28/2022What Does The Bible Say About Being Self-centered?
2/27/2022What Does The Bible Say About Egotism / Egoism?
2/26/2022What Does The Bible Say About Ego?
2/25/2022What Does The Bible Say About Pride?
2/24/2022What Does The Bible Say About Assertiveness?
2/23/2022What Does The Bible Say About Arrogance?
2/22/2022What Does It Mean To Have A Holier-Than-Thou Attitude?
2/21/2022What Is The Definition Of Piety?
2/20/2022What Does The Bible Say About Conceit / Being Conceited?
2/19/2022What Does It Mean To Be Still And Know That I Am God?
2/18/2022How Are The Steps Of A Man Ordered By The Lord?
2/17/2022What Does It Mean That God Is Our Refuge And Strength And An Ever-Present Help In Trouble?
2/16/2022What Does It Mean To Wait On The Lord?
2/15/2022What Does The Bible Say About Attitude?
2/14/2022What Does The Bible Say About Persistence?
2/13/2022What Does The Bible Say About Fortitude?
2/12/2022What Does The Bible Say About Resilience?
2/11/2022What Does The Bible Say About Perseverance?
2/10/2022What Does The Bible Mean By Longsuffering?
2/9/2022What Does The Bible Say About Patience?
2/8/2022What Does It Mean To Be Empathic?
2/7/2022What Does The Bible Say About Laziness?
2/6/2022What Does The Bible Say About Shyness/Being Shy?
2/5/2022What Does The Bible Say About Jealousy?
2/4/2022What Does The Bible Say About Insecurity?
2/3/2022What Does The Bible Say About Being Stiff-necked?
2/2/2022What Does The Bible Say About Being Stubborn / Stubbornness?
2/1/2022What Does The Bible Say About Paranoia / Being Paranoid?
1/31/2022What Does The Bible Say About Panic Attacks?
1/30/2022What Does The Bible Say About Cowardice Or Being A Coward?
1/29/2022Is It True That Fear Is A Liar?
1/28/2022What Does The Bible Say About Fear?
1/27/2022What Is Forgiveness?
1/26/2022What Does The Bible Say About Forgiving Yourself?
1/25/2022Does The Bible Instruct Us To Forgive And Forget?
1/24/2022What Does The Bible Say About Forgiveness?
1/23/2022What Does The Bible Say About Sadness?
1/22/2022What Does The Bible Say About Worry?
1/21/2022What Does The Bible Say About Doubt?
1/20/2022What Does The Bible Say About Despair?
1/19/2022What Does The Bible Say About Dealing With Regrets?
1/18/2022What Is The Key To Overcoming Discouragement?
1/17/2022What Is Guile In The Bible?
1/16/2022What Does The Bible Say About Self-hatred?
1/15/2022What Does The Bible Say About Venting?
1/14/2022What Does The Bible Say About Temperance?
1/13/2022What Does The Bible Say About Controlling Your Temper?
1/12/2022What Does The Bible Say About Anger?
1/11/2022What Are Some Examples Of Unfailing Love In The Bible?
1/10/2022What Is Eros Love?
1/9/2022What Is Storge Love?
1/8/2022What Is Phileo Love?
1/7/2022What Is Agape Love?
1/6/2022What Is Love?
1/5/2022What Does The Bible Say About Love?
1/4/2022What Are The Different Types Of Love Mentioned In The Bible?
1/3/2022What Is The Peace That Passes All Understanding?
1/2/2022What Does It Mean That Jesus Is The Prince Of Peace (Isaiah 9:6)?
1/1/2022What Does The Bible Say About Finding Peace Of Mind?
12/31/2021What Is The Peace Of God, And How Can I Experience It?
12/30/2021What Does The Bible Say About Peace?
12/29/2021Should A Christian Promote World Peace?
12/28/2021What Does The Bible Say About Inner Peace?
12/27/2021What does it mean to have peace with God?
12/26/2021Did Jesus Come To Bring Peace On Earth?
12/25/2021What Is The True Meaning Of Christmas?
12/24/2021Do The Narratives Of Jesus’ Birth Contradict Each Other?
12/23/2021Does Luke’s Claim That Jesus Was Born In Bethlehem At The Time Of Quirinius’ Census Match The Historical Record?
12/22/2021Is The Little Drummer Boy In The Bible?
12/21/2021Do Some Christmas Traditions Have Pagan Origins?
12/20/2021Should We Have A Christmas Tree?
12/19/2021Should We Give Gifts At Christmas?
12/18/2021What Are Holy Days?
12/17/2021Should A Christian Celebrate Hanukkah?
12/16/2021What Is Yule, And What Does It Have To Do With Christmas?
12/15/2021What Is The Meaning Of Noel?
12/14/2021What Is The Massacre Of The Innocents?
12/13/2021Was Jesus Actually Born In September?
12/12/2021Why Is The Virgin Birth So Important?
12/11/2021What Is The Annunciation?
12/10/2021What is Advent?
12/9/2021What Is A Christmas Nativity?
12/8/2021Why Was Jesus Born In A Manger?
12/7/2021What Does It Mean That Baby Jesus Was Wrapped In Swaddling Clothes?
12/6/2021Where Was Jesus Born?
12/5/2021What Year Was Jesus Christ Born?
12/4/2021Why Did The Magi Bring Gold, Frankincense, And Myrrh To Jesus?
12/3/2021What Does The Bible Say About The Three Wise Men (Magi)?
12/2/2021What Was The Star Of Bethlehem?
12/1/2021Was Jesus Born On December 25? Is December 25 Jesus’ Birthday?
11/30/2021Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?
11/29/2021What Is The True Meaning Of Christmas?
11/28/2021What Is The Origin Of Christmas?
11/27/2021Is Christmas A Pagan Holiday?
11/26/2021Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?
11/25/2021What Does The Bible Say About How You Should Treat Others?
11/24/2021How Should A Christian Respond To Jury Duty?
11/23/2021Should A Christian Go Into Business With An Unbeliever?
11/22/2021Should A Christian Be A Prepper Or In Any Way Be Involved With Doomsday Prepping?
11/21/2021Should A Christian Declare Bankruptcy?
11/20/2021Is It Wrong For A Christian To Be A Fan Of Superhero Fiction?
11/19/2021Should A Christian Co-sign On A Loan?
11/18/2021How Should A Christian Respond To Bullying?
11/17/2021Should A Christian Be A Republican Or A Democrat?
11/16/2021Should A Christian Own Weapons?
11/15/2021Is It Okay To Get Tattoos If They Are Of A Christian Nature?
11/14/2021How Can I Quit Smoking?
11/13/2021How Should A Christian Respond To Contracting A Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)?
11/12/2021How Can I Trust God When I Am Facing Unemployment, Foreclosure, Or Bankruptcy?
11/11/2021How Should A Christian Respond To Beggars?
11/10/2021Should A Christian Invest Money In The Stock Market?
11/9/2021If You Have A Lot Of Debt, Can You Temporarily Stop Tithing While Paying Off The Debt?
11/8/2021Why Should I Not Commit Suicide?
11/7/2021Is Burial The Only Option A Christian Can Consider?
11/6/2021Should A Christian Consider Alternative Medicine?
11/5/2021How Should A Christian View Prescription Drugs?
11/4/2021How Should A Christian View Ayurvedic Medicine?
11/3/2021Is It Wrong To Take Pain Medication?
11/2/2021How Should A Christian View Environmentalism?
11/1/2021How Should A Christian View Wealth?
10/31/2021How Can I Know If The Desires Of My Heart Are From God?
10/30/2021Does The Bible Say To Follow Your Heart?
10/29/2021How can I know God’s will for my life?
10/28/2021I Am A Christian In Debt. What Should I Do?
10/27/2021Financial crisis – what’s a Christian to do?
10/26/2021Can A Christian Consider Using CBD Oil?
10/25/2021Does God expect Christians to vote?
10/24/2021Who Is Really playing God?
10/23/2021What is a mercy killing?
10/22/2021What does the Bible say about having a living will?
10/21/2021What Does The Bible Say About Euthanasia / Assisted Suicide?
10/20/2021What does the Bible say about a person who is in a coma?
10/19/2021Is it wrong for a Christian family to use hospice?
10/18/2021In End-of-life Decisions, When Should Quality Of Life Be A Consideration?
10/17/2021Can A Person Be Born Gay?
10/16/2021What Is Constructivism?
10/15/2021What Is Evolutionism?
10/11/2021How Should A Christian View The #metoo Movement?
10/10/2021What Is Axiology?
10/9/2021Why Are Christians Opposed To Marriage Equality?
10/8/2021How Can I Become A Christian?
10/7/2021What Are The Five Ways Of Thomas Aquinas?
10/6/2021What Is The Logos?
10/5/2021What Is A Freethinker?
10/4/2021What Is Natural Law?
10/3/2021Is The Account Of Jesus Taken From The Story Of Serapis Christus?
10/2/2021What Does The Bible Say About Conscientious Objection?
10/1/2021What Does It Mean To Be Godless?
9/30/2021What Is Deophobia? What Does It Mean To Be Deophobic?
9/29/2021How Should A Christian View The Idea Of Mars Colonization?
9/28/2021What Is Christianaphobia?
9/27/2021What Is The Peace That Passes All Understanding?
9/26/2021What Is Platonism?
9/25/2021What Is Totalitarianism?
9/24/2021What Is Truth?
9/23/2021How Should Christians View Disney?
9/22/2021Why Are Christians Homophobic?
9/21/2021What Is Moralism?
9/20/2021What Is A Third Way Church?
9/19/2021What is Christian Socialism?
9/18/2021What is Christian Hedonism?
9/17/2021What is Christian Humanism?
9/16/2021What is Christian Atheism?
9/15/2021What Is Divine Theory Command?
9/14/2021What Is A Leap Of Faith?
9/13/2021What Is The Biblical Solution To The Problem Of Evil?
9/12/2021What Exactly Is An Unbeliever?
9/11/2021What Evidence Is There Of A Spiritual Realm?
9/10/2021Is there misogyny in the Bible?
9/9/2021What does the Bible say about suffering?
9/8/2021What Is Absolute Reality?
9/7/2021What Is A Biblical View Of Social Action?
9/6/2021What Does The Bible Say About Social Justice?
9/5/2021What Does The Bible Say About Pacifism?
9/4/2021What Does The Bible Say About Political Correctness?
9/3/2021What Does The Bible Say About Good Versus Evil?
9/2/2021What Are The Dangers Of Postmodernism?
9/1/2021What Does It Mean For Something To Be Amoral?
8/31/2021What Are Actuality And Potentiality?
8/30/2021Should A Christian Study Philosophy?
8/29/2021How Has Greek Philosophy Influenced Christianity?
8/28/2021What Does The Bible Say About Individualism?
8/27/2021How Should A Christian View Libertarianism?
8//26/2021What Does The Bible Say About Collectivism?
8/25/2021How Should A Christian View Apartheid?
8/24/2021How Should A Christian View Fascism?
8/23/2021Is Marxism Compatible With The Christian Faith?
8/22/2021Was Hitler A Christian?
8/21/2021Does The Bible Support Communism?
8/20/2021Does Everyone Have A “God-Shaped Hole”?
8/19/2021How Should A Christian View Logic?
8/18/2021Should Christians Boycott Companies That Support Anti-Christian Policies?
8/17/2021Should A Christian Be Opposed To Globalization?
8/16/2021How Should Christians View Refugees?
8/15/2021How Should Christians React To Persecution Against The LGBTQ Community?
8/14/2021How Should A Christian View The Civil Rights Movement?
8/13/2021How Should A Christian View Planned Parenthood?
8/12/2021How Should A Christian View The Roe vs. Wade Decision?
8/11/2021Is It Possible To Be Christian And Pro-choice At The Same Time?
8/10/2021Is “eat, drink, and be merry” A Biblical Concept?
8/9/2021Do The Ends Justify The Means?
8/8/2021Why Are People Irrational?
8/7/2021Is Truth Relative?
8/6/2021Why Is Skepticism Of Religion So Prevalent Today?
8/5/2021Is Religion Opium For The Masses?
8/4/2021Why Is Life Not Fair?
8/3/2021Is God Evil?
8/2/2021Why Are Christians Always Arguing?
8/1/2021Why Are Christians So Judgmental?
7/31/2021Why Do Christians Try To Impose Their Values On Others?
7/30/2021Why Are So Many Young People Falling Away From The Faith?
7/29/2021Is Everyone Born An Atheist?
7/28/2021Is Atheism A Religion?
7/27/2021Individualism vs. Collectivism—What Does The Bible Say?
7/26/2021Why Is It Important To Have Personal Convictions?
7/25/2021Does The Bible Teach Situational Ethics?
7/24/2021Why Should The Bible Be Our Source For Morality?
7/23/2021What Is Progressive Christianity, And Is It Biblical?
7/22/2021How Should Christians View Religious Liberty?
7/21/2021Should A Christian Promote World Peace?
7/20/2021Is There Such A Thing As A Necessary Evil?
7/19/2021Is Freedom Of Speech A Biblical Concept?
7/18/2021Is Freedom Of Religion A Biblical Concept?
7/17/2021What Does The Bible Say About Capitalism?
7/16/2021How Should A Christian View Socialism?
7/15/2021Is Democracy A Christian Form Of Government?
7/14/2021How Should A Christian View Politics?
7/13/2021Is There Such A Thing As An Ex-Christian?
7/12/2021How Should A Christian View Realism?
7/11/2021How Should A Christian View Rationalism vs. Empiricism?
7/10/2021How Should A Christian View Modernism?
7/9/2021How Should A Christian View The Intellect?
7/8/2021What Is Pragmatism?
7/7/2021What Is Experientialism?
7/6/2021What Is Existentialism?
7/5/2021What Is Fatalism? What Is Determinism?
7/4/2021What Is Agnosticism?
7/3/2021What Is Atheism?
7/2/2021What Is Apostasy And How Can I Recognize It?
7/1/2021Why Do So Many Christians Not Have A Consistently Biblical Worldview?
6/30/2021Is It True That Everything Happens For A Reason?
6/29/2021What Is The Definition Of Evil?
6/28/2021Why Did God Create Us?
6/27/2021Is There Such A Thing As Absolute Truth / Universal Truth?
6/26/2021Is God Logical?
6/25/2021How Can I Learn To Distinguish Right From Wrong?
6/24/2021How Can I Overcome A Crisis Of Faith?
6/23/2021I Am An Atheist. Why Should I Consider Becoming A Christian?
6/22/2021What Is A Christian Worldview?
6/21/2021Can Man Live Without God?
6/20/2021What Does It Mean That Heaven And Earth Will Pass Away?
6/19/2021What Happens At The Final Judgment?
6/18/2021What Does The Bible Mean When It Refers To The End Of The Age?
6/17/2021Does The Old Testament Truly Predict A Second Advent Of The Messiah?
6/16/2021Why Is God Going To Release Satan After The 1,000 Years?
6/15/2021Who Will Occupy The Millennial Kingdom?
6/14/2021What Is The Millennial Kingdom, And Should It Be Understood Literally?
6/13/2021What Is The Battle Of Armageddon?
6/12/2021Will All Israel Be Saved In The End Times?
6/11/2021Will The Holy Spirit Be Present During The Tribulation?
6/10/2021Who Are The Twenty-four (24) Elders In Revelation?
6/9/2021Who Are The 144,000?
6/8/2021Who Are The Two Witnesses In The Book Of Revelation?
6/7/2021What Are The Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets, And Seven Bowls In The Book Of Revelation?
6/6/2021Is It Possible For A Person To Get The Mark Of The Beast Today?
6/5/2021Is It Possible For A Person To Be Saved/Forgiven After Taking The Mark Of The Beast?
6/4/2021What Is The Mark Of The Beast?
6/3/2021Who Is The Antichrist?
6/2/2021What Is The Spirit Of The Antichrist?
6/1/2021What Is The Antichrist?
5/31/2021What Is The Purpose Of The Thousand-Year Reign Of Christ?
5/30/2021What Is The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ?
5/29/2021What Is The Tribulation?
5/28/2021What Is The Rapture Of The Church?
5/27/2021Are The “Angels” Of The Churches In Revelation 1–3 Real Angels, Or Are They Human Messengers?
5/26/2021Is The United States Of America In Bible Prophecy?
5/25/2021Does China Have A Role In The End Times?
5/24/2021Does The Bible Say Anything About Russia In Relation To The End Times?
5/23/2021Does The Bible Say The United Nations Will Have A Role In The End Times?
5/22/2021Does The Bible Prophesy A One-World Government And A One-World Currency In The End Times?
5/21/2021Does Bible Prophecy Predict That There Will Be A World War 3 Before The End Times?
5/20/2021Does The Bible Say That An Increase In Technology Is A Sign Of The End Times?
5/19/2021How Should A Christian React To All The Doomsday Predictions Out There?
5/18/2021Surviving The End Times – What Do I Need To Know?
5/17/2021What Is The End Times Timeline?
5/16/2021What Signs Indicate That The End Times Are Approaching?
5/15/2021How Can I Overcome My Fear Of The End Of Days?
5/14/2021How Are We To Live Our Lives In Light Of Christ’s Return?
5/13/2021How Can I Be Sure I Won’t Be Left Behind In The Rapture?
5/12/2021How Can I Be Ready To Be Caught Up In The Rapture?
5/11/2021Can The Return Of Christ Truly Be Said To Be Imminent?
5/10/2021Is Jesus Coming Soon?
5/9/2021Is It Possible To Know When Jesus Is Coming Back?
5/8/2021How Can We Trust That Biblical Prophecy Can Indeed Predict The Future?
5/7/2021Have Any Aspects Of End Times Prophecy Been Fulfilled?
5/6/2021How Can I Understand The Book Of Revelation?
5/5/2021Are We Living In The End Times?
5/4/2021What Does The Bible Mean When It Calls God The “LORD Of Hosts”?
5/3/2021What Are The Heavenly Hosts?
5/2/2021Is Jesus Michael The Archangel?
5/1/2021Do Angels Have Free Will?
4/30/2021Do Angels Appear To People Today?
4/29/2021Do Christians Have The Authority To Command Angels?
4/28/2021Who Is The Destroying Angel?
4/27/2021Is There An Angel Of Death?
4/26/2021If Angels And Demons Can’t Die, What Is The Point Of Their Engaging In Battle?
4/25/2021Can Angels Die? Can Angels Be Hurt?
4/24/2021Is It Possible That More Of The Angels Could Sin?
4/23/2021Did One Third Of The Angels Fall With Lucifer?
4/22/2021Why Did God Allow Satan And The Demons To Sin?
4/21/2021Are The Holy Angels Perfect, Or Do They Sometimes Fail God?
4/20/2021What Does The Bible Say About The Angel Gabriel?
4/19/2021What Are Seraphim? Are Seraphs Angels?
4/18/2021What Are Cherubim? Are Cherubs Angels?
4/17/2021Who Is Michael The Archangel?
4/16/2021What Are Archangels?
4/15/2021Do We Have Guardian Angels?
4/14/2021Do We Become Angels After We Die?
4/13/2021Who Is The Angel Of The Lord?
4/12/2021Are There Angels Among Us?
4/11/2021What Is The Purpose Of Angels?
4/10/2021Are Angels Male Or Female?
4/9/2021What Do Angels Look Like?
4/8/2021How Many Angels Are There?
4/7/2021When Did God Create The Angels?
4/6/2021What Does The Bible Say About Angels?
4/5/2021Do Angels Exist?
4/4/2021What Happened At Christ’s Crucifixion
4/3/2021What Is Holy Saturday?
4/2/2021What Is Pascha?
4/1/2021Why Should I Believe In Christ’s Resurrection?
3/31/2021Why Is The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ Important?
3/30/2021Where Was Jesus For The Three Days Between His Death And Resurrection?
3/29/2021Did Jesus Go To Hell Between His Death And Resurrection?
3/28/2021Is The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ True?
3/27/2021What Is The Importance Of The Empty Tomb?
3/26/2021Can The Various Resurrection Accounts From The Four Gospels Be Harmonized?
3/25/2021What Were The Seven Last Words Of Jesus Christ On The Cross And What Do They Mean?
3/24/2021Was Jesus Crucified On A Friday? If So, How Did He Spend Three Days In The Tomb If He Was Resurrected On Sunday?
3/23/2021What Is Easter Monday?
3/22/2021What Is Easter Sunday?
3/21/2021What Is Holy Saturday?
3/20/2021What Is The Via Dolorosa?
3/19/2021What Is Tenebrae? What Is A Tenebrae Service?
3/18/2021What Is Good Friday / Holy Friday?
3/17/2021What Is Holy Tuesday?
3/16/2021What Is Holy Monday?
3/15/2021What Is Palm Sunday?
3/14/2021What Is Maundy Thursday / Holy Thursday?
3/13/2021What Is Ash Wednesday?
3/12/2021What Is Passion Week / Holy Week?
3/11/2021What Is The Significance Of The Triumphal/Triumphant Entry?
3/10/2021What Are Holy Days?
3/9/2021Should Christians Celebrate Easter? What Does The Bible Say?
3/8/2021Should Christians Celebrate Passover?
3/7/2021How Is The Date For Easter Determined?
3/6/2021Why Do We Celebrate Easter?
3/5/2021What Is The Origin Of The Easter Bunny And Easter Eggs?
3/4/2021What Is The Meaning Of Lent?
3/3/2021What Are The Origins Of Easter?
3/2/2021What Is The Meaning Of Easter? What Does Easter Mean?
3/1/2021Is Easter A Pagan Holiday?
2/28/2021Is Burial The Only Option Christians Should Consider? What About Cremation?
2/27/2021What Does The Bible Say About Wrath? Isn’t Wrath A Sin? How Can God’s Wrath Be Justified?
2/26/2021Is Abortion murder?
2/25/2021The Difference In Communication Between Men And Women
2/24/2021Do Babies Go To Heaven? (And Other Questions)
2/23/2021In End-of-life Decisions, When Should Quality Of Life Be A Consideration?
2/22/2021If The Bible Teaches Gender Equality, Why Has Gender Inequality Always Been The Norm?
2/21/2021If God Knew That Adam And Eve Would Sin, Why Did He Create Them?
2/20/2021Are You Actually A Christian? Are You Really Going To Heaven When You Die?
2/19/2021How Should Christians View Cloning And Other Forms Of Genetic Engineering?
2/18/2021How Does The Fact That Human Beings Possess Some Neanderthal DNA Impact Creationism?
2/17/2021What Does It Mean That It Is Not Good For A Man To Be Alone (Genesis 2:18)?
2/16/2021When, Where, And How Are Human Souls Created?
2/15/2021Do All Things Really Work Together For Good?
2/13/2021Your Words Can Be Deadly
2/12/2021Does God Need Us?
2/11/2021Who Says Life Is Fair?
2/10/2021Do We Have Two Or Three Parts? Body, Soul, And Spirit? Dichotomy Or Trichotomy?
2/9/2021Do Human Beings Truly Have A Free Will?
2/8/2021Can Man Live Without God?
2/7/2021What Does The Bible Teach About Gender Identity?
2/6/2021Just Who Is “Got Questions”, The Source Of So Many Of These Blog Entries?
2/5/2021Does God Get Angry?
2/4/2021Are Men And Women Equal In God’s Eyes?
2/3/2021Are Black People Or Any Other People Of Color Cursed?
2/2/2021Are All People Born Good?
2/1/2021Would The Discovery Of Noah’s Ark Be Important?
1/31/2021Why Weren’t Adam And Eve Created At The Same Time (Genesis 2)?
1/30/2021Why Wasn’t Cain’s Punishment Death (Genesis 4:14)?
1/29/2021Why Was It Wrong For Adam And Eve To Know Good And Evil (Genesis 3:22)?
1/28/2021Why Is The Science Community So Opposed To Creationism?
1/27/2021Where Did I Come From? Why Am I Here? What’s It All Mean?
1/26/2021Why Is A Day Measured From Evening To Morning In Genesis 1?
1/25/2021What Is The Validity Of Marriage In Today’s World? Isn’t Marriage An Outdated Concept?
1/24/20215 Things Jesus Wants Women to Know
1/23/2021Why Didn’t Adam And Eve Immediately Die For Their Sin (Genesis 3)?
1/22/2021Why Didn’t Adam And Eve Find It Strange That A Serpent Was Talking To Them?
1/21/2021Why Did Noah Release A Raven And Then Later Release A Dove? Why Were They Different Kinds Of Birds (Genesis 8)?
1/20/2021Why Did God Use Adam’s Rib To Create Eve?
1/19/2021Why Did God Say, ‘Let there be light,’ During Creation?
1/18/2021Why Did God Rest On The Seventh Day Of Creation (Genesis 2:2)?
1/17/2021Why Did God Put The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil In The Garden Of Eden?
1/16/2021Why Did God Have The Cherubim Guard Just The East Side Of Eden (Genesis 3:24)?
1/15/2021Why Did God Create Such A Vast Universe And Other Planets If There Is Only Life On Earth?
1/14/2021Why Did God Also Destroy Animals In The Flood (Genesis 6-8)?
1/13/2021How Is The Christian Religion Different From All Other World Religions?
1/12/2021Why Did Cain Kill Abel?
1/11/2021When Is It Ok To Be A Fool According To The Bible?
1/10/2021Was Adam With Eve When She Spoke To The Serpent (Genesis 3:6)?
1/9/2021Who Was Cain’s Wife? Was She His Sister?
1/8/2021What Was The Mark That God Put On Cain (Genesis 4:15)?
1/7/2021What Is Judaism And What Do Jews Believe?
1/6/2021What Does The Bible Mean When It Refers To A Time Before The Foundation Of The World?
1/5/2021Is It Sometimes God’s Will For Believers To Be Sick?
1/4/2021What Was The Scopes Monkey Trial And Did Either Side Actually Win?
1/3/2021What Was The Purpose Of The Flood In The Time Of Noah?
Why Did God Flood The Earth?
1/2/2021The One Thing To Remember About The New Year
1/1/20213 Ways To Make The New Year Better Than The Old One
12/31/2020A Prayer For The New Year!
12/30/2020What Sort Of New Year’s Resolution Should A Christian Make?
12/29/2020There Is Hope For Every Day Of The Year!
12/28/2020Where Is God In Times Of Trouble?
12/27/2020What Was God Doing Before He Created The Universe?
12/26/2020Is There Hope For The Future?
12/25/2020What Is The True Meaning Of Christmas?
12/24/2020Should We Give Gifts At Christmas?
12/23/2020Should We Have A Christmas Tree? Does The Christmas Tree Have Its Origin In Ancient Pagan Rituals?
12/22/2020What Is The Annunciation?
12/21/2020Why Did The Magi Bring Gold, Frankincense, And Myrrh To Jesus?
12/20/2020What Is Yule, And What Does It Have To Do With Christmas?
12/19/2020What Is The Massacre Of The Innocents?
12/18/2020What Does The Bible Say About The Three Wise men (Magi)?
12/17/2020Is The Little Drummer Boy In The Bible?
12/16/2020What Is The Meaning Of Noel?
12/15/2020Why Was Jesus Born In A Manger?
12/14/2020What Was The Star Of Bethlehem?
12/13/2020What Should Parents Tell Their Children About Santa Claus?
12/12/2020What Is Advent?
12/11/2020What Are Swaddling Clothes And What Does It Mean That Baby Jesus Was Wrapped In Them?
12/10/2020Was Jesus Born On December 25? How Can We Know For Sure?
Does It Really Matter?
12/09/2020Should All Christians Celebrate Christmas? Is That Taught In The Bible?
12/08/2020What Is Hanukkah? Should a Christian Celebrate Hanukkah?
12/07/2020Is It Wrong To Give And Receive Gifts At Christmas?
12/06/2020Do The Narratives Of Jesus’ Birth Contradict Each Other?
12/05/2020Do Some Christmas Traditions Have Pagan Origins?
12/04/2020What Is The True Meaning Of Christmas?
12/03/2020What Is The Origin Of Christmas?
12/02/2020Is Christmas A Pagan Holiday?
12/01/2020Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?
11/30/2020What Is Young Earth Creationism?
11/29/2020How Can I Know If I Am One Of “The Elect”?
11/28/2020Don’t Forget To Give Thanks For This!
11/27/2020What Does The Bible Say About Ingratitude / Unthankfulness?
11/26/2020What Should Be The Focus Of Christians On Thanksgiving?
11/25/2020Let Us Give Thanks In Everything!
11/24/2020Why Is Giving Thanks To God So Important?
11/23/2020What Is The Origin Of The Different Races?
11/22/2020What Does The Bible Mean When It Says
That We Are Fearfully And Wonderfully Made?
11/21/2020What Do I Need To Do To Hear, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’ When I Arrive In Heaven?
11/20/2020What Is The Meaning Of The Tree Of Life In The Garden Of Eden?
11/19/2020What Do You Believe About Hell?
11/18/2020What Is The Location Of The Garden Of Eden?
11/17/2020Does God Really Forget Our Sins?
How Could An Omniscient God Forget Anything?
11/16/2020What Is The “God Particle”?
11/15/2020What Does The Bible Say About Hate?
11/14/2020What Is The Gap Theory?
Did Anything Happen Between Genesis 1:1 And 1:2?
11/13/2020Does God Punish Us With Tragedy?
11/12/2020When God Allows Us To Be Tested, It Is To Prove Something To Us…Not to Him…He Already Knows.
11/11/2020What Are The Seven I AM Statements In The Bible?
11/10/2020How Perfect Do We Have To Be To Go To Heaven?
11/9/2020What Is The Day-Age Theory Of The Creation?
11/8/2020What Did Jesus Mean When He Instructed Us To Turn The Other Cheek?
11/7/2020What Is The Breath Of Life? How Did God Actually Bring Adam To Life?
Wasn’t Adam Already A Living Human Being When God Made Him?
11/6/2020What Is The Bible’s Version Of The Creation Story?
11/5/2020Prepare For Persecution
11/4/2020Is Democracy A Christian Form Of Government?
11/3/2020Does God Expect Christians To Vote?
11/2/2020How Should A Christian View Politics?
11/1/2020Should A Bible-Believing Christian Vote As A Republican Or A Democrat?
Should A Christian Be A Conservative Or A Liberal/Progressive?
10/31/2020What Does It Mean That Love Covers A Multitude Of Sins?
10/30/2020What Does It Mean To “Bear Fruit” As A Christian?
10/29/2020Old Earth vs. Young Earth Creationism Explained
10/28/2020Are You Tired Of The Person You Married?
10/27/2020What Was The Old Testament Way Of Salvation?
10/26/2020How Do God’s Sovereignty And Humanity’s Free Will
Work Together In Salvation?
10/25/2020Are You Depressed And Have A Mind Full Of Worry, Fear, And Doubt?
10/24/2020What Is The Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit?
What Is The Filling And Quenching Of The Holy Spirit?
10/23/2020Did God Really Create Everything In Just 6 24 Hour Days
As We Know Them Today?
10/22/2020What Happened At The Tower Of Babel?
What Was That Really All About?
10/21/2020Two Reasons Why Religion and Politics Cannot Be Separated
10/20/2020Why Can’t All Christians Agree On One Bible?
10/19/2020Why Does The Creation vs. Evolution Debate Even Exist?
10/18/2020What Does The Bible Say About Cavemen,
Prehistoric Men, Neanderthals?
10/17/2020Can A Christian Lose Salvation?
10/16/2020What Does It Mean That The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God?
Why Does That Matter?
10/15/2020What Does It Mean That God Is The Creator?
10/14/2020Did God Violate The First Law Of Science?
What Does Creation Ex Nihilo Mean?
10/13/2020What Is A True Friend? Are You One? Do You Have One?
10/12/2020What Does The Bible Say About Dinosaurs?
Did Dinosaurs Ever Exist? Where Did They Go?
10/11/2020Does God Hear My Prayers?
10/10/2020What Do The laws of Thermodynamics Have To Do
With God And His Creation?
10/9/2020The Resurrection: Myth Or History?
10/8/2020What Does The Bible Say About Overcoming Grief?
10/7/2020Were There Dinosaurs On Noah’s Ark?
10/6/2020Were Fish And Sea Creatures Also Destroyed
During The Flood (Genesis 6–8)?
10/5/2020Was The Forbidden Fruit Really An Apple?
10/4/2020Was Noah’s Flood Really A Global Flood Or Just Local?
10/3/2020Why Should I Observe The Sabbath?
10/2/2020Was Adam And Eve’s Sin Really About Eating A Piece Of Forbidden Fruit?
10/1/2020The Missing Link—Has It Been Found?
Is There Much Chance It Will Ever Be Found?
9/30/2020Adam & Eve: Fact or Fiction?
9/29/2020Will The Holy Spirit Ever Leave A Believer?
Can I Lose My Salvation?
9/28/2020Is There Any Evidence For The Bible’s View Of A Young Earth?
9/27/2020Is The Universe Expanding?
9/26/2020Is The Universe Eternal?
9/25/2020Were The Continents Of The Earth
All Connected Before The Great Flood?
9/24/2020Just Who Is God And What Is He Like?
9/23/2020What Is Lucifer’s Flood And Is It Biblical?
9/22/2020Is The Story Of Adam And Eve To Be Taken Literally?
9/21/2020Is Jesus The Creator?
9/20/2020Is Göbekli Tepe where the Garden of Eden was located?
9/19/2020Is Creationism Scientific?
9/18/2020Is There A Difference Between The Book Of Life
And The Lamb’s Book Of Life?
9/17/2020How Do I Know When To Take The Bible Literally?
9/16/2020Why Does The Bible Refer To Believers As Peculiar People?
9/15/2020If Adam And Eve Hadn’t Sinned, Introducing Death Into Creation,
Wouldn’t The World Have Gotten Overpopulated?
9/14/2020How Was The Woman A Helper Suitable For The Man (Genesis 2:18)?
9/13/2020How Was The Flood In The Time Of Noah Just?
9/12/2020How Does The Fact That Human Beings Possess
Some Neanderthal DNA Impact Creationism?
9/11/2020What Does The Bible Say About Creation vs. Evolution?
9/10/2020How Does Radiometric Dating Fit With The View Of A Young Earth?
9/9/2020Is There Any Conclusive Proof Of God?
9/8/20205 Ways Jesus Proved He’s the Messiah
9/7/2020How Can I Know If I Am Hearing God,
Hearing Satan, Or Hearing My Own Thoughts?
9/6/2020How Do Beliefs About Creation Impact The Rest Of Theology?
9/5/2020How Did The Fall Of Adam & Eve Affect Humanity?
9/4/2020How Did Noah Fit All The Animals On The Ark?
9/3/2020How Could There Be Light On The First Day Of Creation
If The Sun Was Not Created Until The Fourth Day?
9/2/2020Why Is It Important To Spend Time Alone With God?
9/1/2020How Can God Be Good If He Drowned Babies In Noah’s Flood?
8/31/2020Had It Ever Rained Before The Flood In Noah’s Day?
8/30/2020Standing Tall in High Places…No Guts No Glory…
8/29/2020Does The Bible Teach That The Earth Is Flat?
8/28/2020Does the Bible Teach Geocentrism?
That The Earth Is The Center Of The Universe?
8/27/2020How Can I Become A Christian?
8/26/2020How Do I Know I Am Saved?
8/25/2020Does Genesis Chapter 1 Mean Literal 24-hour Days?
8/24/2020What Does It Mean To Be A Woman Of God?
8/23/2020What Does It Mean To Be A Man Of God?
8/22/2020If I Am Already A Believer, Why Do I Need A Church?
8/21/2020Did God Use The “Big Bang” To Create The Universe?
8/20/2020Did God Literally And Visibly Walk In The Garden (Genesis 3:8)?
8/19/2020Does Prayer Change God’s Mind?
8/18/2020Can The Flood Mentioned In Genesis Be Proven?
8/17/2020What Is The Difference Between Praise And Worship?
8/16/2020How Many Ways Are Thought To Exist About On
How To Get To Heaven?
8/15/2020Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?
8/14/2020Why Should I Not Leave Christianity?
8/13/2020Why Should I Believe In God?
8/12/2020Why Should I Believe In Christ’s Resurrection?
8/11/20204 Ways To Learn From Failure
8/10/2020Why Does Unbelief Appear To Be Increasing In The World Today?
8/9/2020Do All Religions Lead To God?
8/8/2020Why Are There So Many Fake Christians?
8/7/2020Why Are Christians So Mean?
8/6/2020Jesus: Four Reasons To Believe
8/5/2020Love One Another
8/4/2020The Case For A Master Creator And The Argument For
The Existence Of God
8/2/2020Bless The Lord…Oh, My Soul!!!
8/1/2020My Christian friends are constantly telling me I need to depend on God.
This offends me, because I think we have the ability to run our own lives.
It’s insulting to imply that we’re stupid and weak, so we need to depend
on God instead of ourselves.
7/31/2020What Does God’s Sovereignty Mean To Me?
7/28/2020What Is The Importance Of The Empty Tomb?
7/27/2020Things Will Get Better
7/26/2020Pray Over Your Children
7/25/2020How to Appreciate an Imperfect Spouse.
7/24/2020Give the Gift Of Undeserved Kindness.
7/23/2020What is The Blasphemy Challenge?
7/21/2020Depressed? You are not alone.
7/20/20203 Things to do when your mate needs to change.
7/19/2020Is God’s promise to never leave us nor forsake us really true?
7/18/2020If God wants us to love everyone,
what am I to do about people and family
I can’t even stand to be around?
7/17/2020Oh, For the days of Walter Cronkite & Billy Graham once more…
7/16/2020What Drives Your Life?
7/13/2020Who Will You Blame Then?
7/11/2020When Is A Fool Not A Fool?
7/8/2020Did God Tell Us To Stay Out Of Politics?
7/7/2020Guidelines For Running The Race Of Life
7/4/2020Blessed Is The Nation Whose God Is The Lord
7/3/2020How Do I Know Which Promises God Made In The Bible
Apply To Me And Not Exclusively To Someone Else?
7/2/2020Is God’s Grace Sufficient For You?
7/1/2020Is There Misogyny In The Bible? What Is A Misogynist?
6/30/2020When A Thorn In The Flesh Is A Blessing In Disguise
6/29/2020Guidelines To Win At Parenting
6/26/2020The Only Path To Real Healing
6/22/2020Are You A Barnabas?
6/21/2020Is Jesus A Myth?
6/20/2020Slow Down!
6/17/2020Is God a Moral Monster?
6/15/2020Is faith in God a Crutch?
6/14/2020Staying Young
6/13/2020Is Creationism Scientific?
6/12/2020Can The Bible Actually Change A Person?
6/11/2020Who Is the Antichrist and What Will His Rise Look Like?
6/10/2020How should a Christian view misandry?
6/9/2020Where Is Your Road To Damascus?
6/8/2020Is it possible for a person to get the mark of the beast today?
6/7/2020How should a Christian view vaccinations/vaccines?
6/6/2020How can we prevent our young people from losing faith?
6/5/2020What does the Bible say about racism?
6/4/2020What does the Bible say about rioting?

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