Bible Matters Of Interest For Today

10/17/2021What is the spirit of the world?
10/16/2021What is the history and significance of the church at Jerusalem?
10/15/2021What is the meaning of the Parable of the Wedding Feast? Why did Jesus often speak using parables instead of teaching more clearly?
10/14/2021What does it mean that all things are possible to him who believes (Mark 9:23)?
10/13/2021How do we know when the books of the Bible were written?
10/12/2021Who were the Amalekites?
10/11/2021How are human souls created?
10/10/2021What is the meaning of the Parable of the Prodigal Son?
10/9/2021What is the meaning of “where two or three are gathered” in Matthew 18:20?
10/8/2021What happened to Mary?
10/7/2021What are the most famous/important questions in the Bible?
10/6/2021What is the Baptist Church, and what do Baptists believe?
10/5/2021Where do I find the age of accountability in the Bible?

Published by Pastor Dave Winstead

I am the Family Care Pastor at Harvest Baptist Church in Burlington, NC.

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