Walking & Talking With God

2/6/2023A Prayer For Personal Priorities In Life
2/5/2023A Prayer For Personal Integrity
2/4/2023A Prayer For When You Need Inner Peace
2/3/2023A Prayer For When You Are Angry
2/2/2023A Prayer For Celebrating The Lord’s Blessings
2/1/2023A Prayer For Protection and Strength in the Face of Terrorism
1/31/2023A Prayer For When Life Gets Hard
1/30/2023A Prayer For Your Children
1/29/2023A Prayer For A fresh Start
1/28/2023A Prayer For The Blessing Of Abiding Hope
1/27/2023A Prayer For Strength In The Battle Against Evil
1/26/2023A Prayer Of Gratitude For God’s Guidance
1/25/2023A Prayer For Strong Families
1/24/2023A Prayer For Anticipating His Joyful Return
1/23/2023A Prayer For Overcoming Fear
1/22/2023A Prayer For Overcoming Rebellion
1/21/2023A Prayer For Endurance In Trials
1/20/2023A Prayer For Courage To Keep On Serving
1/19/2023A Prayer For Willingness To Express Generosity
1/18/2023A Prayer For Hunger To Learn God’s Word
1/17/2023A Prayer For Pure Motives In Service
1/16/2023A Prayer For The Anxious
1/15/2023A Prayer For Our Nation And Our Leadership
1/14/2023A Prayer Of Thanks For God’s Holiness And Our Need For Holiness
1/13/2023A Prayer For Putting Down Pride
1/12/2023A Prayer For Trusting Jesus
1/11/2022A Prayer For Protection From Our Enemies
1/10/2023A Prayer For Overcoming Unfair Treatment
1/9/2023A Prayer For The Assurance Of Salvation
1/8/2023A Prayer For Acknowledging Our Weakness
1/7/2023A Prayer For Living The Truth
1/6/2023A Prayer For Living Life To The Fullest
1/5/2023A Prayer For Unity Among God’s People
1/4/2023A Prayer Of Thanks For God’s Word
1/3/2023A Prayer For Strengthening Our Faith
1/2/2023A Prayer For The Lonely, The Isolated, And The Vulnerable
1/1/2023A Prayer For Celebrating The New Year
12/31/2022A Prayer For Beginning The New Year
12/30/2022A Prayer For The Nearness Of The Lord
12/29/2022A Prayer For Fighting Against Self-Focus
12/28/2022A Prayer For The Forgiveness Of Our Trespasses
12/27/2022A Prayer For Finding Rest In God
12/26/2022A Prayer For Celebrating The Coming New Year
12/25/2022A Prayer For Celebrating Christmas Day
12/24/2022A Prayer For God’s Blessings On Our Land And Our Freedom To Worship
12/23/2022A Prayer For A Heart of Service
12/22/2022A Prayer For Giving Thanks For God’s Word
12/21/2022A Prayer For Our Nation And Our Leadership
12/20/2022A Prayer For Righteous Living
12/19/2022A Prayer For God To Take Control
12/18/2022A Prayer For God To Hide His Words In Our Hearts
12/17/2022A Prayer For Becoming Better Parents
12/16/2022A Prayer For A Strong Marriage
12/15/2022A Prayer To Heal Broken Marriages
12/14/2022A Prayer For When You’re Hurting
12/13/2022A Prayer For Loved Ones When They Suffer Near The End
12/12/2022A Prayer For God To Open Our Eyes And Ears
12/11/2022A Prayer For Our Nation And Our Leadership
12/10/2022A Prayer For The End Of The Day
12/9/2022A Prayer For When You Need Soul Healing
12/8/2022A Prayer For When You Feel Wounded
12/7/2022A Prayer For When You’re Feeling Weak
12/6/2022A Prayer For When You Suffer Injustice
12/5/2022A Prayer For My Salvation
12/4/2022A Prayer For When You Are Watching A Friend Suffer
12/3/2022A Prayer For When Your Marriage Is Broken
12/2/2022A Prayer For When You Need Personal Healing
12/1/2022A Prayer For When You Are Facing Death
11/30/2022A Prayer For When Your Friend Needs Comfort in God’s Presence
11/29/2022A Prayer For When You Are Heading Into Surgery
11/28/2022A Prayer For When You Need A Breakthrough
11/27/2022A Prayer For When You Need Spiritual Healing
11/26/2022A Prayer For When You Are Sick
11/25/2022A Prayer For The Abused
11/24/2022A Prayer Of Blessing For Moms & Grandmas
11/23/2022A Prayer Of Trust In God
11/22/2022A Prayer Of Commitment For Today
11/21/2022A Prayer For Our Country’s Spiritual Revival
11/20/2022A Prayer For When You Are Lonely
11/19/2022A Prayer For My Son
11/18/2022A Prayer For God’s Peace
11/17/2022A Prayer For Personal Health
11/16/2022A Prayer For When You Are Anxious, Worried, And Afraid
11/15/2022A Prayer For When Time Doesn’t Heal a Broken Heart
11/14/2022A Prayer For When Family Hurts You
11/13/2022A Prayer To Let Our Light Shine
11/12/2022A Prayer For Salvation
11/11/2022A Prayer For When You Are Discouraged
11/10/2022A Prayer For The Beginning Of The Day
11/9/2022A Prayer For When You Are Waiting On Healing
11/8/2022A Prayer For Victory Over Temptation
11/7/2022A Prayer Of Thanks To God
4/17/2022A Prayer For Resurrection Sunday
4/16/2022A Prayer For Holy Saturday
1/4/2022A Prayer For Beginning The New Year
1/1/2022A Prayer For Celebrating The New Year
12/31/2021A Prayer For Celebrating The Coming New Year
4/7/2022A Prayer Of Blessing For Moms & Grandmas
2/25/2022A Prayer For Fathers
12/25/2021A Prayer For Celebrating Christmas Day
12/24/2021A Prayer For Celebrating Advent

Published by Dave Winstead

I am the Chairman Of FaithByTheWord Ministries in Burlington, NC.

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