God Can Make A Way

5/22/2022When You Are Broken In Spirit Or Body
5/21/2022When You Feel Empty, Discouraged, Exhausted, And Burned Out For God
5/20/2022When You Are Fighting Lust
5/19/2022When You Are Grieving
5/18/2022When You Are Depressed
5/17/2022When You Are In Spiritual Doubt
5/16/2022When You Are Shamed Whether Rightly Or Wrongly
5/15/2022When You Doubt Yourself
5/14/2022When You Doubt Others
5/13/2022When You Are Struggling With Debt
5/12/2022When You Are Suffering
5/11/2022When You Are Persecuted
5/10/2022When Parenting Is Tough
5/9/2022When Others Can’t Count On You
5/8/2022When You Need Peace In Troubled Times
5/7/2022When You Do Not Feel Good About Yourself
5/6/2022When You Are Defenseless & Afraid
5/5/2022When You Are Homeless, Alone & Hungry
5/4/2022When You Are Sad And A Good Laugh Would Help
5/3/2022When You Feel Worthless
5/2/2022When You Are Worried Or Anxious
5/1/2022When You Are Tempted
4/30/2022When You Need Comfort From The Bible
4/29/2022When You Have Sinned
4/28/2022When You Have Failed
4/27/2022When You Have Atheist Friends
4/26/2022When You Don’t Know How To Forgive Yourself
4/25/2022When You Need To Forgive Someone You Don’t Want To Forgive
4/24/2022When You Are Disappointed And Life Has Let You Down
4/23/2022When You Are Terminally Ill
4/22/2022When Your Heart Is Broken
4/21/2022When Your Love Walks Out
4/20/2022When Your Mouth Hurts Others
4/19/2022When You Feel All Alone And That No One Cares
4/18/2022When You Feel All Is Lost And Suicidal
4/17/2022When You Feel Resentful

Published by Dave Winstead

I am the Chairman Of FaithByTheWord Ministries in Burlington, NC.

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