Thru The Bible Sunday Sermons

12/3/2023The Christian Conflict
11/26/2023We Are Going to a Wedding
11/19/2023The Mother Whom Children Are to Honor
11/12/2023The Fullness of the Spirit—Worship & Witness
11/5/2023The Holy Spirit and the Sinning Christian
10/29/2023The Greatest Mystery Story of Them All
10/22/2023This is the House That God Built
10/15/2023When Paul Prayed
10/8/2023Does a God of Love Hate?
10/1/2023Singing the Lord’s Song in a Strange Land
9/24/2023Pilgrim’s Progress
9/17/2023Faith and Freedom and the Foundation
9/10/2023When Did Jesus Sing?
9/3/2023The Authority for Missions
8/27/2023The Psalm of the Lily
8/20/2023Storms in the New Creation
8/13/2023The Mother Love of the Father Gode
8/6/2023Another Look at the Lord
7/30/2023The Personal Handwriting of Jesus Christ
7/23/2023Fruit, More Fruit, Much Fruit
7/16/2023Faith Plus Nothing Equals Salvation
7/9/2023Why the Gospel is Not Preached Today
7/2/2023The Message of Hope That Went Out From the King
6/25/2023The Guest Who Came to Dinner
6/18/2023When a King Could Not Sleep
6/11/2023For Such a Time as This
6/4/2023Haman and Antisemitism
5/28/2023The First Beauty Contest to Choose a Queen
5/21/2023The Wife Who Refused to Obey Her Husband
5/14/2023The Strange Providences of God
5/7/2023The Secret Weapon of Spiritual Warfare
4/30/2023Abounding Grace
4/23/2023Something New Under the Son
4/16/2023Nehemiah Will Lead Us in Prayer
4/9/2023The Reality of the Resurrection
4/2/2023Revival and Survival
3/26/2023The Word of God
3/12/2023The Foundation is Not the Building
3/5/2023Christian, You Can Be the Judge
2/26/2023Who Are the Elect?
2/19/2023The Human Trinity in the Church at Corinth
2/12/2023When Death Should Not Take a Holiday
2/5/2023Two Letters, Two Replies, Two Results
1/29/2023The Only Written Prophecy of Elijah
1/22/2023Thine is the Kingdom
1/15/2023When Surrender is Victory
1/8/2023Struggle of a Saved Soul
1/1/2023The Time and Place of Christ’s Birth Prophesied
12/25/2022The Bright and Morning Star and the Son of Righteousness
12/18/2022Jesus Came Through the Line of David
12/11/2022David Wants to Build God a House
12/4/2022Jesus Came Through the Line of Judah
11/27/2022What Moses Said About the Birth of Christ
11/20/2022Are the Heathen Lost Who Have Not Heard the Gospel?
11/13/2022God is Not Mocked
11/6/2022The Floating Ax Head
10/30/2022Why and When God Heals
10/23/2022The Forgotten Prophet and a God-Aimed Arrow
10/16/2022The “Only” Psalm
10/9/2022A Man After God’s Own Heart
10/2/2022The ABC’s of David’s Life
9/25/2022David and the Wife of Uriah
9/18/2022Bathsheba Was Not Involved in David’s Greatest Sin
9/11/2022David Befriends the Son of Jonathan
9/4/2022The Most Outstanding Prophetic Passage
8/28/2022Doing the Right Thing the Wrong Way
8/21/2022Water From the Well of Bethlehem
8/14/2022Saul and David: A Contrast
8/7/2022David, the Giant Killer
7/31/2022Why Good Men Are Not Saved
7/24/2022At the Right Hand of God
7/17/2022The Church Will Lead Us in Prayer
7/10/2022Spiritual Fingerprints of the Visible Church
7/3/2022Who is the Kinsman-Redeemer?
6/26/2022The Stepping Stones of Salvation
6/19/2022The Story of Samson
6/12/2022Jephthah and His Daughter
6/5/2022Have You Crossed Over Jordan?
5/29/2022Homesick for Heaven
5/22/2022Can a Christian Lose His Salvation?
5/15/2022What Do You Do With Your Past?
5/8/2022What Do You Do With Your Fears?
5/1/2022What Do You Do With Your Burdens?
4/24/2022The Dark Side of Love
4/17/2022Resurrection Power
4/10/2022Changing Bitter Waters to Sweet
4/3/2022The God of All Comfort
3/27/2022The Man in the Glory
3/20/2022The Only Man Who Went About Doing Good
3/13/2022The Message of the Silent Years
3/6/2022An Old Portrait of Christ
2/27/2022The Man Who Lived Before He Was Born
2/20/2022Why Jesus Died
2/13/2022When Jesus Chose His Disciples
2/6/2022When Jesus Went Out to Dinner
1/30/2022Why Jesus Was Baptized
1/23/2022What Jesus Said About Divorce
1/16/2022What Jesus Said About Country and Liberty
1/9/2022When Jesus Was Tempted
1/2/2022When Jesus Went Through Samaria
12/26/2021Who? Jesus—The Man
12/19/2021The Most Important Question: Who is Jesus?
12/12/2021What Jesus Said About Prayer
12/5/2021When Jesus Broke the Sabbath
11/28/2021Is Jesus Still in the Foot Washing Business?
11/21/2021When Jesus Met a Dad and His Lad
11/14/2021When Jesus Visited the Hospital
11/7/2021Why Jesus Was Angry
10/31/2021When Jesus Touched the Leper
10/24/2021When Jesus Was Invited to a Wedding
10/17/2021The Psalm of an Old Shepherd
10/10/2021Charge It!
10/3/2021Walking in the Spirit
9/26/2021Living the Christian Life God’s Way
9/19/2021Behind the Black Curtain in the Upper Room
9/12/2021He is Coming Again!
9/5/2021An X-Ray of the Cross
8/29/2021King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba
8/22/2021The Times of the Gentiles
8/15/2021John—Written for the Wretched Man
8/8/2021Luke—Written for the Thinking Man
8/1/2021Mark—Written for the Strong Man
7/25/2021Matthew—Written for the Religious Man
7/18/2021Glad Tidings of Great Joy
7/11/2021Twas the Prayer Before Christmas
7/4/2021The Death Rattle of a Nation
6/27/2021Listen to a Picture
6/20/2021The Bridegroom and the Bride—Anticipation
6/13/2021You Are a Catholic Priest
6/6/2021The Vine and the Branches
5/30/2021The Shepherd and the Sheep
5/23/2021Grace in Three Time Zones
5/16/2021The Next Happening in the Program of God
5/9/2021The Power of Negative Thinking
5/2/2021What is This World Coming To?
4/25/2021Golden Bells and Pomegranates
4/18/2021The Loveliness of Jesus
4/11/2021On Eagles’ Wings
4/4/2021Why the Resurrection Changes Everything
3/28/2021What is Doctrine?
3/21/2021Why I Believe the Coming of the Lord is Near
3/14/2021What and Where is Heaven?
3/7/2021Hell—Fact or Fiction?
2/28/2021The Millennium—What? Where? When? How? Who?
2/21/2021The Time of Armageddon
2/14/2021He is Coming Again!
2/7/2021Will There Be a Total Apostasy of the Church?
1/31/2021Whither the Church—Woe! or Whoa!
1/24/2021The Church That Goes Through the Great Tribulation
1/17/2021Why Jesus’ Church Will Not Go Through the Tribulation
1/10/2021The New Testament Church
1/3/2021Is the Curtain of Prophecy Ready to Go Up in the Near East?
12/27/2020Why Did God Become a Man?

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