Bible Character For Today

Who was Aaron?1/30/2022
Who was Abel?1/29/2022
Who was Abiathar?1/28/2022
Who was Abigail?1/27/2022
Who was Abimelech?1/26/2022
Who was Abiram?1/25/2022
Who was Abishag?1/24/2022
Who was Abner?1/23/2022
Who was Abraham?1/22/2022
Who was Absalom?1/21/2022
Who was Achan?1/20/2022
Who was Adah?1/19/2022
Who was Adam?1/18/2022
Who was Adonijah?1/17/2022
Who was Aeneas?1/16/2022
Who was Agabus?1/15/2022
Who was Agag?1/14/2022
Who was Ahijah?1/13/2022
Who was Ahimaaz?1/12/2022
Who was Ahithophel?1/11/2022
Who was Alexander the coppersmith?1/10/2022
Who was Amminadab?1/9/2022
Who was Amnon?1/8/2022
Who was Amos?1/7/2022
Who was Ananias?1/6/2022
Who was Andrew?11/7/2022
Who was Anna the prophetess?11/6/2022
Who was Annas?11/5/2022
Who was Apollos?11/4/2022
Who was Araunah the Jebusite?11/3/2022
Who was Archippus?11/2/2022
Who was Aristarchus?11/1/2022
Who was Artaxerxes?10/31/2022
Who was Asaph mentioned in the Book of Psalms?10/30/2022
Who was Asher?10/29/2022
Who was Athaliah?10/28/2022
Who was Azariah?10/27/2022
Who was Balaam?10/26/2022
Who was Balak?10/25/2022
Who was Bar-Jesus?10/24/2022
Who was Barabbas?10/23/2022
Who was Barnabas?10/22/2022
Who was Bartholomew?10/21/2022
Who was Baruch?10/20/2022
Who was Barzillai?10/19/2022
Who was Belshazzar?10/18/2022
Who was Ben-Hadad?10/17/2022
Who was Benaiah?10/16/2022
Who was Benjamin?10/15/2022
Who was Bilhah?10/14/2022
Who was Boaz?10/13/2022
Who was Caiaphas?10/12/2022
Who was Cain?10/11/2022
Who was Caleb?10/10/2022
Who was Chloe?10/9/2022
Who was Claudia?10/8/2022
Who was Cleopas?10/7/2022
Who was Cornelius?10/6/2022
Who was Crispus?10/5/2022
Who was Cyrus?10/4/2022
Who was Damaris?10/3/2022
Who was Dan?10/2/2022
Who was Daniel?10/1/2022
Who was Darius?9/30/2022
Who was Dathan?9/29/2022
Who was David?9/28/2022
Who was Deborah?9/27/2022
Who was Delilah?9/26/2022
Who was Demas?9/25/2022
Who was Demetrius?9/18/2022
Who was Dinah?9/17/2022
Who was Diotrephes?9/16/2022
Who was Doeg the Edomite?9/15/2022
Who was Dorcas?9/14/2022
Who was Drusilla?9/13/2022
Who was Eleazar?9/12/2022
Who was Eli?9/11/2022
Who was Eliezer?9/10/2022
Who was Elijah?9/9/2022
Who was Elimelech?9/8/2022
Who was Elisha?9/7/2022
Who was Elizabeth?9/6/2022
Who was Elkanah?9/5/2022
Who was Enoch?9/4/2022
Who was Epaphras?9/3/2022
Who was Epaphroditus?9/2/2022
Who was Ephraim?9/1/2022
Who was Erastus?8/31/2022
Who was Esau?8/30/2022
Who was Esther?8/29/2022
Who was Eutychus?8/28/2022
Who was Eve?8/27/2022
Who was Ezekiel?8/26/2022
Who was Ezra?8/25/2022
Who was Felix?8/24/2022
Who was Flavius Josephus?8/23/2022
Who was Gad the seer?8/22/2022
Who was Gad?8/21/2022
Who was Gaius?8/20/2022
Who was Gamaliel?8/19/2022
Who was Gedaliah?8/18/2022
Who was Gehazi?8/17/2022
Who was Gideon?8/16/2022
Who was Gomer?8/15/2022
Who was Habakkuk?8/14/2022
Who was Hadassah?8/13/2022
Who was Hagar?8/12/2022
Who was Ham?8/11/2022
Who was Hannah?8/10/2022
Who was Haran?8/9/2022
Who was Herod Agrippa I?8/8/2022
Who was Herod Agrippa II?8/7/2022
Who was Herod Antipas?8/6/2022
Who was Herod the Great?8/5/2022
Who was Herodias?8/4/2022
Who was Hezekiah?8/3/2022
Who was Huldah the prophetess?8/2/2022
Who was Hur?8/1/2022
Who was Huram / Hiram?7/31/2022
Who was Isaac?7/30/2022
Who was Isaiah?7/29/2022
Who was Ishmael?7/28/2022
Who was Issachar?7/27/2022
Who was Ithamar?7/26/2022
Who was Jacob?7/25/2022
Who was Jael?7/24/2022
Who was Jairus?7/23/2022
Who was James the son of Alphaeus?7/22/2022
Who was James, the brother of Jesus?7/21/2022
Who was Japheth?7/20/2022
Who was Jedidiah?7/19/2022
Who was Jeduthun?7/18/2022
Who was Jehoiada?7/17/2022
Who was Jeremiah?7/16/2022
Who was Jesse?7/15/2022
Who was Jethro?7/14/2022
Who was Jezebel?7/13/2022
Who was Joab?7/12/2022
Who was Joanna?7/11/2022
Who was Job?7/10/2022
Who was John Mark?7/9/2022
Who was John the Apostle?7/8/2022
Who was John the Baptist?7/7/2022
Who was Jonah?7/6/2022
Who was Jonathan?7/5/2022
Who was Joseph in the Old Testament?7/4/2022
Who was Joseph of Arimathea?7/3/2022
Who was Joseph, the father of Jesus?7/2/2022
Who was Joshua the high priest?7/1/2022
Who was Joshua?6/30/2022
Who was Judah?6/29/2022
Who was Judas Iscariot?6/28/2022
Who was Jude?6/27/2022
Who was Keturah?6/26/2022
Who was King Abijah?6/25/2022
Who was King Ahab?6/24/2022
Who was King Ahaz?6/23/2022
Who was King Ahaziah?6/22/2022
Who was King Amaziah?6/21/2022
Who was King Amon?6/20/2022
Who was King Asa?6/19/2022
Who was King Baasha?6/18/2022
Who was King Elah?6/17/2022
Who was King Hoshea?6/16/2022
Who was King Jehoahaz?6/15/2022
Who was King Jehoiachin?6/14/2022
Who was King Jehoiakim?6/13/2022
Who was King Jehoram / Joram?6/12/2022
Who was King Jehoshaphat?6/11/2022
Who was King Jehu?6/10/2022
Who was King Joash?6/9/2022
Who was King Josiah?6/8/2022
Who was King Jotham?6/7/2022
Who was King Manasseh?6/6/2022
Who was King Nadab?6/5/2022
Who was King Omri?6/4/2022
Who was King Pekah?6/3/2022
Who was King Rehoboam?6/2/2022
Who was King Saul?6/1/2022
Who was King Shallum?5/31/2022
Who was King Uzziah?5/30/2022
Who was King Zechariah?5/29/2022
Who was King Zedekiah?5/28/2022
Who was King Zimri?5/27/2022
Who was Korah?5/26/2022
Who was Laban?5/25/2022
Who was Lamech?5/24/2022
Who was Lazarus?5/23/2022
Who was Leah?5/22/2022
Who was Levi?5/21/2022
Who was Lo-ruhamah?5/20/2022
Who was Lot?5/19/2022
Who was Luke?5/18/2022
Who was Lydia?5/17/2022
Who was Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz?5/16/2022
Who was Malachi?5/15/2022
Who was Manasseh?5/14/2022
Who was Marah?5/13/2022
Who was Martha?5/12/2022
Who was Mary of Bethany?5/11/2022
Who was Matthew?5/10/2022
Who was Matthias?5/9/2022
Who was Mephibosheth?5/8/2022
Who was Methuselah?5/7/2022
Who was Micah?5/6/2022
Who was Micaiah?5/5/2022
Who was Michal?5/4/2022
Who was Miriam?5/3/2022
Who was Mordecai?5/2/2022
Who was Moses?5/1/2022
Who was Moses’ father?4/30/2022
Who was Moses’ mother?4/29/2022
Who was Naaman?4/28/2022
Who was Nabal?4/27/2022
Who was Naboth?4/26/2022
Who was Nahash the Ammonite?4/25/2022
Who was Naomi?4/24/2022
Who was Naphtali?4/23/2022
Who was Nathan?4/22/2022
Who was Nathanael?4/21/2022
Who was Nebuchadnezzar?4/20/2022
Who was Nebuzaradan?4/19/2022
Who was Nehemiah?4/18/2022
Who was Nicodemus?4/17/2022
Who was Nimrod?4/16/2022
Who was Noah?4/15/2022
Who was Nympha?4/14/2022
Who was Obadiah?4/13/2022
Who was Obed-Edom?4/12/2022
Who was Obed?4/11/2022
Who was Og king of Bashan?4/10/2022
Who was Onesimus?4/9/2022
Who was Onesiphorus?4/8/2022
Who was Paul?4/7/2022
Who was Perez?4/6/2022
Who was Peter?4/5/2022
Who was Pharaoh Neco?4/4/2022
Who was Philemon?4/3/2022
Who was Philip?4/2/2022
Who was Phoebe?4/1/2022
Who was Porcius Festus?3/31/2022
Who was Prochorus?3/30/2022
Who was Rabshakeh?3/29/2022
Who was Rachel?3/28/2022
Who was Rahab?3/27/2022
Who was Rebekah?3/26/2022
Who was Reuben?3/25/2022
Who was Rhoda?3/24/2022
Who was Rizpah?3/23/2022
Who was Rufus?3/22/2022
Who was Ruth?3/21/2022
Who was Salome?3/20/2022
Who was Samson?3/19/2022
Who was Samuel?3/18/2022
Who was Sarah?3/17/2022
Who was Sennacherib?3/16/2022
Who was Seth?3/15/2022
Who was Shem?3/14/2022
Who was Sheshbazzar?3/13/2022
Who was Shimei?3/12/2022
Who was Sihon, king of the Amorites?3/11/2022
Who was Silas?3/10/2022
Who was Simeon?3/9/2022
Who was Simon the Leper?3/8/2022
Who was Simon the Pharisee?3/7/2022
Who was Simon the Tanner?3/6/2022
Who was Simon the Zealot?3/5/2022
Who was Sisera?3/4/2022
Who was Solomon?3/3/2022
Who was Sosthenes?3/2/2022
Who was Stephen?3/1/2022
Who was Terah?2/28/2022
Who was Thaddeus?2/27/2022
Who was the Ethiopian eunuch?2/26/2022
Who was the prophet Zechariah?2/25/2022
Who was Theudas?2/24/2022
Who was Thomas?2/23/2022
Who was Timothy?2/22/2022
Who was Tirzah?2/21/2022
Who was Titus?2/20/2022
Who was Tubal-Cain?2/19/2022
Who was Tychicus?2/18/2022
Who was Tyrannus?2/17/2022
Who was Uriah the Hittite?2/16/2022
Who was Vashti?2/15/2022
Who was Xerxes?2/14/2022
Who was Zacchaeus?2/13/2022
Who was Zadok?2/12/2022
Who was Zebedee?2/11/2022
Who was Zebulun?2/10/2022
Who was Zechariah?2/9/2022
Who was Zerah?2/8/2022
Who was Zerubbabel?2/7/2022
Who was Zilpah?2/6/2022
Who was Zipporah?2/5/2022
Who were Hymenaeus and Alexander?2/4/2022
Who were Lois and Eunice?2/3/2022
Who were Priscilla and Aquila?2/2/2022
Who were the priests of Nob?2/1/2022
Who were the Zidonians?1/31/2022
11/7/2022Who was Andrew?
11/6/2022Who was Anna the prophetess?
11/5/2022Who was Annas?
11/4/2022Who was Apollos?
11/3/2022Who was Araunah the Jebusite?
11/2/2022Who was Archippus?
11/1/2022Who was Aristarchus?
10/31/2022Who was Artaxerxes?
10/30/2022Who was Asaph mentioned in the Book of Psalms?
10/29/2022Who was Asher?
10/28/2022Who was Athaliah?
10/27/2022Who was Azariah?
10/26/2022Who was Balaam?
10/25/2022Who was Balak?
10/24/2022Who was Bar-Jesus?
10/23/2022Who was Barabbas?
10/22/2022Who was Barnabas?
10/21/2022Who was Bartholomew?
10/20/2022Who was Baruch?
10/19/2022Who was Barzillai?
10/18/2022Who was Belshazzar?
10/17/2022Who was Ben-Hadad?
10/16/2022Who was Benaiah?
10/15/2022Who was Benjamin?
10/14/2022Who was Bilhah?
10/13/2022Who was Boaz?
10/12/2022Who was Caiaphas?
10/11/2022Who was Cain?
10/10/2022Who was Caleb?
10/9/2022Who was Chloe?
10/8/2022Who was Claudia?
10/7/2022Who was Cleopas?
10/6/2022Who was Cornelius?
10/5/2022Who was Crispus?
10/4/2022Who was Cyrus?
10/3/2022Who was Damaris?
10/2/2022Who was Dan?
10/1/2022Who was Daniel?
9/30/2022Who was Darius?
9/29/2022Who was Dathan?
9/28/2022Who was David?
9/27/2022Who was Deborah?
9/26/2022Who was Delilah?
9/25/2022Who was Demas?
9/18/2022Who was Demetrius?
9/17/2022Who was Dinah?
9/16/2022Who was Diotrephes?
9/15/2022Who was Doeg the Edomite?
9/14/2022Who was Dorcas?
9/13/2022Who was Drusilla?
9/12/2022Who was Eleazar?
9/11/2022Who was Eli?
9/10/2022Who was Eliezer?
9/9/2022Who was Elijah?
9/8/2022Who was Elimelech?
9/7/2022Who was Elisha?
9/6/2022Who was Elizabeth?
9/5/2022Who was Elkanah?
9/4/2022Who was Enoch?
9/3/2022Who was Epaphras?
9/2/2022Who was Epaphroditus?
9/1/2022Who was Ephraim?
8/31/2022Who was Erastus?
8/30/2022Who was Esau?
8/29/2022Who was Esther?
8/28/2022Who was Eutychus?
8/27/2022Who was Eve?
8/26/2022Who was Ezekiel?
8/25/2022Who was Ezra?
8/24/2022Who was Felix?
8/23/2022Who was Flavius Josephus?
8/22/2022Who was Gad the seer?
8/21/2022Who was Gad?
8/20/2022Who was Gaius?
8/19/2022Who was Gamaliel?
8/18/2022Who was Gedaliah?
8/17/2022Who was Gehazi?
8/16/2022Who was Gideon?
8/15/2022Who was Gomer?
8/14/2022Who was Habakkuk?
8/13/2022Who was Hadassah?
8/12/2022Who was Hagar?
8/11/2022Who was Ham?
8/10/2022Who was Hannah?
8/9/2022Who was Haran?
8/8/2022Who was Herod Agrippa I?
8/7/2022Who was Herod Agrippa II?
8/6/2022Who was Herod Antipas?
8/5/2022Who was Herod the Great?
8/4/2022Who was Herodias?
8/3/2022Who was Hezekiah?
8/2/2022Who was Huldah the prophetess?
8/1/2022Who was Hur?
7/31/2022Who was Huram / Hiram?
7/30/2022Who was Isaac?
7/29/2022Who was Isaiah?
7/28/2022Who was Ishmael?
7/27/2022Who was Issachar?
7/26/2022Who was Ithamar?
7/25/2022Who was Jacob?
7/24/2022Who was Jael?
7/23/2022Who was Jairus?
7/22/2022Who was James the son of Alphaeus?
7/21/2022Who was James, the brother of Jesus?
7/20/2022Who was Japheth?
7/19/2022Who was Jedidiah?
7/18/2022Who was Jeduthun?
7/17/2022Who was Jehoiada?
7/16/2022Who was Jeremiah?
7/15/2022Who was Jesse?
7/14/2022Who was Jethro?
7/13/2022Who was Jezebel?
7/12/2022Who was Joab?
7/11/2022Who was Joanna?
7/10/2022Who was Job?
7/9/2022Who was John Mark?
7/8/2022Who was John the Apostle?
7/7/2022Who was John the Baptist?
7/6/2022Who was Jonah?
7/5/2022Who was Jonathan?
7/4/2022Who was Joseph in the Old Testament?
7/3/2022Who was Joseph of Arimathea?
7/2/2022Who was Joseph, the father of Jesus?
7/1/2022Who was Joshua the high priest?
6/30/2022Who was Joshua?
6/29/2022Who was Judah?
6/28/2022Who was Judas Iscariot?
6/27/2022Who was Jude?
6/26/2022Who was Keturah?
6/25/2022Who was King Abijah?
6/24/2022Who was King Ahab?
6/23/2022Who was King Ahaz?
6/22/2022Who was King Ahaziah?
6/21/2022Who was King Amaziah?
6/20/2022Who was King Amon?
6/19/2022Who was King Asa?
6/18/2022Who was King Baasha?
6/17/2022Who was King Elah?
6/16/2022Who was King Hoshea?
6/15/2022Who was King Jehoahaz?
6/14/2022Who was King Jehoiachin?
6/13/2022Who was King Jehoiakim?
6/12/2022Who was King Jehoram / Joram?
6/11/2022Who was King Jehoshaphat?
6/10/2022Who was King Jehu?
6/9/2022Who was King Joash?
6/8/2022Who was King Josiah?
6/7/2022Who was King Jotham?
6/6/2022Who was King Manasseh?
6/5/2022Who was King Nadab?
6/4/2022Who was King Omri?
6/3/2022Who was King Pekah?
6/2/2022Who was King Rehoboam?
6/1/2022Who was King Saul?
5/31/2022Who was King Shallum?
5/30/2022Who was King Uzziah?
5/29/2022Who was King Zechariah?
5/28/2022Who was King Zedekiah?
5/27/2022Who was King Zimri?
5/26/2022Who was Korah?
5/25/2022Who was Laban?
5/24/2022Who was Lamech?
5/23/2022Who was Lazarus?
5/22/2022Who was Leah?
5/21/2022Who was Levi?
5/20/2022Who was Lo-ruhamah?
5/19/2022Who was Lot?
5/18/2022Who was Luke?
5/17/2022Who was Lydia?
5/16/2022Who was Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz?
5/15/2022Who was Malachi?
5/14/2022Who was Manasseh?
5/13/2022Who was Marah?
5/12/2022Who was Martha?
5/11/2022Who was Mary of Bethany?
5/10/2022Who was Matthew?
5/9/2022Who was Matthias?
5/8/2022Who was Mephibosheth?
5/7/2022Who was Methuselah?
5/6/2022Who was Micah?
5/5/2022Who was Micaiah?
5/4/2022Who was Michal?
5/3/2022Who was Miriam?
5/2/2022Who was Mordecai?
5/1/2022Who was Moses?
4/30/2022Who was Moses’ father?
4/29/2022Who was Moses’ mother?
4/28/2022Who was Naaman?
4/27/2022Who was Nabal?
4/26/2022Who was Naboth?
4/25/2022Who was Nahash the Ammonite?
4/24/2022Who was Naomi?
4/23/2022Who was Naphtali?
4/22/2022Who was Nathan?
4/21/2022Who was Nathanael?
4/20/2022Who was Nebuchadnezzar?
4/19/2022Who was Nebuzaradan?
4/18/2022Who was Nehemiah?
4/17/2022Who was Nicodemus?
4/16/2022Who was Nimrod?
4/15/2022Who was Noah?
4/14/2022Who was Nympha?
4/13/2022Who was Obadiah?
4/12/2022Who was Obed-Edom?
4/11/2022Who was Obed?
4/10/2022Who was Og king of Bashan?
4/9/2022Who was Onesimus?
4/8/2022Who was Onesiphorus?
4/7/2022Who was Paul?
4/6/2022Who was Perez?
4/5/2022Who was Peter?
4/4/2022Who was Pharaoh Neco?
4/3/2022Who was Philemon?
4/2/2022Who was Philip?
4/1/2022Who was Phoebe?
3/31/2022Who was Porcius Festus?
3/30/2022Who was Prochorus?
3/29/2022Who was Rabshakeh?
3/28/2022Who was Rachel?
3/27/2022Who was Rahab?
3/26/2022Who was Rebekah?
3/25/2022Who was Reuben?
3/24/2022Who was Rhoda?
3/23/2022Who was Rizpah?
3/22/2022Who was Rufus?
3/21/2022Who was Ruth?
3/20/2022Who was Salome?
3/19/2022Who was Samson?
3/18/2022Who was Samuel?
3/17/2022Who was Sarah?
3/16/2022Who was Sennacherib?
3/15/2022Who was Seth?
3/14/2022Who was Shem?
3/13/2022Who was Sheshbazzar?
3/12/2022Who was Shimei?
3/11/2022Who was Sihon, king of the Amorites?
3/10/2022Who was Silas?
3/9/2022Who was Simeon?
3/8/2022Who was Simon the Leper?
3/7/2022Who was Simon the Pharisee?
3/6/2022Who was Simon the Tanner?
3/5/2022Who was Simon the Zealot?
3/4/2022Who was Sisera?
3/3/2022Who was Solomon?
3/2/2022Who was Sosthenes?
3/1/2022Who was Stephen?
2/28/2022Who was Terah?
2/27/2022Who was Thaddeus?
2/26/2022Who was the Ethiopian eunuch?
2/25/2022Who was the prophet Zechariah?
2/24/2022Who was Theudas?
2/23/2022Who was Thomas?
2/22/2022Who was Timothy?
2/21/2022Who was Tirzah?
2/20/2022Who was Titus?
2/19/2022Who was Tubal-Cain?
2/18/2022Who was Tychicus?
2/17/2022Who was Tyrannus?
2/16/2022Who was Uriah the Hittite?
2/15/2022Who was Vashti?
2/14/2022Who was Xerxes?
2/13/2022Who was Zacchaeus?
2/12/2022Who was Zadok?
2/11/2022Who was Zebedee?
2/10/2022Who was Zebulun?
2/9/2022Who was Zechariah?
2/8/2022Who was Zerah?
2/7/2022Who was Zerubbabel?
2/6/2022Who was Zilpah?
2/5/2022Who was Zipporah?
2/4/2022Who were Hymenaeus and Alexander?
2/3/2022Who were Lois and Eunice?
2/2/2022Who were Priscilla and Aquila?
2/1/2022Who were the priests of Nob?
1/31/2022Who were the Zidonians?
1/30/2022Who was Aaron?
1/29/2022Who was Abel?
1/28/2022Who was Abiathar?
1/27/2022Who was Abigail?
1/26/2022Who was Abimelech?
1/25/2022Who was Abiram?
1/24/2022Who was Abishag?
1/23/2022Who was Abner?
1/22/2022Who was Abraham?
1/21/2022Who was Absalom?
1/20/2022Who was Achan?
1/19/2022Who was Adah?
1/18/2022Who was Adam?
1/17/2022Who was Adonijah?
1/16/2022Who was Aeneas?
1/15/2022Who was Agabus?
1/14/2022Who was Agag?
1/13/2022Who was Ahijah?
1/12/2022Who was Ahimaaz?
1/11/2022Who was Ahithophel?
1/10/2022Who was Alexander the coppersmith?
1/9/2022Who was Amminadab?
1/8/2022Who was Amnon?
1/7/2022Who was Amos?
1/6/2022Who was Ananias?

Published by Dave Winstead

I am the Chairman Of FaithByTheWord Ministries in Burlington, NC.

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