Know Your Faith Today

Will God ever give up on me?11/7/2022
Will God continue to forgive you if you commit the same sin over and over again?11/6/2022
Why should I want to serve God?11/5/2022
Why should I talk about my faith in the workplace?11/4/2022
Why should I get baptized?11/3/2022
Why should I forgive?11/2/2022
Why should I evangelize?11/1/2022
Why should I become a Christian?10/31/2022
Why is waiting on God so difficult?10/30/2022
Why is serving God important?10/29/2022
Why is praising God important?10/28/2022
Why is obedience to God important?10/27/2022
Why is making disciples important?10/26/2022
Why is loving others often so difficult?10/25/2022
Why is it important to spend time alone with God?10/24/2022
Why is giving thanks to God important?10/23/2022
Why is giving so emphasized in the Christian faith?10/22/2022
Why is following Christ so difficult?10/21/2022
Why is edification important in the life of a Christian?10/20/2022
Why is “the devil made me do it” not a valid excuse?10/19/2022
Why is “accepting Christ” mentioned in evangelism when it is not in the Bible?10/18/2022
Why does God allow us to go through trials and tribulations?10/17/2022
Why do we still sin after salvation?10/16/2022
Why do so many people struggle with a lack of faith?10/15/2022
Why do so many Christians fail the “practice what you preach” standard?10/14/2022
Why do Christians suffer?10/13/2022
Why did God choose me?10/12/2022
Why can’t I stop sinning? Please help!10/11/2022
Why are there times when God seems silent / absent in a believer’s life?10/10/2022
Why are there times in my life when finding God is so difficult?10/9/2022
Why are there so many fake Christians?10/8/2022
Why are all Christians hypocrites? Are all Christians hypocrites?10/7/2022
Who does God say I am?10/6/2022
Who am I in Christ?10/5/2022
When, why, and how does the Lord God discipline us when we sin?10/4/2022
When we confess our sins to God, how detailed do we need to be?10/3/2022
When should a Christian try to correct another Christian?10/2/2022
When is it necessary to rebuke another believer?10/1/2022
What was the firstfruits offering? Should Christians give a firstfruits offering today?9/30/2022
What value is there in Christian journaling?9/29/2022
What things in this world have a true eternal value?9/28/2022
What sort of spiritual boundaries should we set in our lives?9/27/2022
What should I look for in an accountability partner?9/26/2022
What should be our response when a Christian leader renounces the faith and falls away?9/25/2022
What should a Christ-centered life look like?9/18/2022
What is wrong with being a solo Christian?9/17/2022
What is unity in Christ?9/16/2022
What is true worship? How can I worship the Lord in spirit and truth (John 4:23-24)?9/15/2022
What is the meaning of the term Christian?9/14/2022
What is the meaning of living for Jesus?9/13/2022
What is the meaning of coram Deo?9/12/2022
What is the law of Christ?9/11/2022
What is the key to victory when struggling with sin?9/10/2022
What is the key to truly experiencing God?9/9/2022
What is the key to living a victorious Christian life?9/8/2022
What is the key to hearing God’s voice?9/7/2022
What is the key to growing as a new believer?9/6/2022
What is the key to bearing fruit as a Christian?9/5/2022
What is the joy of the Lord?9/4/2022
What is the importance of finding good role models?9/3/2022
What is the full armor of God?9/2/2022
What is the difference between tithes and offerings?9/1/2022
What is the difference between a Christian and a disciple?8/31/2022
What is the conflict of flesh vs. spirit?8/30/2022
What is the Christian walk?8/29/2022
What is the Christian life supposed to be like?8/28/2022
What is the cause of Christ?8/27/2022
What is the biblical method of evangelism?8/26/2022
What is the authority of the believer?8/25/2022
What is spiritual maturity? How can I become more spiritually mature?8/24/2022
What is spiritual growth?8/23/2022
What is spiritual dryness, and how can I overcome it?8/22/2022
What is spiritual direction? What is a spiritual director?8/21/2022
What is spiritual bondage?8/20/2022
What is spiritual awareness?8/19/2022
What is servant evangelism?8/18/2022
What is secondary separation?8/17/2022
What is sanctifying grace?8/16/2022
What is progressive sanctification?8/15/2022
What is personal evangelism?8/14/2022
What is our spiritual food?8/13/2022
What is our inheritance in Christ?8/12/2022
What is mortification of sin / the flesh?8/11/2022
What is lifestyle evangelism?8/10/2022
What is inner healing, and is it biblical?8/9/2022
What is holiness? What does it mean to be holy?8/8/2022
What is friendship evangelism?8/7/2022
What is fellowship with God?8/6/2022
What is false guilt, and how can I avoid it?8/5/2022
What is confession of sin? What does it mean to confess sin?8/4/2022
What is Christian spirituality?8/3/2022
What is Christian meditation?8/2/2022
What is Christian leadership?8/1/2022
What is Christian freedom?7/31/2022
What is Christian discipleship?7/30/2022
What is biblical stewardship?7/29/2022
What is Biblical separation?7/28/2022
What is an Evangelical Christian?7/27/2022
What is an “on-fire” Christian?7/26/2022
What is a true Christian?7/25/2022
What is a spiritual leader?7/24/2022
What is a spiritual journey?7/23/2022
What is a spiritual harvest and how can I achieve one?7/22/2022
What is a spiritual breakthrough?7/21/2022
What is a quiet time?7/20/2022
What is a Jesus juke?7/19/2022
What is a Jesus freak?7/18/2022
What is a Christian?7/17/2022
What is a Christian Testimony?7/16/2022
What is a Christian missionary?7/15/2022
What is a carnal Christian?7/14/2022
What is a believer?7/13/2022
What if I don’t feel saved?7/12/2022
What does the Bible say on the importance of accountability?7/11/2022
What does the Bible say about unforgiveness?7/10/2022
What does the Bible say about the value of a secret place?7/9/2022
What does the Bible say about spiritual warfare?7/8/2022
What does the Bible say about overcoming lust?7/7/2022
What does the Bible say about legalism? How can a Christian avoid falling into the trap of legalism?7/6/2022
What does the Bible say about how to lead someone to Christ?7/5/2022
What does the Bible say about how much power Christians possess?7/4/2022
What does the Bible say about decision-making?7/3/2022
What does the Bible say about Christian tithing? Should a Christian tithe?7/2/2022
What does the Bible say about Christian character?7/1/2022
What does the Bible say about Christian behavior?6/30/2022
What does the Bible say about being a servant / servanthood?6/29/2022
What does the Bible say about being a godly woman?6/28/2022
What does the Bible say about being a godly man?6/27/2022
What does the Bible mean when it says, “Do not judge”?6/26/2022
What does the Bible mean when it says that we will receive a new heart?6/25/2022
What does the Bible mean by “dying to self”?6/24/2022
What does putting God first really mean?6/23/2022
What does it mean to worship the Lord in spirit and truth?6/22/2022
What does it mean to walk with God?6/21/2022
What does it mean to wait on the Lord?6/20/2022
What does it mean to truly follow Christ?6/19/2022
What does it mean to surrender to God?6/18/2022
What does it mean to speak life?6/17/2022
What does it mean to seek first the kingdom of God?6/16/2022
What does it mean to resist the devil, and why will resistance cause the devil to flee?6/15/2022
What does it mean to rededicate your life to Christ?6/14/2022
What does it mean to pursue righteousness?6/13/2022
What does it mean to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength?6/12/2022
What does it mean to love like Jesus?6/11/2022
What does it mean to love Jesus?6/10/2022
What does it mean to love God?6/9/2022
What does it mean to have union with Christ?6/8/2022
What does it mean to have a wilderness experience?6/7/2022
What does it mean to guard your heart?6/6/2022
What does it mean to glorify God?6/5/2022
What does it mean to flee from temptation?6/4/2022
What does it mean to deny yourself? What is self-denial?6/3/2022
What does it mean to be theocentric?6/2/2022
What does it mean to be spiritual?6/1/2022
What does it mean to be sober-minded?5/31/2022
What does it mean to be sanctified?5/30/2022
What does it mean to be pharisaical?5/29/2022
What does it mean to be missional? Should Christians be missional?5/28/2022
What does it mean to be in Christ?5/27/2022
What does it mean to be gospel-centered?5/26/2022
What does it mean to be God-centered?5/25/2022
What does it mean to be free from sin?5/24/2022
What does it mean to be chastened? How does God chasten us?5/23/2022
What does it mean to be called by God?5/22/2022
What does it mean to be blessed?5/21/2022
What does it mean to be anointed?5/20/2022
What does it mean to be an ambassador for Christ?5/19/2022
What does it mean to be a woman of God?5/18/2022
What does it mean to be a stumbling block to someone else?5/17/2022
What does it mean to be a servant of Christ?5/16/2022
What does it mean to be a man of God?5/15/2022
What does it mean to be a living sacrifice?5/14/2022
What does it mean to be a fruitful Christian?5/13/2022
What does it mean to be a child of God?5/12/2022
What does it mean to backslide?5/11/2022
What does it mean to abide in Christ?5/10/2022
What does it mean that we are not to love the world?5/9/2022
What does it mean that we are not to cause others to stumble?5/8/2022
What does it mean that our lives should be a testimony for Jesus?5/7/2022
What does it mean that our citizenship is in heaven?5/6/2022
What does it mean that God will fight our battles (Exodus 14:14; Deuteronomy 1:30)?5/5/2022
What does it mean that Christians are not of this world?5/4/2022
What does it mean that Christ is in us?5/3/2022
What does it mean that a Christian is a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17)?5/2/2022
What does it mean for a Christian to grow in faith?5/1/2022
What does it mean “˜to live is Christ’?4/30/2022
What does God want me to do?4/29/2022
What does God want from me?4/28/2022
What did Jesus mean when He said, “Take up your cross and follow Me”?4/27/2022
What did Jesus mean when He promised an abundant life?4/26/2022
What can I do when I don’t feel any love for God?4/25/2022
What can I do when I am under spiritual attack?4/24/2022
What are the spiritual disciplines?4/23/2022
What are the pros and cons of short-term missions?4/22/2022
What are the keys to resisting temptation?4/21/2022
What are the different types of fasting?4/20/2022
What are the biblical principles for solid decision-making?4/19/2022
What are some of the signs of genuine saving faith?4/18/2022
What are practical ways to depend on God alone?4/17/2022
What are alms? What is almsgiving?4/16/2022
To what extent should we strive to be like Jesus?4/15/2022
The needs of the world overwhelm me. Am I too sensitive?4/14/2022
Spiritual strongholds – what is the biblical view?4/13/2022
Since God withholds forgiveness, can we?4/12/2022
Should we, as Christians, watch television (TV)?4/11/2022
Should we worship Jesus?4/10/2022
Should we tithe off our gross or net income?4/9/2022
Should I share my Christian faith with someone of the opposite gender?4/8/2022
Should Christians try to evangelize atheists?4/7/2022
Should Christians give away all they possess except for basic necessities?4/6/2022
Should Christians care about physical appearance?4/5/2022
Should Christian women wear pants?4/4/2022
Should Christian men or women wear earrings?4/3/2022
Should a Christian wear religious jewelry?4/2/2022
Should a Christian tithe off miscellaneous income, i.e. inheritance, gifts, winnings, tax refunds, legal settlements, etc.?4/1/2022
Should a Christian celebrate holidays?3/31/2022
Should a Christian be involved in mentoring? What does the Bible say about mentorship?3/30/2022
Should a Christian be a radical?3/29/2022
Should a Christian be a monk?3/28/2022
Living for God—why is it so difficult?3/27/2022
isn’t it unloving to tell someone he/she is sinning?3/26/2022
Is there such a thing as an ex-Christian?3/25/2022
Is there meaning in tragedy?3/24/2022
Is there a second blessing subsequent to salvation?3/23/2022
Is there a difference between joy and happiness?3/22/2022
Is the Christian life supposed to be boring?3/21/2022
Is the “˜Way of the Master’ evangelism method biblical?3/20/2022
Is suffering for Christ always going to be a part of being a follower of Christ?3/19/2022
Is street preaching an effective evangelism method?3/18/2022
Is sinless perfection possible in this life?3/17/2022
Is loving God an emotion, a feeling, or a decision?3/16/2022
Is it wrong to wish for something?3/15/2022
Is it wrong to be a Christian secretly in order to preserve your own life?3/14/2022
Is it wrong for a Christian to have the goal of being rich and famous?3/13/2022
Is it wrong for a Christian to be depressed?3/12/2022
Is it wrong for a Christian to be an introvert?3/11/2022
Is it possible to live your life only doing things that are honoring to God?3/10/2022
Is it important for a Christian to have daily devotions?3/9/2022
Is it good to have close friendships with unbelievers?3/8/2022
Is handing out gospel tracts a good evangelism method?3/7/2022
Is forgetting the past biblical? Does the Bible instruct us to forget the past?3/6/2022
Is door-to-door evangelism an effective method?3/5/2022
Is being holy even possible, since only God is holy?3/4/2022
Is a gospel crusade a biblical method of evangelism?3/3/2022
Is “what would Jesus do?” (WWJD) something we should seek to live by?3/2/2022
In what ways should Christians be prepared to step outside their comfort zone?3/1/2022
In what ways is the Christian life like the Olympics?2/28/2022
In what ways is being a Christian difficult?2/27/2022
In what ways is becoming a Christian becoming an entirely new man/woman?2/26/2022
If I am saved and all of my sins are forgiven, why not continue to sin?2/25/2022
I’m young. How can I live the Christian life?2/24/2022
I overcame _______ sin. How can I avoid a relapse?2/23/2022
I have sinned. Do I need to be baptized again?2/22/2022
I have just put my faith in Jesus…now what?2/21/2022
I have committed _____ sin. Will God forgive me?2/20/2022
I am a new Christian. What is the next step?2/19/2022
How to fast—what does the Bible say?2/18/2022
How should we live our lives in light of our identity in Christ?2/17/2022
How should I decide how much to tithe?2/16/2022
How should Christians stand up for their faith in such an anti-Christian world?2/15/2022
How should Christians respond when people use God’s name as a curse word?2/14/2022
How should Christians respond to someone who leaves the faith?2/13/2022
How should Christians respond to claims of a recent convert?2/12/2022
How should Christians handle disputes (Matthew 18:15-17)?2/11/2022
How should a Christian view tradition?2/10/2022
How should a Christian view the intellect?2/9/2022
How should a Christian view sportsmanship?2/8/2022
How should a Christian view sports / athletics?2/7/2022
How should a Christian view comedy?2/6/2022
How should a Christian treat his/her boss?2/5/2022
How should a Christian respond to persecution?2/4/2022
How should a Christian respond to all the negativity out there?2/3/2022
How should a Christian relate to non-Christian friends?2/2/2022
How should a Christian deal with feelings of guilt regarding past sins, whether pre- or post-salvation?2/1/2022
How should a believer respond to the characteristics of God?1/31/2022
How interested are Christians supposed to be in the spirit world?1/30/2022
How does God’s sovereignty work with free will?1/29/2022
How does God see me in Christ?1/28/2022
How do I share the gospel with a ______?1/27/2022
How do I share my Christian testimony?1/26/2022
How do I make Jesus Lord of my life?1/25/2022
How do I live my life for God?1/24/2022
How do I know which of God’s promises are for me?1/23/2022
How do I know if I am a Christian?1/22/2022
How do I hear from God?1/21/2022
How do I get a passion for Jesus and keep that passion burning?1/20/2022
How can we rely on the power of God?1/19/2022
How can we recognize the voice of God?1/18/2022
How can we experience true freedom in Christ?1/17/2022
How can I turn all my worries and problems over to God?1/16/2022
How can I tap into the wisdom of God?1/15/2022
How can I take control of my thoughts?1/14/2022
How can I stop doubting Jesus?1/13/2022
How can I stop being a grumpy Christian?1/12/2022
How can I stay focused on Christ?1/11/2022
How can I stay encouraged when finding a good job seems impossible?1/10/2022
How can I see the hand of God moving in my life?1/9/2022
How can I restore my soul?1/8/2022
How can I recognize the guidance of the Holy Spirit?1/7/2022
How can I receive the protection of God?1/6/2022
How can I receive divine guidance?1/5/2022
How can I please God?1/4/2022
How can I overcome the fact that I am struggling with faith?1/3/2022
How can I overcome temptation?1/2/2022
How can I overcome spiritual apathy?1/1/2022
How can I overcome sin in my Christian life?12/31/2021
How can I overcome resistance to change?12/30/2021
How can I overcome peer pressure?12/29/2021
How can I overcome having a critical spirit?12/28/2021
How can I overcome a habitual sin?12/27/2021
How can I overcome a feeling of spiritual emptiness?12/26/2021
How can I meditate on God’s Word?12/25/2021
How can I maintain a good attitude when I am struggling with hormones / hormonal?12/24/2021
How can I live a holy life?12/23/2021
How can I learn to trust that God is in control?12/22/2021
How can I learn to trust in the faithfulness of God?12/21/2021
How can I learn to trust in God?12/20/2021
How can I learn to not take offense at little things?12/19/2021
How can I learn to hate my own sin?12/18/2021
How can I know when God is telling me to do something?12/17/2021
How can I know what pleases God?12/16/2021
How can I know what God’s timing is?12/15/2021
How can I know what God’s plan is?12/14/2021
How can I know the heart of God?12/13/2021
How can I know if I have been reborn?12/12/2021
How can I know if I am hearing God, hearing Satan, or hearing my own thoughts?12/11/2021
How can I know how to properly worship God?12/10/2021
How can I know God’s will for my life?12/9/2021
How can I know for sure that my anger is righteous indignation?12/8/2021
How can I keep the faith?12/7/2021
How can I increase my spiritual discernment?12/6/2021
How can I increase my faith?12/5/2021
How can I help new believers?12/4/2021
How can I have the mind of Christ?12/3/2021
How can I have a closer relationship with God?12/2/2021
How can I glorify God in everything I do?12/1/2021
How can I give my life to God?11/30/2021
How can I get a clear conscience?11/29/2021
How can I gain an eternal perspective on life?11/28/2021
How can I gain a passion for winning souls?11/27/2021
How can I forgive those who sin against me?11/26/2021
How can I find my spiritual calling?11/25/2021
How can I find joy in the midst of trials?11/24/2021
How can I experience true intimacy with God?11/23/2021
How can I experience joy in my Christian life?11/22/2021
How can I evangelize my friends and family members without offending them or pushing them away?11/21/2021
How can I detect a false conversion?11/20/2021
How can I control sinful impulses?11/19/2021
How can I contribute to world evangelism?11/18/2021
How can I become more motivated for soul winning?11/17/2021
How can I become more like Christ?11/16/2021
How can I become more Christ-like?11/15/2021
How can I become a more cheerful giver?11/14/2021
How can I become a Christian?11/13/2021
How can I be an effective witness for Christ in a lost world?11/12/2021
How can I be a good Christian?11/11/2021
How can I avoid enabling someone else’s sin?11/10/2021
How can I achieve victory in Jesus?11/9/2021
How can believers be in the world, but not of the world?11/8/2021
How can a Christian overcome the fear of witnessing?11/7/2021
How can a Christian avoid FOMO (fear of missing out)?11/6/2021
How can a Christian avoid being a doormat for other people?11/5/2021
How are we to submit to God?11/4/2021
Doubting God – how can I overcome doubt in my relationship with God?11/3/2021
Does the Bible make a distinction between the secular and the sacred?11/2/2021
Does the Bible instruct us to have childlike faith?11/1/2021
Does the Bible instruct us to forgive and forget?10/31/2021
Does our tithe all have to go to our church or can part of it go to a Christian ministry?10/30/2021
Does God want us to be happy?10/29/2021
Does God reward us for being obedient to His Word?10/28/2021
Does God promise to not give us more than we can handle?10/27/2021
Does God have a plan for me?10/26/2021
Does a Christian have two natures?10/25/2021
Does a believer have authority over Satan?10/24/2021
Do we sin daily? Is it possible to go an entire day without sinning?10/23/2021
Do we need to confess our sins to those we have sinned against?10/22/2021
Do we need to be aware of the spiritual battle that is taking place around us?10/21/2021
Do Christians sin?10/20/2021
Do Christians have to obey the Old Testament law?10/19/2021
Do Christians have the authority to rebuke the devil?10/18/2021
Christian liberty – what does the Bible say?10/17/2021
Christian fasting – what does the Bible say?10/16/2021
Christian communication – what are the keys?10/15/2021
Can Christians live their best life now?10/14/2021
Are we supposed to let go and let God?10/13/2021
Are we supposed to forgive ourselves?10/12/2021
Are Christians sinners, saints, or both?10/11/2021

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