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6/1/2023Marital Grace
5/31/2023Grace That Releases
5/30/2023Awakening Grace
5/29/2023Modeling Grace Through Disagreeable Times
5/28/2023Agreeing about Disagreements, Part Two
5/27/2023Agreeing about Disagreements, Part One
5/26/2023A Few Actions That Signify Grace
5/25/2023Guiding Grace
5/24/2023Two-Dimensional Grace
5/23/2023Careful Warning to All Who Are Free
5/22/2023Free to Choose Freedom
5/21/2023When God Says Do or Don’t
5/20/2023Free to Eat, or Not
5/19/2023Grace and Freedom
5/18/2023Claiming Our Freedom from Sin’s Control
5/17/2023Four Antilegalistic Strategies
5/16/2023Defining Legalism
5/15/2023Defining Liberty, Part Two
5/14/2023Defining Liberty, Part One
5/13/2023Undeserving, Yet Unconditionally Loved
5/12/2023Practical Suggestions for Guarding Against Extremes
5/11/2023The Inescapable Tension
5/10/2023Alternatives to Grace, Part Two
5/9/2023Alternatives to Grace, Part One
5/8/2023The Risk in Grace
5/7/2023Grace for the Sinful
5/5/2023Grace Unlimited
5/4/2023Grace: A Many Splendored Thing
5/3/2023Understanding Grace
5/2/2023The Power of Grace
5/1/2023Claiming the Package
4/29/2023Ragged Rocks of Adversity
4/27/2023Externals vs. Internals
4/26/2023Time to Toughen Up
4/25/2023From Analysis to Action
4/24/2023A Surprising Answer to Prayer
4/23/2023Their Quest, My Benefit
4/22/2023For Bible Teachers
4/21/2023What Employees Want
4/20/2023The Path to Freedom
4/19/2023Never the Same
4/18/2023Why Drop Everything?
4/17/2023Do What You Can
4/16/2023He Sees It All
4/15/2023God Means It for Good
4/14/2023A Sobering List
4/13/2023Live Like It Today
4/12/2023God Alone Knows Our Future
4/11/2023A Puritan’s Prayer
4/10/2023Crucible of Crises
4/9/2023Risen, Indeed!
4/8/2023A Hope Transfusion
4/7/2023Hope in Dark Places
4/6/2023Refuge Wanted
4/5/2023Two Things God Remembers about His Servants
4/4/2023Three Promises Regarding Our Faithfulness
4/3/2023The Rewards of Serving
4/2/2023Temporal Rewards for Those Who Serve God
4/1/2023God’s Promises Regarding His Faithfulness
3/31/2023God’s Promises for His Servants from Revelation
3/30/2023God Takes Special Note of His Servants
3/29/2023Eternal Rewards for Those Who Serve God
3/28/2023Crowns God Sets Aside for His Servants, Part 2
3/27/2023Crowns God Sets Aside for His Servants, Part 1
3/26/2023Biblical Facts about Rewards, Part 2
3/25/2023Biblical Facts about Rewards, Part 1
3/24/2023The Hardest Part of the Christian Life
3/23/2023Two Truths for Coping with Suffering
3/22/2023Par for the Servanthood Course
3/21/2023Dealing with Physical and Emotional Pain
3/20/2023God’s Faithfulness amidst Our Confusion
3/19/2023Paul Was Normal, Like Us
3/18/2023Illustrating the Consequences of Serving God
3/17/2023Dealing with Rejection
3/16/2023Our Common Struggles: Affliction, Confusion, Persecution
3/15/2023The Dark Side of Serving Others
3/14/2023Responding to Treatment That Is Wrong
3/13/2023Suffering for Doing What Is Right
3/12/2023A Realistic Appraisal of Serving Others
3/11/2023Jesus Values Our Obedience
3/10/2023The Value of Obedience to God
3/9/2023The Strength of Serving Others
3/8/2023Graciously Receiving and Giving
3/7/2023Being a Servant Is Unannounced
3/6/2023Proud Hearts and Dirty Feet
3/5/2023A Self-Description of Jesus
3/4/2023A Servant, not a Superstar
3/3/2023What’s Your Motive?
3/2/2023Three Timely Lessons for God’s Servants
3/1/2023Hidden Greed
2/28/2023Good Will Come
2/27/2023Dealing with Disrespect and Resentment
2/26/2023To Serve and to Give
2/25/2023Feeling Used and Unappreciated
2/24/2023Some Common Misconceptions, Part 2
2/23/2023Some Common Misconceptions, Part 1
2/22/2023The Perils of a Servant
2/21/2023Personal Response to Our Role
2/20/2023The Light of the World
2/19/2023The Salt of the Earth, Part 2
2/18/2023The Salt of the Earth, Part 1
2/17/2023A Critical Appraisal of Our Times
2/16/2023The Keeper of the Spring
2/15/2023The Influence of a Servant
2/14/2023Jesus’ Portrait of a Servant
2/13/2023Spurgeon’s Channel of Encouragement
2/12/2023Persecution and Blessing?
2/11/2023I Know a Peacemaker
2/10/2023The Peacemakers
2/8/2023The Pure in Heart
2/7/2023Mercy Is More Than Words
2/6/2023Ministry to the Miserable
2/5/2023Rewards for Being Different
2/4/2023A Promise for ”Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness”
2/3/2023A Promise for ”The Gentle”
2/2/2023A Promise for ”Those Who Mourn”
2/1/2023A Promise for ”The Poor in Spirit”
1/31/2023The Beatitudes: Three Observations
1/30/2023Jesus’ Command: ”Be Different!”
1/29/2023When You Grow Up
1/28/2023Servanthood Starts in the Mind
1/27/2023Supernatural Ability of the ”Renewed Mind,” Part 2
1/26/2023Supernatural Ability of the ”Renewed Mind,” Part 1
1/25/2023Mental Barriers to God’s Voice, Part 3
1/24/2023Mental Barriers to God’s Voice, Part 2
1/23/2023Mental Barriers to God’s Voice, Part 1
1/22/2023Natural Thinking in Today’s World
1/21/2023A ”Renewed Mind” Is Essential
1/20/2023Blind Loyalty Is Not Servanthood
1/19/2023What Serving Others Doesn’t Mean
1/18/2023Two Questions
1/14/2023Forgetting Your Own Good Deeds
1/13/2023Can We Really Ever Forget?
1/12/2023Forgiving and Forgetting
1/11/2023How to Make Forgiveness Happen
1/10/2023When You Are the Offended, Part 2
1/9/2023When You Are the Offended, Part 1
1/8/2023When You Are the Offender, Part 2
1/7/2023When You Are the Offender, Part 1
1/6/2023A Reason to Forgive
1/5/2023God’s Forgiveness of Us
1/4/2023God’s Required Course: Forgiveness
1/3/2022Being a Giver—Is It Worth It?
1/2/2022Sticking with a Commitment
1/1/2023Making a Thorough Self-Evaluation
12/31/2022What Does Following Christ Cost?
12/30/2022The Authenticity of Our Words
12/29/2022Servants Give Generously
12/28/2022Servants Give Anonymously
12/27/2022Three Basic Ingredients of Servanthood
12/26/2022Humility and Inferiority
12/25/2022A Christmas Masterpiece
12/24/2022Coming In from the Cold
12/23/2022The Servant as a Giver
12/22/2022Maneuvering for Me
12/21/2022The Tune of Self-Interest
12/20/2022The Origin of Self
12/19/2022Three Realms of True Success
12/18/2022The Forgotten Side of Success
12/17/2022I, Me, Mine, Myself
12/16/2022Absolute Honesty
12/15/2022Genuine Humility
12/14/2022Transparent Humanity
12/13/2022A Model Servant
12/12/2022Forgotten Words
12/11/2022The Way Up Is Down
12/10/2022A Servant, Not A Celebrity
12/9/2022God’s Major Objective in Your Life
12/8/2022Reach Out To Others
12/7/2022The Weight Of Worry
12/6/2022Sunrise, Sunset
12/5/2022Money Can’t Buy Everything
12/4/2022Savor Satisfaction
12/3/2022Full Of Grace And Truth
12/2/2022A Fruitful Life
12/1/2022No Island of Second Chance
11/30/2022Free Of Stress
11/29/2022Checking Up on Your Job

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