Bible Question For Today (2022)


12/31/2022What if I don’t feel saved?
12/30/2022Why did God take Elijah to heaven in a chariot of fire?
12/29/2022Is God perfect?
12/28/2022Should a Christian mortgage a home?
12/27/2022What does it mean to shake the dust off your feet?
12/26/2022Should Christians wear masks during a pandemic?
12/25/2022Is it wrong to be frustrated with God?
12/24/2022What are the seven deadly sins?
12/23/2022Was King Saul saved?
12/22/2022Does praying Scripture have greater effectiveness than other prayers?
12/21/2022How should Christians discipline their children?
12/20/2022What does it mean for a Christian to grow in faith?
12/19/2022What does it mean that Satan wanted to sift Peter as wheat?
12/18/2022What is the significance that “He gives more grace”?
12/17/2022What are the promises of God?
12/16/2022What was the significance of the new moon in Bible times?
12/15/2022What does it mean that the Father is the first Person of the Trinity?
12/14/2022What is the meaning of “despising the shame” in Hebrews 12:2?
12/13/2022Is abortion murder?
12/12/2022Should a Christian be a radical?
12/11/2022Does God have favorites?
12/10/2022What does it mean that salvation is by grace through faith?
12/9/2022What is the power of His resurrection?
12/8/2022Is there a difference between sex and gender, biblically speaking?
12/7/2022What is the New King James Version (NKJV)?
12/6/2022Are people who claim to talk to God insane?
12/5/2022Why is so much of the world still unevangelized?
12/4/2022What does it mean that a woman should cover her head because of the angels?
12/3/2022Are mission boards biblical?
12/2/2022What happened to the lost tribes of Israel?
12/1/2022What does the Bible say about confidentiality?
11/30/2022What are some Bible verses about backsliding?
11/29/2022What does the Bible say about capitalism?
11/28/2022What does the Bible say about controlling your temper?
11/27/2022What does it mean that a soft answer turns away wrath?
11/26/2022What is contemporary theology?
11/25/2022What does the Bible say about a wife changing her last name at marriage?
11/24/2022What is the key to hearing God’s voice?
11/23/2022What does it mean that God’s Word is settled in heaven?
11/22/2022Is it wrong for a Christian to be a fan of superhero fiction?
11/21/2022What does it mean that he who endures to the end will be saved?
11/20/2022Why do some churches thrive while others die?
11/19/2022Is christening in the Bible?
11/18/2022How many siblings did Jesus have?
11/17/2022What does it mean that if you draw near to God, He will draw near to you?
11/16/2022What are some Bible verses about divorce?
11/15/2022Why did Jesus curse the fig tree?
11/14/2022Are there different types of demons?
11/13/2022How can I know for sure that my anger is righteous indignation?
11/12/2022What does it mean to cry out to the Lord?
11/11/2022Do we need to confess our sins to those we have sinned against?
11/10/2022Should Christian women wear makeup or jewelry?
11/9/2022What does the Christian fish symbol mean (ixthus / icthus)?
11/8/2022What does it mean that God is our refuge and strength and an ever-present help in trouble?
11/7/2022What is the Apostolic Church, and what do Apostolics believe?
11/6/2022What is Branhamism?
11/5/2022What does it mean that “even in laughter the heart may ache”?
11/4/2022What is a holy convocation?
11/3/2022What does it mean to be absent from the body?
11/2/2022How should I understand the concept of the Father God?
11/1/2022How did Jesus fulfill the meanings of the Jewish feasts?
10/31/2022Is Angelica Zambrano’s testimony of experiencing heaven and hell biblically sound?
10/30/2022What was Jesus’ mission?
10/29/2022What is the Great White Throne Judgment?
10/28/2022What does Immanuel mean?
10/27/2022Why should we study the Old Testament?
10/26/2022What does it mean that Christ is in us?
10/25/2022Why is it important to be familiar with church history?
10/24/2022Is God sovereign or do we have a free will?
10/23/2022What does the Bible say about pain?
10/22/2022What is Ramadan?
10/21/2022How should a Christian view climate change?
10/20/2022What is the kenosis? What does it mean that Jesus emptied Himself?
10/19/2022What is the valley of decision?
10/18/2022How, why, and when did Satan fall from heaven?
10/17/2022What is the definition of exhortation?
10/16/2022Why did Nathaniel ask, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth”
10/15/2022What is Islamism vs Islam?
10/14/2022What does quicken mean in the Bible?
10/13/2022Should Christians care about physical appearance?
10/12/2022What does it mean to glorify God?
10/11/2022What does God mean when He says, “my ways are higher than your ways”?
10/10/2022What is the difference between natural evil and moral evil?
10/9/2022What is faith promise giving, and is it biblical?
10/8/2022What does Peter mean when he tells us to make our calling and election sure in 2 Peter 1:10?
10/7/2022Is there anything God cannot do?
10/6/2022Why is idol worship such a powerful temptation?
10/5/2022What does it mean that the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth?
10/4/2022Who baptized John the Baptist?
10/3/2022What is Juneteenth? How should a Christian celebrate Juneteenth?
10/2/2022How will rivers of living water flow from believers?
10/1/2022Why did Jesus entrust Mary to the apostle John instead of to His brothers?
9/30/2022What does it mean that he who wins souls is wise?
9/29/2022Does Egyptology confirm or deny the biblical record?
9/28/2022What is the serenity prayer?
9/27/2022Is intinction the correct way to do communion?
9/26/2022How can a church survive/recover when a pastor leaves?
9/25/2022What does the Bible say about brokenness?
9/24/2022Have the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah been found along with evidence they were destroyed by a meteor?
9/23/2022What does the Bible say about palm reading?
9/22/2022What does the Bible say about busyness / being too busy?
9/21/2022What is the Mount of Transfiguration?
9/20/2022Was Jesus Christ married?
9/19/2022What are the religious / spiritual beliefs of Native Americans?
9/18/2022What is the Moral argument for the existence of God?
9/17/2022When did Jesus know that He was God?
9/16/2022Why do many cities have a First Baptist Church and a Second Baptist Church?
9/15/2022What is mammon?
9/14/2022Who were the 70 (or 72) disciples in Luke 10?
9/13/2022What is the Great White Throne Judgment?
9/12/2022Why does God allow sickness?
9/11/2022How and to whom did Jesus pay our ransom?
9/10/2022Is handing out gospel tracts a good evangelism method?
9/9/2022What does it mean that “where your treasure is there will your heart be also”?
9/8/2022Does God killing people make Him a murderer?
9/7/2022What are the essentials of the Christian faith?
9/6/2022What did Jesus mean when He said, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood”?
9/5/2022Why did oaths involve putting a hand under someone’s thigh?
9/4/2022What is biblical hermeneutics?
9/3/2022What are the causes and solutions for a hardened heart?
9/2/2022What is the meaning of “I believe; help my unbelief”?
9/1/2022What is Semi-Arianism?
8/31/2022What is the bottomless pit?
8/30/2022What is apocatastasis, and is it biblical?
8/29/2022What was a shepherd in the Bible?
8/28/2022Is it wrong to question God?
8/27/2022What is the meaning of BC and AD (B.C. and A.D.)?
8/26/2022What is the meaning of the Greek word apostello?
8/25/2022What is the meaning of the blood of Christ?
8/24/2022Why is being a good person not enough to get you into heaven?
8/23/2022Are there any true differences between millennials and people from other generations?
8/22/2022What is scientism?
8/21/2022What is neurotheology?
8/20/2022What does it mean that life is a vapor?
8/19/2022What is negative theology?
8/18/2022How do we know God’s dominion shall endure until the end?
8/17/2022What does the Bible say about laziness?
8/16/2022What prophecy is Matthew 2:23 referring to regarding Jesus being a Nazarene?
8/15/2022Is there a difference in meaning between Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus?
8/14/2022What was the first / original church?
8/13/2022The patience of Job—why is Job famous for being patient?
8/12/2022Are all prosperity preachers charlatans and/or false teachers?
8/11/2022What is biblical hermeneutics?
8/10/2022When did the separation of humanity into Jews and Gentiles occur?
8/9/2022Is the idea of seven heavens / the seventh heaven biblical?
8/8/2022What is the Pistis Sophia?
8/7/2022What happened on Paul’s second missionary journey?
8/6/2022Is eternal security a “license” to sin?
8/5/2022What does it mean that the Bible is infallible?
8/4/2022What is grounding / earthing, and is it biblical?
8/3/2022Did the Romans give Jesus 39 lashes?
8/2/2022What is demythologization?
8/1/2022What does the Bible say about ordination?
7/31/2022What is the tongue of the learned?
7/30/2022Who was Corrie ten Boom?
7/29/2022What did Jesus mean when He said, “Take up your cross and follow Me”?
7/28/2022What does the Bible say about cowardice or being a coward?
7/27/2022What is Provisionism?
7/26/2022How do I convert to Christianity?
7/25/2022What is the meaning of the Valley of Dry Bones in Ezekiel 37?
7/24/2022How should a Christian respond to beggars?
7/23/2022What is the spirit of wisdom and revelation in Ephesians 1:17?
7/22/2022What is going to happen according to end times prophecy?
7/21/2022What does it mean to strain at a gnat but swallow a camel?
7/20/2022What does it mean that we should not let our left hand know what our right hand is doing?
7/19/2022How should a Christian respond to beggars?
7/18/2022How can I prepare myself for marriage?
7/17/2022What does the Bible say about overcoming grief?
7/16/2022Why is Jesus going to return on a white horse?
7/15/2022What is a biblical theology of work?
7/14/2022What does it mean that judgment begins at the house of God?
7/13/2022What is the meaning of exousia in the Bible?
7/12/2022What does it mean that God will not despise a broken spirit and contrite heart?
7/11/2022What are some Bible verses about lying?
7/10/2022What does it mean that judgment begins at the house of God?
7/9/2022Who helped Jesus carry the cross?
7/8/2022What is the definition of godspeed / god speed?
7/7/2022Why are church business meetings necessary?
7/6/2022Does God care about the little things that happen in our lives?
7/5/2022Is a house dedication a biblical concept?
7/4/2022What does Peter mean when he tells us to make our calling and election sure?
7/3/2022What are biblical grounds for divorce?
7/2/2022What is the origin of Christianity?
7/1/2022Why are Christians homophobic?
6/30/2022Is it biblical to light candles for the dead?
6/29/2022What does the Bible say about self-righteousness?
6/28/2022Who was Tertullian?
6/27/2022What are the different theories of biblical inspiration?
6/26/2022Should Christians homeschool their children?
6/25/2022Why did God send an evil spirit to torment King Saul?
6/24/2022Is it ever appropriate to take a single verse of Scripture out of its context?
6/23/2022Why are Christians so judgmental?
6/22/2022What is the history of the Orthodox Church?
6/21/2022Did Jesus have long hair?
6/20/2022What does the Bible say about hacking?
6/19/2022Why did God allow Solomon to have 1,000 wives and concubines?
6/18/2022How can I recognize the guidance of the Holy Spirit?
6/17/2022Should a Christian declare bankruptcy?
6/16/2022What is the Gathering of Christ Church?
6/15/2022What is the meaning and importance of the Last Supper?
6/14/2022What is an avenger of blood in the Bible?
6/13/2022What is the Process Church of The Final Judgment?
6/12/2022Are there different types of demons?
6/11/2022What does it mean not to give the appearance of evil?
6/10/2022Why did the sacrificial system require a blood sacrifice?
6/9/2022What is lovingkindness in the Bible?
6/8/2022What does it mean to be overrighteous and overwise?
6/7/2022What does it mean that Jesus is Lord?
6/6/2022What is the rhema word?
6/5/2022What does it mean that eyes have not seen what God has planned for those who love Him?
6/4/2022What does it mean to guard your heart?
6/3/2022Who was the oldest man in the Bible?
6/2/2022What does the Bible say about sexual assault?
6/1/2022What does the Bible say about conflict resolution?
5/31/2022What is Fideism?
5/30/2022Is it wrong to kill spiders or step on bugs?
5/29/2022Why is eating dairy products and meat in the same meal considered not kosher?
5/28/2022What does it mean to mount up with wings like eagles?
5/27/2022How transparent should church finances be?
5/26/2022Should a church close due to inclement weather?
5/25/2022What is the Mirror Bible/Mirror Word?
5/24/2022What does the Bible say about nepotism?
5/23/2022How should a Christian respond to illegal immigrants?
5/22/2022Can a Christian support PETA?
5/21/2022What caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?
5/20/2022Does God reward us for being obedient to His Word?
5/19/2022Why did God use a locust swarm to punish Israel?
5/18/2022Is Joel 1:4 referring to literal locusts? When was this prophecy fulfilled?
5/17/2022What is the meaning of “where two or three are gathered”?
5/16/2022Will Jesus still have the scars of crucifixion in heaven?
5/15/2022Does God cry?
5/14/2022Does God have emotions?
5/13/2022Is suffering for Christ always going to be a part of being a follower of Christ?
5/12/2022How did Jesus bring joy to the world?
5/11/2022What does the Bible say about suicide?
5/10/2022What is the Liberal Catholic Church?
5/9/2022Is there a difference in meaning between Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus?
5/8/2022How should a Christian respond to bullying?
5/7/2022Do I have to believe the Bible is inerrant to be saved?
5/6/2022How should a Christian gun owner respond to government gun confiscation?
5/5/2022Have the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah been found along with evidence they were destroyed by a meteor?
5/4/2022What does the Bible say about venting?
5/3/2022Did Jesus drink wine/alcohol?
5/2/2022What does the Bible say about drinking alcohol / wine?
5/1/2022Does the Bible say anything about miming?
4/30/2022Does the Bible support Communism?
4/29/2022What does it mean that God is the Ancient of Days?
4/28/2022Is it wrong for a Christian to be depressed?
4/27/2022Why would God allow Covid-19?
4/26/2022Can God save me?
4/25/2022Is a backsliding Christian still saved?
4/24/2022Why does Christ’s righteousness need to be imputed to us?
4/23/2022What was the star of Bethlehem?
4/22/2022What is the Massacre of the Innocents?
4/21/2022Does the Bible contain errors, contradictions, or discrepancies?
4/20/2022What are the seven dispensations?
4/19/2022Who was Clarence Larkin?
4/18/2022What does it mean that we have eternity in our hearts?
4/17/2022How is sorrow better than laughter?
4/16/2022What is an Easter Vigil?
4/15/2022What is sacerdotalism?
4/14/2022Are black people cursed?
4/13/2022Is Jesus Michael the Archangel?
4/12/2022I am in the process of getting a divorce. Can I start dating, or do I have to wait until the divorce is final?
4/11/2022What are archangels?
4/10/2022Should a Christian be a monk?
4/9/2022What did Jesus mean when He said to “not cast your pearls before swine”?
4/8/2022What does it mean to love your neighbor as you love yourself?
4/7/2022What is the meaning of life?
4/6/2022Why was the fire in the altar to burn continuously?
4/5/2022What is the meaning of the strange fire?
4/4/2022What is the peace that passes all understanding?
4/3/2022What did Jesus mean when He said ‘Let the dead bury the dead’?
4/2/2022What does it mean that Jesus had nowhere to lay his head?
4/1/2022What does it mean to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves?
3/31/2022What did Jesus mean when He said, “He who is not with Me is against Me”?
3/30/2022Was it unfair for God to allow Job to suffer over what was basically an argument between God and Satan?
3/29/2022What does it mean that “the smoking flax He will not quench”?
3/28/2022What does diadem mean in the Bible?
3/27/2022Why did David choose five smooth stones before going to fight Goliath?
3/26/2022What was Abraham’s religion before God called him?
3/25/2022What are the 95 Theses of Martin Luther?
3/24/2022Do the souls of aborted babies go to heaven?
3/23/2022How could David be considered a man after God’s own heart?
3/22/2022What does it mean that Jesus had nowhere to lay his head?
3/21/2022Does marriage hinder your relationship with God?
3/20/2022What should be the Christian view of romance?
3/19/2022What was the significance of the anointed priest?
3/18/2022What is propitiation?
3/17/2022What are the various theories on the atonement?
3/16/2022Was Jesus white?
3/15/2022Was Jesus black?
3/14/2022Are there any black people mentioned in the Bible?
3/13/2022Was Jesus rich/wealthy?
3/12/2022What is a covenant?
3/11/2022What is the concept of the vicarious atonement?
3/10/2022What happened at the Pool of Siloam?
3/9/2022What are watchmen in the Bible?
3/8/2022What does it mean that there is no fear in love?
3/7/2022What is the significance of Megiddo in the Bible?
3/6/2022What does the Bible say about being a godly man?
3/5/2022What does the Bible say about hospitality?
3/4/2022What is the Evangelical Covenant Church?
3/3/2022Why did God allow Solomon to have 1,000 wives and concubines?
3/2/2022How should Christians respond to people who annoy them?
3/1/2022What is miracle money, and is it biblical to seek it?
2/28/2022What does the Bible mean when it speaks against haughty eyes?
2/27/2022Does the Bible make a distinction between the secular and the sacred?
2/26/2022What does it mean that Saul/Paul was a chosen vessel?
2/25/2022What does it mean that we do not fight against flesh and blood?
2/24/2022What is the biblical stance on artificial insemination?
2/23/2022What similarities are there between the Enuma Elish and the Genesis creation account?
2/22/2022What was the first sin?
2/21/2022Is Zechariah 11:12-13 a Messianic prophecy?
2/20/2022What is a pastoral search committee?
2/19/2022Who are the Jehovah’s Witnesses and what are their beliefs?
2/18/2022Where does the saying “He is risen; He is risen, indeed” come from?
2/17/2022Why does God allow people to mock Him?
2/16/2022What does the Bible say about ambition?
2/15/2022What does the Bible say about vampires?
2/14/2022What is the meaning of spiritual rebirth?
2/13/2022What is the unpardonable sin / unforgivable sin?
2/12/2022What is a biblical theology of work?
2/11/2022What is the prayer of faith?
2/10/2022How should Christians view weapons of mass destruction?
2/9/2022Should everyone have a quiver full of children (Psalm 127:5)?
2/8/2022Can/should a Christian who is a virgin marry someone who is not a virgin?
2/7/2022What is the curse of the law?
2/6/2022Why did God speak to Moses out of the burning bush?
2/5/2022What is the correct interpretation of John 20:23?
2/4/2022What is the age of the universe?
2/3/2022Is cessationism biblical? What is a cessationist?
2/2/2022Where does the Old Testament predict the coming of Jesus Christ?
2/1/2022What does it mean that the house of prayer had been turned into a den of thieves?
1/31/2022What is the fruit of the Holy Spirit?
1/30/2022What did Jesus mean when He said, “I never knew you. Depart from me”?
1/29/2022What is a spiritual breakthrough?
1/28/2022What was the relationship between David and Jonathan?
1/27/2022What is Trinitarianism?
1/26/2022What do the Jehovah’s Witnesses believe about the 144,000 and a heavenly/earthly hope?
1/25/2022Why did Moses have to wear a veil?
1/24/2022If a Christian commits suicide, is he/she still saved?
1/23/2022Why did Job’s wife tell him to curse God and die?
1/22/2022What does it mean to come boldly to the throne of grace (Hebrews 4:16)?
1/21/2022What does it mean that there is a time to tear and a time to mend (Ecclesiastes 3:7)?
1/20/2022When and why was Saul’s name changed to Paul?
1/19/2022Should we read other books, or just the Bible?
1/18/2022What is the gospel of inclusion?
1/17/2022What is the difference between a sect and a cult?
1/16/2022What is the definition of theology?
1/15/2022What does it mean that Job repented in dust and ashes?
1/14/2022Why is the firstborn so important in the Bible?
1/13/2022What does it mean that God is omnibenevolent?
1/12/2022Is the war in heaven in Revelation 12 describing Satan’s original fall or an end times angelic battle?
1/11/2022Lucid dreaming – what is it?
1/10/2022When we confess our sins to God, how detailed do we need to be?
1/9/2022What is the meaning of Christus Victor?
1/8/2022What does the Bible say about false prophets?
1/7/2022What does the Bible say about obeying parents?
1/6/2022Is atheism a religion?
1/5/2022Did David rape Bathsheba?
1/4/2022What are some Bible verses about dancing?
1/3/2022Does Egyptology confirm or deny the biblical record?
1/2/2022What is the significance of the city of Rome in the Bible?
1/1/2022What is Doctrine and Covenants in Mormonism?

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