11/25/2022 What Is The Second Death?

By Got Questions The second death is mentioned on multiple occasions in the book of Revelation and is synonymous with the lake of fire. It is a “death” in that it is a separation from God, the Giver of life. It is called the “second” one because it follows physical death. Revelation 21:8 explains the secondContinue reading “11/25/2022 What Is The Second Death?”

11/24/2022 What Is Eternal Death?

By Got Questions In short, eternal death is the fate that awaits all people who ultimately reject God, reject the gospel of His Son, Jesus Christ, and remain in their sin and disobedience. Physical death is a one-time experience. Eternal death, on the other hand, is everlasting. It is a death that continues through eternity,Continue reading “11/24/2022 What Is Eternal Death?”

11/23/2022 Is It Biblical To Say ‘Rest In Peace’ (RIP) In Regards To Someone Who Has Died?

By Got Questions The acronym RIP (or R.I.P.) is often seen carved on tombstones, and the words rest in peace are often heard at wakes and funerals. It comes from the Latin blessing requiescat in pace (literally, “may he begin to rest in peace”). Is it biblical to say, “Rest in peace”? The expression “rest in peace” is neverContinue reading “11/23/2022 Is It Biblical To Say ‘Rest In Peace’ (RIP) In Regards To Someone Who Has Died?”

11/22/2022 What Does The Bible Say About Soul Sleep?

By Got Questions “Soul sleep” is a belief that after a person dies, his/her soul “sleeps” until the resurrection and final judgment. The concept of “soul sleep” is not biblical. When the Bible describes a person “sleeping” in relation to death (Luke 8:52; 1 Corinthians 15:6), it does not mean literal sleep. Sleeping is just aContinue reading “11/22/2022 What Does The Bible Say About Soul Sleep?”

11/21/2022 What Happens After Death?

By Got Questions Within the Christian faith, there is a significant amount of confusion regarding what happens after death. Some hold that after death, everyone “sleeps” until the final judgment, after which everyone will be sent to heaven or hell. Others believe that at the moment of death, people are instantly judged and sent toContinue reading “11/21/2022 What Happens After Death?”

11/20/2022 Is It Wrong To Want To Die?

By Got Questions Many people who are suffering from terminal illness, painful conditions, or intense sadness or emotional pain want to die. Those who are suffering wonder if they can just ask God to take their lives. Is this a form of suicide? Will God take us to heaven if we pray to die? TheContinue reading “11/20/2022 Is It Wrong To Want To Die?”

November 20, 2022 Call To Worship

If you cannot attend your usual home church this coming Sunday, please use this Worship Service Plan to conduct and enjoy a service on your own. This Worship Service Plan is useful for anyone anywhere, whether individuals, shut-ins, your family gathered in the den, a nursing facility of sick & elderly, you and your neighbors sitting in the backyard, or any group of believers who share a need to gather and praise and worship The Lord God.

11/19/2022 What Does The Bible Say About Near Death Experiences?

By Got Questions A near-death experience (NDE) is when a person is at the brink of death and, upon recovery, reports an unusual occurrence, generally an out-of-body experience or some sort of vision of heaven or hell. There is no specific scriptural support for near-death experiences. Many people use 2 Corinthians 12:2-5 as a biblical proof textContinue reading “11/19/2022 What Does The Bible Say About Near Death Experiences?”

11/18/2022 How Can I Find Comfort When An Unsaved Loved One Has Died?

By Got Questions For the believer, the death of an unsaved loved one is very difficult. Sometimes it seems we will never find comfort or peace of mind when we know the destiny awaiting the unsaved. When a saved loved one dies, we miss him, but we do not grieve “as others who have noContinue reading “11/18/2022 How Can I Find Comfort When An Unsaved Loved One Has Died?”

11/17/2022 How Should Christian Parents Handle The Death Of A Child?

By Got Questions As parents, we cannot imagine a more traumatic experience than the death of a child. All parents naturally expect their children to outlive them. Such a loss is an extraordinary, out-of-order event that brings with it an overwhelming sense of pain and lingering grief. It is a life-altering experience that presents uniqueContinue reading “11/17/2022 How Should Christian Parents Handle The Death Of A Child?”