11/19/2021 Should A Christian Co-sign On A Loan?

By Got Questions In answer to the question of whether a Christian should co-sign a loan, the passages from the wisdom literature in the book of Proverbs come to mind. If one believes in the inspiration of the Scripture (that it is God-breathed), even Solomon’s words of wisdom come from God. Proverbs 22:26-27 states, “Do not beContinue reading “11/19/2021 Should A Christian Co-sign On A Loan?”

11/18/2021 How Should A Christian Respond To Bullying?

By Got Questions Although we do not find the word bullying in the Bible, we do find the word brutish, a synonym of the brutal thuggery associated with thieves, assassins, and savage beasts (Psalm 49:10; Proverbs 12:1; Isaiah 19:11). The Hebrew and Greek words translated “brute” or “brutish” mean “stupid, foolish, and irrational, as cattle.” We can derive from thisContinue reading “11/18/2021 How Should A Christian Respond To Bullying?”

November 21, 2021 Call To Worship

If you cannot attend your usual home church this coming Sunday, please use this Worship Service Plan to conduct and enjoy a service on your own. This Worship Service Plan is useful for anyone anywhere, whether individuals, shut-ins, your family gathered in the den, a nursing facility of sick & elderly, you and your neighbors sitting in the backyard, or any group of believers who share a need to gather and praise and worship The Lord God.

11/17/2021 Should A Christian Be A Republican Or A Democrat?

By Got Questions As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization, Got Questions Ministries is not allowed to endorse political parties or candidates. We can, however, speak for or against certain political issues. In all actuality, though, few political issues are truly spiritual issues. As an example, we may prefer lower taxes, but the Bible does notContinue reading “11/17/2021 Should A Christian Be A Republican Or A Democrat?”

11/16/2021 Should A Christian Own Weapons?

By Got Questions Due to the growing level of violence in our world and the extolment of peace in Scripture, there is much debate among Christians regarding whether it is appropriate for a Christian to own weapons. However, a comprehensive look at the Bible offers insight regarding historic practices that inform this issue today. WeContinue reading “11/16/2021 Should A Christian Own Weapons?”

11/15/2021 Is It Okay To Get Tattoos If They Are Of A Christian Nature?

By Got Questions As a background, please read our article on “What does the Bible say about tattoos and body piercings?“. Beyond the general theme of that article, there is the question of Christian tattoos. Do the same principles apply to tattoos that are of a Christian nature, such as a cross, a Christian slogan,Continue reading “11/15/2021 Is It Okay To Get Tattoos If They Are Of A Christian Nature?”

11/14/2021 How Can I Quit Smoking?

By Got Questions Many Christians who have been heavy smokers for years can readily empathize with the plight of anyone trying to quit smoking and can fully understand the struggle experienced by those who desire to quit. Quitting is certainly not easy, but it can be done. Many two-pack-a-day smokers are now smoke-free and canContinue reading “11/14/2021 How Can I Quit Smoking?”

11/13/2021 How Should A Christian Respond To Contracting A Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)?

By Got Questions Since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:17; Romans 5:12), sin has created heartache and suffering for human beings. Disease, including sexually transmitted diseases, is one of the consequences of sin. A sexually transmitted disease (STD) is not a worse disease than any other. But the circumstances that ledContinue reading “11/13/2021 How Should A Christian Respond To Contracting A Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)?”

11/12/2021 How Can I Trust God When I Am Facing Unemployment, Foreclosure, Or Bankruptcy?

By Got Questions The loss of employment and/or income is one of the most distressing events in life, especially for those supporting a family. Foreclosure on the family home or having to declare bankruptcy due to unemployment adds additional fear, uncertainty, and emotional turmoil. For the Christian man or woman facing unemployment, foreclosure or bankruptcy,Continue reading “11/12/2021 How Can I Trust God When I Am Facing Unemployment, Foreclosure, Or Bankruptcy?”

Guidelines For Living

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