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Due to the broad range of interests by such a large audience, there are over 10,000 pages of information either stored in this site or linked to by this site. This necessitates a sophisticated, menu driven, method for locating and retrieving the desired content you seek. There are menus located at the top of each section as well as at the bottom. Many items in the menu at the top are pull-down selections. When you click on an item such as Worship, it displays a list of further choices, such as Music, Prayer Aids, etc. The menu at the bottom of the section displays every item as well as the items within items such as the one for Worship.

Please take some time to roam around this site. Be sure to click on each item in the MenuBar at the top of each page.

Explore Some Of The Things You Can Do

Here are just a few of some of the resources and services we provide. Please explore and you will discover many more along the way. When you see a path such as MenuBar/Prayer/Submit A Prayer Request it simply means to go to the MenuBar at either the top or bottom of every page, hover your mouse pointer over Prayer and move down in the menu list and click on Submit A Prayer Request.

What Do You Need To Know Or Do?MenuBar Path
I need help with a technical issue.MenuBar/Help/Contact Technical Support
Who is FaithByTheWorks? Who started it and why?MenuBar/About This Ministry/About FaithByTheWord
How will this site help me fellowship with God?MenuBar/Fellowship/The Myths, The Truths, The Method
I need help with finding a resource on this site.MenuBar/Help/Contact Help Desk
How do I submit a Prayer Request.MenuBar/Prayer/Submit A Prayer Request
Does this site have a Facebook page?MenuBar/Facebook/FaithByTheWord
Can this site help me improve my prayer life?MenuBar/Prayer/Understanding Prayer & How To Pray
I have not meditated in the past. Why should I now?MenuBar/Meditation/Why Meditate?
Do you recommend any good Christian Devotions?MenuBar/Devotions
My church is closed due to the coronavirus. I would like to lead a service for my family and neighbors.MenuBar/Worship/Planning A Public Worship Service
I want to lead a Worship Service for my neighborhood every week.MenuBar/Worship/Planning A Public Worship Service/Introducing Weekly Sunday Worship Services
I want to get to know The Bible much better. How do I get started?MenuBar/The Word/For The First Time Reader
I am unfamiliar with Bible Prophecy. I have questions about death & dying, heaven, hell, judgement, and eternity.MenuBar/The Promise
I think I am saved and will go to heaven when I die but how can I make sure?MenuBar/The Plan/How You Can Go To Heaven
I have a friend that does not know Jesus. How can I help him?MenuBar/The Way
I don’t understand why things are happening the way they are. Can’t God help?MenuBar/Encouragement/Music, Word, and Testimonies Of Encouragement/When You Don’t Understand God
I am depressed and need something to lift me up.MenuBar/Encouragement/Music, Word, and Testimonies Of Encouragement/When You Are Depressed
I’m a little set in my ways. I need a little inspiration.MenuBar/Inspiration
I have questions about lots of things too numerous to mention here. Where can I look for answers without jumping all over the internet?MenuBar/Wisdom/Q&A
There are so many resources on the internet to help me in my walk of faith but you can’t trust every website you see. Do you have any recommendations?MenuBar/Resources
I am looking for reading material so I can study on my own.MenuBar/Resources/Booklets
I need online Bible Study Tools like a commentary, dictionary, etc.MenuBar/Resources/Library
What are the Christian beliefs for The FaithByTheWord Ministry?MenuBar/About This Ministry/Our Christian Beliefs
Why is this site called FaithByTheWord?MenuBar/About This Ministry/About FaithByTheWord
I need to talk to someone on the phone to learn more about this ministry.MenuBar/Contacts Us/Contact Us By Phone Or Email
Is there any way to send an email request?MenuBar/Contacts Us/Contact Us By Phone Or Email
There are so many enhancements made to this site every week. How can I find out what’s new with the least effort?MenuBar/What’s New?
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