10/26/2020 How Do God’s Sovereignty And Humanity’s Free Will Work Together In Salvation?

How does God's sovereignty work together with free will? | 412teens.org

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It is impossible for us to fully understand the relationship between God’s sovereignty and man’s free will and responsibility. Only God truly knows how they work together in His plan of salvation. With this doctrine, probably more so than with any other, it is crucially important to admit our inability to fully grasp the nature of God and our relationship with Him. Going too far to either side results in a distorted understanding of salvation.

Scripture is clear that God determines who will be saved (Romans 8:291 Peter 1:2). Ephesians 1:4 tells us that God chose us “before the creation of the world.” The Bible repeatedly describes believers as the “chosen” (Romans 8:3311:5Ephesians 1:11Colossians 3:121 Thessalonians 1:41 Peter 1:22:9) and the “elect” (Matthew 24:2231Mark 13:2027Romans 11:71 Timothy 5:212 Timothy 2:10Titus 1:11 Peter 1:1). The fact that believers are predestined (Romans 8:29-30Ephesians 1:511) and elected for salvation (Romans 9:1111:282 Peter 1:10) is clear.

The Bible also says that we are responsible for receiving Christ as Savior. If we believe in Jesus Christ we will be saved (John 3:16Romans 10:9-10). God knows who will be saved and God chooses who will be saved, and we must choose Christ in order to be saved. How these facts work together is impossible for a finite mind to comprehend (Romans 11:33-36). Our responsibility is to take the gospel to the world (Matthew 28:18-20Acts 1:8). We should leave foreknowledge, election, and predestination up to God and simply be obedient in sharing the gospel.

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