Bible Fact For Today

10/17/2021Do you know how many prophecies Jesus fulfilled?
10/16/2021Do you know how the apostle Peter died?
10/15/2021Do you know how often the Lord’s Supper / Communion should be observed?
10/14/2021Do you know how many wives did King David had?
10/13/2021Do you know how the things Jesus said and did when He was alone got recorded in the Gospels?
10/12/2021Do you know how much power Satan possesses?
10/11/2021Do you know how long Jesus was on the cross?
10/10/2021Do you know what made Jesus different from other religious leaders?
10/9/2021Do You Know That Even In Their Innocence Adam and Eve Knew Right From Wrong?

Published by Pastor Dave Winstead

I am the Family Care Pastor at Harvest Baptist Church in Burlington, NC.

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