Bible Fact For Today

12/3/2023Do you know the difference between faith and hope?
12/2/2023Do you know why Amos kept repeating “for three sins . . . even for four”?
12/1/2023Do you know why God required animal sacrifices in the Old Testament?
11/30/2023Do you know what the mercy seat is?
11/29/2023Do you know the significance of the horns of the altar?
11/28/2023Do you know what an altar is?
11/27/2023Do you know what the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night signified?
11/26/2023Do You Know The Origins Of Easter?
11/25/2023Do you know many times God has sent fire from heaven?
11/24/2023Do you know why Jesus’ sacrifice was better than the Levitical sacrifices?
11/23/2023Do you know how DNA points to the existence of a Creator?
11/22/2023Do you know the different names of God and what they mean?
11/21/2023Do you know the concept of the Father God?
11/20/2023Do you know how Catholics are able to perform exorcisms if many of their beliefs are unbiblical?
11/19/2023Do you know which blessings God promised Israel for obedience?
11/18/2023Do you know how the laws of God could be written on doorframes, gates, and foreheads?
11/17/2023Do you know the significance of the Babylonian Empire in biblical history?
11/16/2023Do you know how tall Goliath was?
11/15/2023Do you know who were the twelve tribes of Israel?
11/14/2023Do you know the difference between the ceremonial law, the moral law, and the judicial law in the Old Testament?
11/13/2023Do you know the difference between laws, commands, commandments, decrees, and statutes?
11/12/2023Do you know how Moses wrote Deuteronomy if it records his death?
11/11/2023Do you know what the gates of hell are?
11/10/2023Do you know where hell is located?
11/9/2023Do you know if hell is literally a place of fire and brimstone?
11/8/2023Do you know when was hell created?
11/7/2023Do you know what hell looks like and feels like?
11/6/2023Do you know how long Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden?
11/5/2023Do you know the purpose for why Jacob wrestled with God?
11/4/2023Do you know how long Joseph was in prison?
11/3/2023Do you know what the mark was that God put on Cain?
11/2/2023Do you know how many brothers King David had?
11/1/2023Do you know how I can express my doubt to God without offending Him?
10/31/2023Do you know the meaning of the blood of Christ?
10/30/2023Do you know about any of the exciting discoveries in biblical archaeology?
10/29/2023Do you know why Jesus asked God to “let this cup pass from me”?
10/28/2023Do you know what happened to the Ark of the Covenant?
10/27/2023Do You Know How To Keep Your Identity In Marriage?
10/26/2023Do you know how many times did Moses ascend Mount Sinai?
10/25/2023Do you know how many times Jerusalem has been destroyed?
10/24/2023Do you know how many times Jesus predicted His death?
10/23/2023Do you know how Jesus could say, “Your sins are forgiven,” before He died on the cross?
10/22/2023Do you know how the Bible can bring comfort during a difficult time?
10/21/2023Do you know how and to whom Jesus paid our ransom?
10/20/2023Do you know how you can know if you have received a call to ministry?
10/19/2023Do you know how personal and private sins affect others?
10/18/2023Do you know how a Christian should view the intellect?
10/17/2023Do you know how to survive trying to raise a teenager?
10/16/2023Do you know how Job could say, “Though He slay me, I will trust in Him”?
10/15/2023Do you know how God’s mercy and justice work together in salvation?
10/14/2023Do you know how God used dreams and visions in the Bible?
10/13/2023Do you know how many wives Abraham had?
10/12/2023Do you know how many children King David had?
10/11/2023Do you know how God distributes spiritual gifts?
10/10/2023Do you know why Israel was called the land of milk and honey?
10/9/2023Do you know how a Christian should respond to cancel culture?
10/8/2023Do you know how a Christian should respond to Hollywood?
10/7/2023Do you know how a friend can stick closer than a brother?
10/6/2023Do you know how I can become more like Christ?
10/5/2023Do you know how I can know for sure that I will go to heaven when I die?
10/4/2023Do you know how I can help new believers?
10/3/2023Do you know how many Israelites left Egypt in the exodus?
10/2/2023Do you know how I can overcome disappointment with life?
10/1/2023Do you know how I can overcome having a critical spirit?
9/30/2023Do you know how to respond when people use God’s name as a curse word?
9/29/2023Do you know how to be rooted and grounded in love?
9/28/2023Do you know how to overcome evil with good?
9/27/2023Do you know how to identify messianic prophecies in the Old Testament?
9/26/2023Do you know how Jesus and the Bible can both be the Word of God?
9/25/2023Do you know how bad a Christian can sin?
9/24/2023Do you know how much of the Bible was transmitted by oral tradition?
9/23/2023Do you know how young you can be and ask Jesus to be your Savior?
9/22/2023Do you know how detailed we need to be when we confess our sins to God?
9/21/2023Do you know how to have your prayers answered by God?
9/20/2023Do you know when and how we receive the Holy Spirit?
9/19/2023Do you know how people knew about God before the Bible?
9/18/2023Do you know the main cause of church splits?
9/17/2023Do you know how to evangelize your friends and family without pushing them away?
9/16/2023Do you know how Jesus interacted with children?
9/15/2023Do you know how the Bible describes the glorified bodies we will possess in Heaven?
9/14/2023Do you know how a Christian should view statues of Jesus?
9/13/2023Do you know how young is too young to be in a romantic relationship?
9/12/2023Do you know how the Christian religion is different from all the other world religions?
9/11/2023Do you know how people were saved before Jesus died for our sins?
9/10/2023Do you know how it is that Jesus is greater than all the other great people in history?
9/9/2023Do you know how you can know if you have been reborn?
9/8/2023Do you know how many sons Abraham had?
9/7/2023Do you know what the immaculate conception was?
9/6/2023Do you know how many children Mary had?
9/5/2023Do you know what are the most famous/important questions in the Bible?
9/4/2023Do you know how old Jesus’ disciples were?
9/3/2023Do you know how each of the apostles died?
9/2/2023Do you know how Satan tries to tempt us and what role Satan and his demons play in how we are tempted?
9/1/2023Do you know the difference between a blessing and a birthright?
8/31/2023Do you know why Jacob didn’t notice he married Leah instead of Rachel?
8/30/2023Do you know how long it took to write the Bible?
8/29/2023Do you know why the Bible is called the Holy Bible?
8/28/2023Do you know many books of the Bible Paul wrote?
8/27/2023Do you know how long it took to write the Bible?
8/26/2023Do you know how God reveals Himself to us?
8/25/2023Do you know how many prophecies Jesus fulfilled?
8/24/2023Do you know who the twelve (12) disciples / apostles of Jesus Christ were?
8/23/2023Do you know how the apostle Peter died?
8/22/2023Do you know how often the Lord’s Supper / Communion should be observed?
8/21/2023Do you know why David chose five smooth stones before going to fight Goliath?
8/20/2023Do you know who the mighty men of David were?
8/19/2023Do you know who the sons of David were that were mentioned in the Bible?
8/18/2023Do you know how many brothers King David had?
8/17/2023Do you know how many wives King David had?
8/16/2023Do you know how the things Jesus said and did when He was alone got recorded in the Gospels?
8/15/2023Do you know how much power Satan possesses?
8/14/2023Do you know how long Jesus was on the cross?
8/13/2023Do you know what made Jesus different from other religious leaders?
8/12/2023Do you know if King Saul was saved?
8/11/2023Did You Know That Even In Their Innocence Adam and Eve Knew Right From Wrong?
8/10/2023Do you know how believers can be in the world, but not of the world?
8/9/2023Do you know how Jesus could say, “Your sins are forgiven,” before He died on the cross?
8/8/2023Do you know when God created the angels?
8/7/2023Do you know what an apostle is?
8/6/2023Do you know what it means to be chastened? How does God chasten us?
8/5/2023Do you know how many prophets are in the Bible?
8/4/2023Do you know how a Christian should view weapons of mass destruction / nuclear weapons?
8/3/2023Do you know what a spiritual harvest is and how to achieve one?
8/2/2023Do you know how a Christian wedding is different from a non-Christian wedding?
8/1/2023Do you know what spiritual disciplines are?
7/31/2023Do you know what spiritual blessings are?
7/30/2023Do you know what it was like in the days of Noah?
7/29/2023Do you know how old Noah was when he died?

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