Spiritual Guidance For Today

How can I be saved?11/7/2022
How do I get right with God?11/6/2022
How can I overcome the fear of death? How can I stop being scared of dying?11/5/2022
How can I take control of my thoughts?11/4/2022
How do I convert to Christianity?11/3/2022
How can I understand the concept of the Father God?11/2/2022
How can I commit my work to the Lord and have my plans established?11/1/2022
How can I be in the world, but not of the world?10/31/2022
How can I not lose heart as a believer?10/30/2022
How can I resist temptation?10/29/2022
How can I let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to God?10/28/2022
How can I overcome ministry burnout?10/27/2022
How can I obtain deliverance?10/26/2022
How can I avoid spiritual blindness?10/25/2022
How can I be a godly father?10/24/2022
How can I become a more cheerful giver?10/23/2022
How can I achieve victory in Jesus?10/22/2022
How do I become dead to trespasses and sins?10/21/2022
How do I lead a good Christian Life?10/20/2022
How do I know if I am spiritually lost? How do I become found?10/19/2022
How should a Christian deal with feelings of guilt regarding past sins, whether pre- or post-salvation?10/18/2022
How can I get a clear conscience?10/17/2022
How do I submit to God?10/16/2022
How do I make Jesus Lord of my life?10/15/2022
How should I respond when I am under spiritual attack?10/14/2022
How should I respond to cancel culture?10/13/2022
How can I become more like Christ?10/12/2022
How can I live a holy life?10/11/2022
How can I identify messianic prophecies in the Old Testament?10/10/2022
How can I keep the faith?10/9/2022
How can I learn to distinguish right from wrong?10/8/2022
How can I evangelize my friends and family without pushing them away?10/7/2022
How can I give my life to God?10/6/2022
How can I heal from the hurt of a broken relationship?10/5/2022
How can I restore my marriage?10/4/2022
How should Christian parents handle a teen daughter who has become pregnant?10/3/2022
How do I know the Bible is not just mythology?10/2/2022
How do I get a passion for Jesus?10/1/2022
How should Christians respond to someone who leaves the faith?9/30/2022
How can I know if the desires of my heart are from God?9/29/2022
How can I overcome the fear of death? How can I stop being scared of dying?9/28/2022
How should I pray? What is the proper way to pray?9/27/2022
How can I overcome doubt in my relationship with God?9/26/2022
How can I have a closer relationship with God?9/25/2022
How can I overcome spiritual apathy?9/24/2022
How do I know if something is a sin?9/23/2022
How can I keep the faith?9/22/2022
How should I react to the death of evil people?9/21/2022
How can I know I won’t be left behind in the rapture?9/20/2022
How can I know why am I here?9/19/2022
How do I find purpose in life?9/18/2022
How should I view misandry?9/17/2022
How can I know God’s will for my life? What does the Bible say about knowing God’s will?9/16/2022
How can I overcome scrupulosity?9/15/2022
How can I know that my future sins are forgiven?9/14/2022
How do I share the gospel with someone?9/13/2022
How should I view refugees?9/12/2022
How can I detect a false conversion?9/11/2022
How should I deal with infertility?9/10/2022
How should I respond to global poverty and hunger?9/9/2022
How can I experience the peace of God?9/8/2022
How do I shine my light for Christ?9/7/2022
How should I respond when someone claims to be Jesus reincarnated?9/6/2022
How can I know if I am being called to serve as a missionary?9/5/2022
How can I help new believers?9/4/2022
I am a new Christian. What is the next step?9/3/2022
How can I be Holy?9/2/2022
How do I receive a new heart?9/1/2022
How can I know if I have been reborn?8/31/2022
How can I share my faith with others?8/30/2022
How can I know what to pray for?8/29/2022
How can I overcome resistance to change?8/28/2022
How do I decide which charity/organization/cause to financially support?8/27/2022
How can I replenish a burned-out soul8/26/2022
How can I forgive those who sin against me?8/25/2022
How can I overcome spiritual dryness?8/24/2022
How can I receive the protection of God?8/23/2022
How can I be a godly man?8/22/2022
How can I be crucified with Christ?8/21/2022
How should I live my life in light of my identity in Christ?8/20/2022
How can I gain an eternal perspective on life?8/19/2022
How can I experience true intimacy with God?8/18/2022
How can I increase my spiritual discernment?8/17/2022
How can I learn to trust in God?8/16/2022
How can I have assurance of my salvation?8/15/2022
How can we “enter into His gates with thanksgiving”?8/14/2022
How can I know if I am one of the elect?8/13/2022
How should a Christian react to all the doomsday predictions out there?8/12/2022
How should a believer respond to the characteristics of God?8/11/2022
How can I stop being a people-pleaser?8/10/2022
How can I receive emotional healing?8/9/2022
How can I recognize and understand biblical symbolism?8/8/2022
How can I know what God’s timing is?8/7/2022
How do I choose a good Christian counselor/therapist?8/6/2022
How can I become a pastor?8/5/2022
How can I please God?8/4/2022
How can we enter into God’s rest?8/3/2022
How can I trust God when I am facing unemployment, foreclosure, or bankruptcy?8/2/2022
How do I find comfort and peace when I have lost a loved one to death?8/1/2022
How can I find my spiritual calling?7/31/2022
How can I restore my soul?7/30/2022
How can I increase my faith?7/29/2022
How can I experience joy in my Christian life?7/28/2022
How can I guarantee my eternal destination?7/27/2022
How can I overcome the pain of betrayal?7/26/2022
How can I turn all my worries and problems over to God?7/25/2022
How can we rely on the power of God?7/24/2022
How can I meditate on God’s Word?7/23/2022
How can I become more motivated for soul winning?7/22/2022
How should a Christian relate to non-Christian friends?7/21/2022
How can I know when God is telling me to do something?7/20/2022
How can I get to know God better?7/19/2022
What does the Bible say about how to humble yourself?7/18/2022
How can I find comfort when an unsaved loved one has died?7/17/2022
How can we recognize the voice of God?7/16/2022
I have been burned and hurt by the church in the past. How can I overcome this and renew a passion for church and a desire to attend church?7/15/2022
How do I know if I am a Christian?7/14/2022
How should Christians stand up for their faith in such an anti-Christian world?7/13/2022
How can I stop having negative thoughts? How can I overcome negative thinking?7/12/2022
How can I be prepared to die?7/11/2022
How do I know which of God’s promises are for me?7/10/2022
How can I be an effective witness for Christ in a lost world?7/9/2022
How can I stay focused on Christ?7/8/2022
How can I overcome a crisis of faith?7/7/2022
How can I stop doubting Jesus?7/6/2022
How can I know if I am being called to preach?7/5/2022
How can I help someone who is suicidal?7/4/2022
How can I learn to trust that God is in control?7/3/2022
How should Christians view the Book of Mormon?7/2/2022
How can I recognize the guidance of the Holy Spirit?7/1/2022
How should a Christian respond to unanswered prayer?6/30/2022
How can I know what parts of the Bible applies to me today?6/29/2022
What is apostasy and how can I recognize it?6/28/2022
How can I overcome demonic strongholds?6/27/2022
How can we make sure that whatever we do in word or deed is for God’s glory?6/26/2022
How can I recover from heartbreak / a broken heart?6/25/2022
How can I know what God’s plan is?6/24/2022
How should I respond to unrequited love?6/23/2022
How can I receive divine guidance?6/22/2022
How do I identify my spiritual gift?6/21/2022
How can we prevent our young people from losing faith?6/20/2022
How can I tap into the wisdom of God?6/19/2022
How can I overcome sin in my Christian life?6/18/2022
How can I discern counterfeit miracles?6/17/2022
How can I overcome feelings of rejection?6/16/2022
How do I share my Christian testimony?6/15/2022
How can I know if I am hearing God, hearing Satan, or hearing my own thoughts?6/14/2022
How can I know what pleases God?6/13/2022
How can I know how to properly worship God?6/12/2022
What does the Bible say about how to love God?6/11/2022
How must I repent—what does the Bible say?6/10/2022
How can I know if the desires of my heart are from God?6/9/2022
How can I overcome peer pressure?6/8/2022
How can I overcome a feeling of spiritual emptiness?6/7/2022
How can I overcome temptation?6/6/2022
How can I increase my spiritual discernment?6/5/2022
How can I become a child of God?6/4/2022
How can I see the hand of God moving in my life?6/3/2022
How can I spiritually survive a severe physical trauma?6/2/2022
How do I get to heaven – what are the ideas from the different religions?6/1/2022
How to fast—what does the Bible say?5/31/2022
With all of the different religions, how can I know which one is correct?5/30/2022

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