December 25, 2020 Daily Activities For Personal Growth

Please enjoy today’s collection of our favorite resources to help you grow steadily and fruitfully every day. As you spend time in Scripture and prayer, you will experience growth and blessings as you pursue righteousness!

When we become Christians, we enter into a relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that will cause us to grow. With the power of the Holy Spirit, we are called to become more like Jesus and to become more holy. It is this spiritual growth that becomes a birthmark of our faith!

As you give your heart and life to Christ, you will grow as a Christian. Worship and fellowship in a Gospel-preaching church are also necessary for spiritual growth.

Check these postings every day for a good drink of The Word and a fresh breath of inspiration and love straight from The Lord himself!!!!

For Today
For Today
Bible Reading
For Today
For Today
For Today
Songs Of Praise
For Today
Prayer Requests
For Today
Plan Of Service For SundayOpportunities To Be A Blessing

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Romans 10:17 Faith Comes By Hearing — Tell the Lord Thank You
Spiritual renewal part 1
Romans 12:18 English Promise Card – Daily Promise Cards
Romans 12:12 — Verse of the Day for 12/12/2016

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I am the Chairman Of FaithByTheWord Ministries in Burlington, NC.

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