End Times Prophecy For Today

12/7/2022While on the Isle of Patmos, as a prisoner, John received special messages from Jesus to give to the churches.
12/6/2022As we look at this last book of the Bible, we see the “resurrected Jesus Christ” as described in the written word.
12/5/2022Jude gives us three ways to live in these times described as the “end times”.
12/4/2022We are never told to take on Satan. We are told to put on the whole armor of God so we “can stand against the wiles of the Devil”, Ephesians 6:11. We stand against the Devil – we do not confront him.
12/3/2022Then a number of evil angels, “the sons of God” in Genesis 6, had an unnatural sexual relationship with “the daughters of men.” And God “reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day” these evil angels.
12/2/2022In John’s day, the attitudes and actions of Diotrephes were evidence of the last days. That was almost 2,000 years ago. How much more those attitudes and actions depict our day. This is setting the stage for the day of the Lord’s return.
12/1/2022In the Last Days men will pervert the truth. They will have difficulty telling the truth because they do not have Him who is the Truth.
11/30/2022Doctrine does not divide. It unites us all in Christ, as we await His call for us to join Him in the heavenlies.
11/29/2022John says the truth, true doctrine, is a necessity for our daily walk.
11/28/2022We can “know” for sure that we have eternal life.
11/27/2022We are told to follow God’s example by “loving” one another, since God “loved” us.
11/26/2022John reveals to us that real “joy” not “happiness” is based on what the Father has done for us.
11/25/2022The book of I John is written that we might “know that we have eternal life”.
11/24/2022True fellowship is found in our relationship with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. When that relationship is right, then, and only then, can we have that same type of relationship with our fellow man.
11/23/2022A knowledge of God’s prophetic plan for the future will enhance our prospects for being successful in our adventure to serve Him each and every day of the year.
11/22/2022You stay under false teaching and false teachers to your own peril. Do not judge a church by the “personality of the pastor”, but instead by the “doctrine of the deacons”. The main ministry of the local church is to protect its people from false teaching.
11/21/2022Peter, as he writes what many call his “swan song”, reveals to the reader of his letter a message for those of us living in the last days. It is a letter that states the ground rules for the prophets used down through the centuries.
11/19/2022The disciple that followed Jesus Christ for three and a half years learning as he journeyed through Israel with the Master, the Messiah, the Apostle Peter finally learned how to be a true “servant” of the Lord.
11/18/2022Babylon, the literal city, must be destroyed and never lived in again – forever.
11/17/2022Bible prophecy, if studied, will reveal to each of us, every day, how close we are to the Rapture when Jesus shouts and calls us up into the heavenlies to be with Him forever.
11/16/2022Jesus is now in heaven, not on the throne that the “Most High God” will give Him one day, but instead Jesus is “seated at the right hand of God”, interceding for each of us.
11/14/2022God still has a plan for the Jews as spoken to Moses in Exodus 19. After the Rapture, during the seven year Tribulation Period, the Lord will re-commission the Jews to “show forth the praises of Him who has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light”.
11/13/2022Our “new birth”, the fact that we have been “born again”, that we are saved, means that we should live a “lifestyle of holiness”.
11/12/2022Jesus said, one of the indications that His Second Coming is close is that there will be a time when you see “wars and rumors of wars”.
11/11/2022In essence, the entire book of James has as its theme, “faith without works is dead”.
11/10/2022The first step to not yielding to temptation is to hide the Word of God in our hearts. But then we must be “doers” of that Word and not “hearers” only. If we only “hear” and we are not “doers”, we have deceived ourselves.
11/9/2022There is a way to have “joy”, not happiness based upon happenings, but joy based upon Him.
11/8/2022The great promise is that Jesus, the Son of God, the Messiah, is the very same every day; yesterday, today, and everyday in the future.
11/6/2022The writer of Hebrews encourages us with the truth that “whom the Lord loves, He chasteneth”, and tells us that the Lord’s correction is “for our profit, that we might be partakers of His holiness”.
11/4/2022It’s the truth of the Word of God that is the basis for “faith”, not things seen.
11/3/2022After He became the “sacrifice for sins forever” the Lord went into the third heaven and He “sat down on the right-hand of God”.
10/31/2022Jesus is today seated “at the right hand of the Father on His throne” in the third heaven.
10/27/2022Jesus will be the “high priest” of the future Temple.
10/26/2022Angels played a significant role in the first coming of Jesus; announcing the birth of Christ; ministering to Jesus in the wilderness; the evil angels inhabiting human bodies, which made them demons: and ministered to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane just prior to His death.
10/25/2022God, in the past, did raise up the ancient Jewish prophets to speak His word to us. But, as the Bible says, “in these last days has spoken to us by His Son”.
10/24/2022The “Crown of Glory” is only one of five crowns we can receive at the Judgment Seat of Christ. We receive a “crown incorruptible” for bringing our body under subjection, I Corinthians 9:27. We will be rewarded a “crown of rejoicing” for being a soul winner, I Thessalonians 2:19. There is the “crown of life” for not yielding to temptation, James 1:12. There is also the “crown of righteousness” for loving the appearance of Jesus Christ at the Rapture, II Timothy 4:8.
10/23/2022Time and time again Paul tells us that false doctrine, heresy in the church delivered by heretics, is a definite indication that the days when Jesus will take us to be with Him in heaven are quickly approaching.
10/22/2022Paul tells us how to do that which he told Titus to do. We can “lay aside” that which is wrong and “live” that which is right by “looking” for the “blessed hope and glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ”.
10/21/2022In light of the central theme of Titus, “how to live right as we await the coming of Jesus Christ”, the local assembly must have Biblical leadership in place to teach the right doctrine as we approach the soon coming of Christ.
10/20/2022Preach the Word and do it “in season and out of season”. That means when we have an opportunity, “in season;” or when we make an opportunity, “out of season.”
10/19/2022The Apostle exhorts Timothy to remember what he had been taught from the scriptures, as a child, and he was to do those things he had been taught.
10/18/2022Remember, you can not understand prophecy, which is 32% of the Bible, without studying the entire Bible.
10/17/2022Paul takes a young man to assist him in his ministry, but at the same time, as he instructs young Timothy in his ministry among the churches, Paul is continuing to build Timothy in the Lord as well.
10/16/2022How thrilling it is that the creator of all things, the Lord Jesus Christ, has purposed a calling for each of us, and He did this before our birth, before we were even formed in the womb. He did this before the world began, in eternity past.
10/15/2022Paul was giving young Timothy, in his first letter to him, such timely tips for how to live in troublesome times and he tells his young ministry partner to share these truths with others.
10/14/2022Paul tells Timothy that he should be reading, meditating and continuing that which he had learned from Paul and then pass it along to others for their benefit.
10/13/2022Paul lays out the qualifications for both the “spiritual leaders” of the church and those who are to be spiritual, as well, the “servants” (deacons) at the churches.
10/12/2022Therefore, we are to first, pray for those who have the authority. He is preparing this world for the return of His Son and all that follows, as foretold in Bible prophecy.
10/11/2022It is true, that the closer we get to Jesus, the worse we see ourselves to be. Remember, the way we get close to Him today is by talking to Him and allowing Him to talk to us, through the reading of His Word the Bible.
10/10/2022We also need to walk “pure” each day by laying aside that which is ungodly and evil and living that which is godly and righteous, as we look up for Him to take us to be with Him. We must also be “productive”, in winning others to Jesus Christ and helping them to grow even as Paul was doing among the Thessalonians.
10/9/2022II Thessalonians 2:13 speaks of how both election, (God’s plan of bringing people to Himself), and free will, (our experience of accepting what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for us to bring us to salvation), work together.
10/8/2022False teachers and deception presently are a part of our society today, which indicates that Antichrist is nearing his appearance on earth.
10/7/2022All Aboard For Heaven. A Timeline Of Events For The End Times
10/6/2022Paul encourages the Thessalonians with the fact that the Lord will bring judgment upon all those who were persecuting them, “when He shall be revealed from heaven with His mighty angels,”
10/5/2022God has not appointed Christians to partake of the “wrath” to come, that seven-year period of judgment. As we see the revealed events of the Tribulation Period seeming to be about to happen we can look up with great anticipation of His shout for us to join Him in the heavenlies.
10/4/2022The Rapture could happen at any moment and with the prophetic events recorded in God’s Word seemingly coming to pass, the Rapture could happen today. Even so come, Lord Jesus.
10/3/2022Paul sets the bar high for us to reach up to as we follow his example of ministering to all people. A motivation for this is the reality that we will stand before Him and it will be revealed what we have done for Him and among His people, the Christians that we have opportunity of ministry with today.
10/2/2022Paul’s ministry was “soul-winning” and he declares that the “crown” that we can receive for being a soul-winner is the “Crown of Rejoicing”.
10/1/2022Jesus said in the upper room that He was going to Heaven to “prepare a place for us”. This place is in His Father’s house and He is getting our place ready so that we can dwell together, forever.
9/30/2022If the Word fills us, we will use psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to teach each other and admonish each other in our worship of the Lord. What we do, we do in the name of the Lord.
9/29/2022We are to set our affection, or our focus, our ambitions on things above. We do this so that when Christ shall appear in His glory we also shall appear with Him in glory.
9/28/2022One day everything will “blow apart”. That’s when everything on this earth will “burn up” as foretold in Bible prophecy.
9/27/2022The Creator loves us enough to tell us in the prophetic passages of scripture what will happen as we prepare for His return to be the pre-eminent One.
9/26/2022“The Lord is at hand” is telling us that His shout for us to join Him in the air, the Rapture, is an “any moment” event that is “imminent”.
9/25/2022When Jesus Christ comes He will change this old “worn-out body” of ours, and fashion it like His “glorious body”.
9/24/2022Paul wrote the Ephesians that we can know the “power of the Resurrection”, this is the power to live today, which we can receive from the Lord, by faith.
9/23/2022We are prepared for His return as we “hold forth the word of life”. It is His word on how to get saved, live our daily lives, and anticipate His return.
9/22/2022If Paul believed the Rapture would happen in his day, how much more should we look for the Rapture in our day, 2000 years after Paul.
9/21/2022Prayer “changes us” so that we can conform to his image. “Watching” is that act of being aware of the enemy, the Devil and also “watching” for the Lord’s return.

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