Bread Of Life & Living Water For Today

1/29/2023Seven Minutes of Terror
1/28/2023The Pink Coat
1/27/2023Mercy for You and Me
1/26/2023Love That Forgives
1/25/2023Fighting “Flashy” Things
1/24/2023No Loss
1/23/2023Lost, Found, Joy
1/22/2023Reaching Out
1/21/2023Coffee Breath
1/20/2023Love like Blazing Fire
1/19/2023But I’m Telling You
1/18/2023Heart Problem
1/17/2023Never Late
1/16/2023Be Filled
1/15/2023From Lament to Praise
1/14/2023A New Beginning
1/13/2023The Crowd
1/12/2023The Rest of Our Story
1/11/2023Out of the Lions’ Den
1/10/2023The God Who Redeems
1/9/2023The Right Jesus
1/8/2023More than Conquerors
1/7/2022Who Are You, Lord?
1/6/2023Made for Adventure
1/5/2023A Nesting Place
1/4/2023New Vision
1/3/2022Rescue Mission
1/2/2023Sticking with a Commitment
1/1/2023Choose Joy
12/31/2022Finishing Strong
12/30/2022Grace Amid the Chaos
12/29/2022Just As I Am
12/28/2022In All Our Dealings
12/27/2022Beating as One
12/26/2022When You’re Afraid
12/25/2022Christmas-Card Perfect
12/24/2022The Power of God’s Word
12/23/2022Granny Whale
12/22/2022Bending Low
12/21/2022Treasured Prayer
12/20/2022No Cursing
12/19/2022Standing Firm by Faith
12/18/2022The Miracle of Christmas
12/17/2022Just Enough
12/16/2022Legacy of Faith
12/15/2022Friends For Life
12/14/2022In His Hands
12/13/2022The Meaning of Life
12/12/2022I Heard the Bells
12/11/2022Clinging to What’s Good
12/10/2022Running to Our Shelter
12/9/2022Lighten the Load

Published by Dave Winstead

I am the Chairman Of FaithByTheWord Ministries in Burlington, NC.

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